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Wayward is a tale of the fading wild west. Complete with fantasy, steampunk, and super humans this ain't your daddy's western.
Wayward is a tale of the fading wild west. Complete with fantasy, steampunk, and super humans this ain't your daddy's western.
66 backers pledged $1,692 to help bring this project to life.

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Wayward 0 update 15


Hey Wanderers, good afternoon! Wayward issue 0 is now successfully funded! We couldn't have made this project a reality without the support of all of you who have backed this project. We are thankful for your support and are busy finishing up the project to get it in your hands.

What's next for you faithful backers? 


There are a few of you who had your Amazon payments transaction fail to process. You will be receiving an email concerning this in the next 48 hours with a link to fix the issue. You have 7 days to take care of this before kickstarter drops you as a backer, if this happens you obviously will not receive any of your backer rewards, so if you're one of these folks get this issue taken care of A.S.A.P.


Please see Update 13 or respond to one of the messages you will receive today concerning your rewards. We will need this information to make sure you are properly thanked for helping make Wayward a success.

Waiting Period

Then it's up to you Wanderers to sit back and wait for us to get everything finished. Are aim is to have everything shipped by the end of September, I am just one sole though and that is quite a lot of art but I think I can manage. If issues come up you will be informed but you can expect the end September as of now.

Wayward 0 update 14

Hey Wanderers, just wanted to share some pencils completed this afternoon and remind everyone to see update 13, some important info in that one.

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Wayward 0 update 13

Hey Wanderers, we are successfully funded now! While time still remains and we hope to gain even more support there's no reason not to start gathering backer info which will help us put your rewards together and get them into your hands. 

First of all, information can be sent to

So what do we need?

Your Name: For all backers we will need the name you want to appear on the Wayward Bounty Board thank you page.

Your Email: If you are a $3+ backer you will be receiving a PDF copy of Wayward issue 0 and we will need an email to send that to when it's ready.

Your Mailing Address: If you are a $5+ backer you will be receiving at least a hard copy of Wayward issue 0. We'll need a mailing address to send these items to when they become available to ship.

Your Head Sketch Character: If your a $10 backer you will be receiving a character head sketch, I can't make these if I don't know what character you would like so please let know. If they are fairly well known and can be referenced with a quick google search, reference will not be needed. If they are a more obscure character or something like a friend or relative, I'll need photo reference of their face.

Your Commission Character: If your backer tier includes a commission, I will need to know what character you would like for it. The same information above applies for reference.

Your Face in the Crowd: If you are a face in the crowd backer I will need a photo of your face, preferably two, a front view and a profile. 

Your T-shirt Size: If you're a $50+ backer you are now getting a t-shirt, you will need to provide us with a shirt size from small to 4xl so we can get you your Wayward t-shirt.

Alright, I think that covers everything. Remember if you are at least a $5 backer you will be receiving a Wayward mini pin, if you are at least a $20 backer you will receive a Wayward issue 0 variant sketch cover and if you are at least a $50 backer you will receive a Wayward compass logo t-shirt. These rewards are in addition to your other rewards and are a result of our project hitting its stretch goal tiers. 

Again thank you for all your support and now we will be working hard to put these great rewards in your hands and thank you for that support.

Wayward 0 update 12

Wanderers, you've done it! Wayward has hit all 3 of its stretch goals and we are absolutely blown away by the support you've shown! With stretch goals reached many of you will now be receiving some extra goodies for being backers and we're really excited about that because what we don't ship out to you faithful backers will be available to us to sell at conventions as we continue to promote the book. 

Speaking of continuing to promote, you guys have done a great job so far and there is no reason to stop now. We have 50+ hours remaining to get the word out about Wayward and it would be great if you could all continue to help with that. Word of mouth has helped us reach heights we can hardly believe and the more people we can reach, who back the project, and get a copy of Wayward in hand the better. It would be fantastic to end the backing period with 60+ backers and I think we can but it's going to be up to you Wanderers, get the word out to as many people as you can and help us put our book into as many hands as possible.

Thank you again for all the support you have shown so far, we are all moved by by it and excited about where this project is going.


Wayward 0 update 11

Good afternoon Wanderers, as we have now sold all of our face in the crowd back rewards and are officially funded there's no reason you shouldn't send over your picture so I can work you in as I finish up the final pages. Please send a picture of your face to my email as soon as you can. Thank you for your support and wanting to become a part of the Wayward world.