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Kangaroo Cups: A better anti-spill cup's video poster

The unbreakable cup, reinvented by an 11-year-old. Fewer spills, doesn't need a coaster, sits on uneven surfaces, and stacks. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 8, 2014.

The unbreakable cup, reinvented by an 11-year-old. Fewer spills, doesn't need a coaster, sits on uneven surfaces, and stacks.

About this project

Missed the Kickstarter? You can still order Kangaroo Cups at!

The Idea Behind the Kangaroo Cup

A few years ago, my daughter Lily decided to make a better cup for her grandfather. She noticed that his Parkinson's Disease was causing him to spill his cup, and she started dreaming of ways to fix this. She had an idea to put legs on his cup to prevent it from spilling. Using moldable prototyping plastic, she attached legs to her grandpa’s tumbler, and the Kangaroo Cup was born.

From Ceramic to Plastic

Thanks to the support of all the backers of our first Kickstarter campaign, the ceramic Kangaroo cup became a reality, and everyone started finding new ways to use the cup. Lily and her friends broke a few playing around the house, and I even broke one using it outdoors at a BBQ.

During a Team Roo meeting, we shared feedback from the users, and we all realized there were improvements to be made.  There was a lot of passion behind the need for more comfortable handles and break-resistant designs that could be used by both kids and adults alike.  

Eager to keep improving, we all came to the same conclusion: we need a hardier version of the ceramic Kanagroo Cup for kids of all ages.

.... And thus, the plastic Kangaroo Cup was born.

Plastic Kangaroo Cup Highlights

  • Stable on uneven surfaces
  • Tip-resistant three-legged design
  • Elevated base means no need for a coaster
  • Contoured handles provide a comfortable one- or two-handed grip
  • Stackable design saves space on the shelf
  • Break-resistant, stain-resistant & BPA-free plastic
  • Microwave & dishwasher safe
  • 9-ounce
In the Press

Backer Rewards

Why Kickstarter?

Putting plastic cups into production has a much higher upfront cost than ceramic cups because of the injection molding process. 

Ceramic cups are made by an age-old process called slipcasting. Plastic cups are made by a totally different process called injection molding where molten plastic is forced at very high pressure into steel molds, producing multiple cups every minute.

The steel molds for the Kangaroo Cup are likely to be the size of a small refrigerator. These molds are actually like little machines themselves with slides and mechanisms that allow the molds to open and close and form all the fine details of each cup. This kind of mold requires a whole team of experts to engineer every detail, from designers to mold makers to machinists who use expensive CNC milling equipment. It is a vastly more involved and expensive process than the ancient methods behind plaster slipcasting.

The money we raise on Kickstarter will be used to create the steel molds for the process.

Stretch Goals

Now that we have exceeded our initial goal of $25,000, we have set forth with some stretch goals.  They have been careful thought through and we are very excited to announce them....

$45,000 - Kangaroo Pouch

Every set of 4 cups will come shipped in an exclusive Kickstarter Kangaroo Pouch: a drawstring bag, designed by Lily, and specially sized to hold 4 stacked Kangaroo Cups. Great for picnicking, camping, boating, or storage.

$60,000 - Additional color options

Lily will pick some additional color options and our backers will get to vote on their favorites! Everyone will have the option to switch to a different color during the final survey.

$75,000 - Additional Kangaroo Cup size

Backers will be able to choose between 9-ounce (266 mL) cups or 13-ounce (384 mL) cups.

$100,000 - Matching Donations

For every set of cups purchased and donated to one of the chosen organizations, we will send one additional set of cups from Lily.

Next Steps & Target Timeline

  • Finalize design in conjunction with manufacturer (2 weeks)
  • Make the steel mold for the cup (12 weeks)
  • First pilot run, quality assurance, and tweak (2 weeks)
  • Second pilot run, quality assurance, and tweak (2 weeks)
  • Full production run with packaging (1 week)
  • Ships to fulfillment center (1 week)
  • Final shipping to backers (1 week)
  • Total expected time from hitting our goal: 21 weeks (approx. 5 months)
International Shipping To The UK & Canada
If you're shipping to the United Kingdom or Canada there will only be a $10 shipping charge added to your reward level.  To residents of these countries, you'll get the chance to add $10 shipping when the Kickstarter project is complete.

