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Hale Dreamer: Get more sleep with a smart Android alarm dock's video poster

A full-featured alarm dock that intelligently screens your calls and quiets notifications to help you get more sleep. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on October 26, 2013.

A full-featured alarm dock that intelligently screens your calls and quiets notifications to help you get more sleep.

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Hale Dreamer Alarm Dock for Android

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Smartphones are great at waking us up in the morning... and at night, with notification beeps and unwanted calls... and during our afternoon naps. In fact, they pretty much keep us from getting the sleep we need.

The Hale Dreamer Alarm Dock can help you get more sleep with SmartSilence: a unique app-enabled feature. SmartSilence keeps your phone silent unless a call is urgent, by intelligently screening your calls and muting notifications. 

How does SmartSilence work?

Choose a default mode and then set up as many or as few exceptions for your contacts as you want. Dock your phone, hit the SmartSilence button, and rest easy, knowing you won’t be bothered unless it’s important. 

The Ultimate Alarm Clock


The Dreamer isn't just a smartphone dock. It integrates hardware and software that transforms your smartphone into the ultimate alarm clock. We designed the Dreamer based on feedback from thousands of alarm clock and dock users. It has all the features you’d expect in a full-featured, high-end, proper alarm clock, including the ability to customize almost everything.

On the hardware side, there's a thoughtful button layout that you can use by feel, in the dark. This includes a real snooze button and precise knobs to control volume and screen brightness. 

The app allows you to customize the sound or music you wake up or fall asleep to, the length of your snooze time, weekly wake-up schedules, display fonts and more. Tweak it to your heart’s content - it's designed to become everyone’s perfect alarm clock. Of course perfecting an alarm clock app is a process, and one reason that we're launching it on Kickstarter is so you can be involved in the evolution.

Customizable Alarm Settings
Customizable Alarm Settings
Choose from Nixie Tubes...
Choose from Nixie Tubes...
Digital Blue, Flip-style...
Digital Blue, Flip-style...
...Digital Red, Default, and more!
...Digital Red, Default, and more!

Sound Quality


We pulled together some of the best acoustic engineering talent behind some very well known brands to deliver room-filling sound in a small package.  We poured our entire effort into one 10-watt speaker driver - leading to and paired it with a custom designed system, including a finely tuned bass resonator and high efficiency amplifier.  This opened up sound quality options that would have been impossible in a 2+ driver design. 

The speaker driver itself was custom designed from the ground up for the Dreamer's chamber, making the frequency response very clean, natural, and free of some of the mid-range aberrations that are common in typical nightstand docks.  With a stronger magnet and super-light cone material, the speaker has excellent, detailed dynamics that make the mid-range frequencies really sparkle.  Vocals come alive and instrumentals have depth. 

Finally, the amp, electronics and enclosure were carefully chosen and fine-tuned to form a perfectly integrated system.  What you get is a nightstand device that delivers a surprisingly powerful, accurate, precise response, with extension from 80Hz-20kHz. 

These are the kind of components, engineering, and (of course) performance that could reasonably fetch $200+ in a brick & mortar store - if you visit your local big box, you'll find the Dreamer's real competitors in that range. Our investments in audio quality allow you to use the Dreamer not just as an alarm clock, but to really enjoy your music anywhere in your home, and get the most out of your music apps and subscriptions.  

Exploded view showing resonator, vent, grille, housing, and driver
Exploded view showing resonator, vent, grille, housing, and driver


Made for Android

Android users are sorely under-served in the accessories market.  Sure, there are plenty of generic Bluetooth devices, but very few have any app or Android OS integration.  We began with the idea that Android users are really under-served when it comes to accessories. Hale has created proprietary technology that allows communication between our apps and hardware, bringing native integration of hardware and software that is basically unheard-of in Android peripherals.  Hale is fully focused on Android, and we guarantee that our products are compatible with your Android phone. 

Production Roadmap

We're very experienced in bringing electronics (and other products) to mass production on schedule, and currently have the Speaker Dock for Android on the market (currently one of the top Android speaker docks on Amazon… naturally). We have prepared a production & testing schedule below, and of course, we'll provide ongoing updates as we go. 

We have finalized the design and are currently finishing tooling and minor aspects of the electronics. We are on track for a ship date in November 2013, barring major and unexpected problems. We’ve got a nearly final working prototype in our hands, so we feel that the finish line is in sight. Unlike many Kickstarter projects, you won’t be kept waiting long, once we’re funded. 

Form and Function

We thought a lot about how to combine form and function in the ultimate nightstand device.  We evaluated a litany of shapes, configurations and details.  There's a reason for every design feature of the dreamer, from the gooseneck cables, to the shape of the housing, to the placement of the buttons.  You may never consciously notice many of these details, but we believe they will contribute to a device that perpetually surprises and delights you. 

Some of the concepts that led to the current design
Some of the concepts that led to the current design

Why Kickstarter?   

Kickstarter is the best way to make a real connection with the people who will be using our products. We want an audience that will appreciate a thoughtful app, a higher-quality speaker and amplifier, and a well considered design. Alarm clock features, like SmartSilence, live or die depending on whether they get the details right. This means understanding how our customers want to use those features. Kickstarter gives us a chance to contact and work with the the most involved, articulate customers to perfect those details. 

We're eager to involve you in the process of finalizing the Dreamer and getting it into your hands. We want your feedback - your ideas, thoughts, wishes, hopes, and rants. More than just cash, we want you to be involved!  

Your participation will enable us to complete the hardware production process, develop new features for the alarm app, test the app for any bugs, and maintain compatibility with all Android phones for years to come. But, it also means an opportunity for us to communicate and keep you up to date. 


