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Wayward is a tale of the fading wild west. Complete with fantasy, steampunk, and super humans this ain't your daddy's western.
Wayward is a tale of the fading wild west. Complete with fantasy, steampunk, and super humans this ain't your daddy's western.
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Recent updates

Wayward 0 update 5

Greeting faithful Wanderers and stalwart backers! 

A few exciting things on our end. We hosted a Wayward Kickstarter Party at Heroes Your Mom Threw Out comic shop on Wednesday and got a great turn-out and a big boost in support. Thanks attendees. 

I've found my scanner and am eagerly awaiting my pay check to add the new addition to my studio and to begin sharing page art updates with you all.

The pencils are nearly complete now and the inks are well under way. 

Tails artist Ethan Young should be sending us his pin up very soon and I shall update here when I get my hands on it.

I began putting together the bounty board page today.

Finally Ielle and decided that since we are doing so well we should give something back to you guys so here are 3 free Wayward wallpapers just download and enjoy on us.

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Wayward 0 update 4

Hey Wanderers! We have some art to share today.

Wayward Artist Joey Schichtel's pin up "The Gunslinger's Girl" and writer Ielle Palmer's pin up. Enjoy these for now I hope to get some page art posted soon.

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Wayward 0 update 3

Good afternoon Wanderers! I had planned to share finished pages with you today but when I was told having the page scanned would cost me $1.99 a pop I decided in the long run it will be cheaper to have my own A3 scanner. 

I do have some news to share today though. As we have hit our half way point so quickly we are beginning to look into stretch goals for the project. Some of the ideas we've discussed so far include t-shirts, buttons, & bumper stickers. I'm also considering a sketch cover variant. 

Also here is a picture of some of the inks for page 1 and some pencils I'm working on currently. I apologize for the sell phone pick and assure you that the scanner issue will soon be resolved.

Thanks for your support everyone! 

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Wayward 0 update 2

Good Afternoon Wanderers. I have some more behind the scene stuff for you today. These are some of my rough pages which I use to plan out the scenes. It's in this stage that I set up the layout, pacing and general flow of action based on the scripts which Ielle sends me.

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Wayward 0 update 1

Hello Wanderers. For our first project update I thought I would share some of our behind the scenes production work. Mostly what went into creating the characters you'll see in issue 0 as well as characters who will possible appear in the continued Wayward series.

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