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Wayward is a tale of the fading wild west. Complete with fantasy, steampunk, and super humans this ain't your daddy's western.
Wayward is a tale of the fading wild west. Complete with fantasy, steampunk, and super humans this ain't your daddy's western.
66 backers pledged $1,692 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Wayward 0 update 30

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Hello backers, 

I just wanted to let you know I'm currently packing up more rewards and plan to mail them out to you tomorrow or Friday. 

I will post another update when they have shipped.

As always thank you for your support and patience.


Wayward 0 update 29

Wooohooo! I sent out the first batch of rewards yesterday so some of you will be receiving them shortly. I plan to send more out soon but I need to get some more shipping supplies.

I am currently working through the $50 commissions so we are just about wrapped up on everything.

Again thank you all for backing us and your patience as we work to get everyone their swag.


Wayward 0 update 28

Good evening backers,

I just wanted to let you know that envelopes for some rewards are packed and I will be heading to the post office tomorrow, as well as bringing you a more thorough update.


Wayward 0 update 27

Hey just wanted to let all of our backers know that the team met up last week to begin packing up rewards.

I still have a few commission pieces to finish up over the next week or two but I plan to start sending out the lower tier rewards starting next week, no sense everyone having to wait on me when there is a lot of stuff ready to go.

Thanks again for your support and patience,

The Wayward Team

Wayward 0 update 26

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Happy New Year Backers!

I have some exciting news everyone, the end is finally in sight for getting the backer rewards finished and sent out. First off the digital copy of the comic is being sent out to the email you provided us in the survey. The email will have a PDF attachment called Wayward_digital_copy. Second, I have now finished all of the head sketches, and have begun work at this point on the remaining commissions. The team and I hope to ship the physical rewards at the end of this month and into the beginning of February as the various commissions for different higher level backer rewards are finished. 

Again I thank everyone for your support and patience, this project turned out to be bigger then I had originally estimated but we've kept plugging along and I think you are all getting some really great rewards. Expect another update as we start shipping, thanks again Wanderers.