"Mikey" phone stand reward

"Mikey" - the 3D printed phone stand
"Mikey" - the 3D printed phone stand

We thought it would be fun to include a reward based on everyone's favorite smartphone OS mascot. We're 3D-printing these phone stands right here in Chicago, exclusively for our backers on this project. If you need someplace to put your phone when you're not in your bedroom, well, look no further! Not only will it hold your phone in landscape or portrait orientations, it's also an *incredibly* collectible figurine, only available through this project! not for sale anywhere else, or ever again!

Hale Dreamer Alarm Dock Specs 

  •  Micro-usb charge cable with 180 degree rotation  
  •  3.5mm stereo audio input/output connector
  •  2.25” mono 10w full-range hi-fi speaker  
  •  Freq. response: 60Hz-20kHz +/-10dB  
  •  SmartSilence button  
  •  Snooze button  
  •  Play/pause, stop, rewind, fast-forward buttons · 
  •  Volume knob  
  •  Brightness knob  
  •  Power input: AC 100-240VAC 


The Hale Dreamer is compatible with android phones running OS 2.2 and up. Click the link for instructions on figuring out what version of Android you have.

API and Development

The Hale Dreamer app has been structured from the ground up with a dedicated controller, etc to interface with 3rd party apps.  We haven't yet cleaned up and published the interface, but that's very much on the short term to-do list.  In the meantime, if you'd like to integrate your app, we'd love to hear from you at

The Team

Hale Devices: We invented, designed and brought to market the world's first plug-in Android speaker dock with a remote, released in early 2012. We have been in business for two years and are well on the way to becoming *the* maker of smart peripherals for Android.

Joe Born: With decades of experience designing, sourcing, and marketing, Joe has brought over $300 Million worth of consumer electronics to market, including the SkipDr. Backers at any level will get the benefit of this experience with updates detailing vendor selection, price negotiation, etc. Also, Joe's last Kickstarter project, Kangaroo Cups, his daughter's invention, was a success, and more importantly, delivered on time.

Jeff Yuan: Hale Devices' man on the ground in Shenzen, Jeff is our finger on the pulse of manufacturing in China, with decades of sourcing and manufacturing experience. Jeff is our secret weapon when it comes to tackling the inevitable challenges of hardware manufacturing.

Sophia Lee: Stationed in Taipei, Sophia has 15 years experience managing the overseas production and engineering of consumer electronics products. Previously, she worked for several prominent design factories. Sophia is more than the engine that drives this company - she’s also the wheels, transmission, gas tank, and seatbelt.

Michael Gao: Michael Gao joined Hale as VP of Engineering in June 2013. Michael is an experienced software architect and team leader and has overseen the development of numerous consumer electronics products. If Hale Devices does not reach it’s sales goals next year, he plans to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming an amateur mixologist.

Alex Kemmler: Alex has spent most of his career studying what consumers want, and what their needs really are. From initial concepts to customer service, he's done it all and can't wait to work with our backers to deliver this product. Alex has been working extra-hard on the Dreamer because of, and resulting in, his pathological aversion to taking phone calls during normal business hours.

Dana Golin: Dana joined Hale Devices in May 2013. Her experience with online marketing, advertising, and optimization techniques have proved to be an invaluable addition to the marketing team. Dana is pursuing an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management in the evening part-time program, when she’s not watching Doctor Who reruns.

Thank you!  

Thanks very much for visiting our Kickstarter campaign page. Nothing is more important about this campaign than your feedback, and knowing that you believe in this project. Please let us know if you have any questions about the Hale Dreamer or our company. If you like what we're doing here, please let people know on Facebook, Twitter, and everywhere else. Each click is important!

Risks and challenges

We've already developed the technology behind plug-in universal Android docking for our first product, which has been in the market for a year. We also have working prototypes of the Dreamer which are very close to final and a working version of our app. We’re on schedule to ship in November and are currently finalizing the tooling and ironing out last-minute bugs. Barring a trade war with China, things will go reasonably smoothly and we can ship on time.
There are certain risks that confront all hardware projects, examples might include: unexpected parts shortages due to natural disasters, logistics delays due to strikes or port closures, major hardware bugs being discovered late in the production cycle, a serious illness on the team, or other unexpected calamities. However, our team has a long track record of overcoming obstacles, even unexpected ones, and we’re confident that we will ship on time.

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    APP + PHONE STAND: "Mikey" - our own Android phone stand design, 3D printed and delivered to you. The most functional, adorable, and rare phone stands out there. Only available through this Kickstarter campaign!

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    DREAMER ALARM DOCK: the main event - one Dreamer alarm dock to help you rest easy.

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    CREATE AN ALARM: Your idea will become an alarm ringtone in the official app. Make your mark on morning routines worldwide. At this reward level, you get to commission an alarm (or lullaby) ringtone, or provide audio that we’ll craft into one. Give us your best idea, or your best band demo, and we’ll make it happen. (note: No copyrighted material or offensive content, please. We reserve the right to reject objectionable commissions.)

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    DINNER WITH JOE BORN AND HALE DEVICES: Get yourself to Chicago, and we’ll take you out to one of Chicago’s finest establishments to meet the team and enjoy some fine food and fine company. Pick the brains of someone who has brought hundreds of millions of dollars worth of product to market.

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    PARTNER WITH US. Full day discussion with the Hale Team in Chicago (you provide travel and accommodations) about how we can support your alarm clock/sleep app with a customized version of our device. Walk through the various options related to interface, integration and input device. If you've got an app and you'd like to explore monetization with a compelling piece of hardware, without the usual hassles of getting in the hardware business, this reward will leave you with a solid understanding of the options we can provide.

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