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By Joe Andrieu
$6,011 pledged of $12,500 goal

Great Start today at IIW

We had a very enjoyable day today at the Internet Identity Workshop http://www.internetidentityworkshop.com/

I presented the Label to a warm reception and some great contributions. A few additional terms were suggested and I expect they will make it into the draft specification.  We also had some good questions pointing out things we can clarify in our presentation.  All around, a highly productive session.

We also discovered some possible synergy with Drummond Reed and others who have developed an idea called Personal Data Rights Language (PDRL), a sort of Creative Commons approach to simplifying Terms of Service and online Privacy Policies.  It's early, but if we can use it, it would make a great addition to the Label. Simpler and more standard means clearer and more easily understood. We learn more tomorrow: Drummond is going to lead a session on PDRL and we'll explore how we might collaborate.

It's the energy and collaborative spirit of events like IIW that make this kind of work so rewarding!


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