by Jasson McMorris

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    1. Jordan Cavell on

      Yay :D I'll get on again if I have time, I've spread the word to everyone I have on my skype

    2. Nicolas Perez-Lozana Alonso on

      Awesome! Will be there for the beginning, probably won't be able to stay too long (it'll start around midnight over here), tho :(

    3. Missing avatar

      David Smith on

      I'll be there for the end. :)

    4. Steve Lipinski on

      I'll be there the whole time rooting you guys on!!

    5. Jamie Phillips on

      I finaly got the money to pledge!

    6. Karen Weiss on

      Hey, I'll probably be able to watch this one!

    7. Paul Peterson on

      Crea-tins of the world unite!

    8. Jared Dobro on

      We HAVE to get a casino!!!

    9. Lucas on

      Didn't get the casino... Only 2130 bucks away T_T

      But at least we'll get the mounts and a new race :D (T'would be good to have perks to go along each race)