Risks and challenges

This product has been designed in close cooperation with the manufacturer, and Lily is supported by a team (including her father) who has brought many plastic products to market previously. There is always a chance of some delay as molds are tweaked for optimal efficiency and product aesthetics, but these should be anticipated by the above schedule. We have deliberately limited customization options to reduce any impediments to getting the product into production.

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  • Lily knew that Kangaroos use their tails almost like a third leg to help them balance while jumping and standing, so she named her invention Kangaroo Cups. :)

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  • Yes, the cups are made out of BPA-free plastic that is dishwasher and microwave safe.

    Last updated:
  • Yes, you can use it for both hot and cold liquids.

    Last updated:
  • We are out of stock of ceramic Kangaroo Cups, but we will be putting a redesigned ceramic version back into production alongside the plastic version with a similar delivery date (October/November). You can pre-order at

    You will also have the option to add ceramic Kangaroo Cups to your order at the end of the campaign!

    Last updated:
  • International shipping is expensive, and we based our $25 shipping cost on the experience we had with our previous Kickstarter. However, we've seen a lot more international interest with this project.

    When we get enough backers from any given country, that enables us to send a large shipment to a fulfillment center in that country and then use domestic shipping from there. That lowers the cost of international shipping a LOT.

    So far, we've heard from enough backers in Canada and the UK to know that we've hit critical mass and can offer $10 shipping for those countries.

    We're currently working with shippers to determine what shipping costs to the rest of the EU would be. If we're able to determine that we have enough backers in the EU, it's possible that we can lower the shipping there, too.

    It can be hard to tell what countries our backers are from until the campaign is over. But if we find out after the final survey that we can lower shipping costs to any other areas, we will do that and you will be able to choose between a refund for any extra money paid or using it as a credit toward additional cups.


    If you are pledging and want your cup shipped to Canada or the UK, do NOT select international shipping when you’re checking out. Instead add $10 to your pledge to cover the shipping costs.

    If you've already pledged and selected international shipping, you can revise your pledge, deselect international shipping, and instead add $10 to your pledge amount.

    If all this is very confusing, don’t worry. If you over-pledge, we will refund your money at the end of the campaign. If you under-pledge, you can charge the difference at the end of the campaign.

    Last updated:
  • At the end of the campaign, Kickstarter will charge your credit card for the amount you've pledged. You will receive a message from us to participate in a backer survey. This is where we will do several things:

    1. Collect your shipping address
    2. Ask you what name you would like on the Backer Plaque
    3. Give you the option to change your reward selection (ie, change colors/styles)
    4. Add additional cups, including ceramic cups, to your order
    5. Finalize shipping costs
    6. Pay for any additional cups or shipping
    7. Tell us if you'd like a refund if you overpaid for international shipping

    We will most likely be using a third-party company that specializes in making this a painless process. We will share more details about what to expect toward the end of the campaign.

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    Our eternal gratitude and a thank you postcard, and the satisfaction of knowing your support really is deeply felt by us

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    Your name listed on the backer plaque which will be posted prominently at our office

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    Set of 4 Kangaroo Cups - Transparent Body & Colored Handles

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    Set of 4 Kangaroo Cups - Multi-colored Cups & Handles

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    Limited Edition Color Set - Set of 4 Kangaroo Cups -Kickstarter Only Version

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    Set of 8 Kangaroo Cups- 4 of the Multi-colored and 4 of the Transparent Body and Colored handles

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    Exclusive Kickstarter Only - Silver 3D-Printed Lapel Pin. An exclusive, one-time-only lapel pin of the kangaroo cup, designed to display your ground floor support of this project. Also includes 1 set of Kangaroo Cups.

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    Have Lily and Joe speak to your group or team about the Kangaroo Story + 2 lapel pins + a set of Kangaroo Cups. Chicago area only.

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