HATH NO FURY | An anthology where women take the lead

by J.M. Martin

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    1. Jeremy Hochhalter

      Awesome! Looking forward to it, thank you for the update. :D

    2. Missing avatar

      Lee Nixon on

      Just like "shipped by Columbus Day".

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      Melanie R. Meadors Collaborator on

      Sorry--the funding just fell through at that time, but this is supposedly going to be that money plus some. According to Outland this is the first time that client has been late with payment, so there isn't reason to think it's not going to happen. I'll be glad when I get to hold my book, too--I haven't even gotten my copy yet.

    4. Missing avatar


      Glad to hear something. Was getting a bit nervous about the radio silence.

      I assume as I am a international backer, mine will be more expensive to ship, so that's probably why mine has been caught up and not shipped yet.

      Big thank you to the team. I understand you guys are fulfilling this out of your own pocket even after not being responsible for the kickstarter. The effort being shown to fulfil the backers is appreciated.

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      William Leitzke on

      Good to know - I have not received my book yet

    6. Dylan LuciustheEternal Murphy on

      Hey there,

      As I haven't gotten mine yet, I assume it is in that batch that just hasn't made it out yet. Will we be getting any kind of shipment notification? Or at what point should I start to worry and email them?

      Dylan Murphy

    7. Logan Waterman on

      Hi, can we get an ETA on the shipments?

    8. Larissa Katherine on

      Hi there, I’m in Canada and haven’t received my copy of the book yet. Are they still in the process of shipping?


    9. Bruce Bevens


      Just wondering if there is an update on the shipping of the last books.

      Still waiting on mine.

      Thank You,

    10. Robert Slaughter

      Yes, status please.