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$6,011 pledged of $12,500 goal
By Joe Andrieu
$6,011 pledged of $12,500 goal

The final hours! A time for Angels!

Howdy folks!

First, thanks to everyone who has already backed us!  We're nearly half way there, thanks in large part to a $2500 contribution from Ping Identity.

And that's exactly what we need to make this work.

If you, or someone you know, is in a leadership position at a company in this space, please make the call and put some cash into the project.

In addition to the work we're committed to in the $12,500 budget, we have a number of next steps, largely inspired by the feedback and engagement of our supporters.

  • 1. Complete the specification, with machine readability
  • 2. A petition drive to rally end-user support to get companies to use the label
  • 3. A pledge drive to get websites to pledge to use the label once completed
  • 4. A universal browser plugin for displaying Labels at any website, using any Label authority. Open source and fully configurable by the end-user.
  • 5. A crowd-sourced Label authority to build a Label database for the most popular websites
  • 6. A How-To guide to help websites adopt the Label

All of this will be open and collaborative, working through the Information Sharing Work Group at Kantara Initiative.

One last reminder: the revenue from this Kickstarter will go directly to outside talent to deliver the graphic design and the promotional video. The rest of the work continues to be led by volunteers.

Less than 12 hours left!


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