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A 2D Sandbox created with you in mind. Infused with RPG elements, Crea focuses on exploration and creation. Modding fully supported.
A 2D Sandbox created with you in mind. Infused with RPG elements, Crea focuses on exploration and creation. Modding fully supported.
1,096 backers pledged $27,870 to help bring this project to life.

Crea's Vision Part 3 - Worlds (and Stretch Goals)

Posted by Jasson McMorris (Creator)

Wow! Huge thanks to the surge of support we have been getting the last few days. It is great to see things starting to take off. We have 6 days left and only 6% left to reach our goal. Amazing! But we don’t intend to just sit back now. Last night we brainstormed up some stretch goals that we think you’ll love.

$20,000 - We will add mounts into Crea - creatures (and maybe machines) that your characters will be able to ride on. We will come up with a few ideas for mounts and then let you guys vote on them! Feel free to make suggestions. 

$25,000 - We will add a second playable race to Crea. We’re not yet sure what kind of race this will be, but we’ll be working on posting some concept art, and we’re open to suggestions as well. 

$30,000 - CASINO!!! We will add a special biome that we are currently dubbing “the casino”. In the casino there will be several mini-games from which you can earn tokens. With your hard earned tokens you’ll be able to buy special items only found at the casino. Think Gold Saucer from Final Fantasy 7 (but set in the Crea world). I really hope we get this because I want it! :D

In my last two posts I have been covering our vision for Crea. The first was on Crea and the community. The second post I talked about gameplay in Crea. In this final part I will be sharing our vision for the worlds in Crea.

Worlds in Crea will be randomly generated. Worlds will be constructed out of many different “biomes,” which can be true biomes (such as a tundra) or constructed areas (such as the aforementioned casino). We want players to be able to have complete control over the world generation and are planning advanced options that will allow players to pick which biomes the world will consist of and their frequency.

World generation is just the beginning. We are working towards having Crea worlds be organic. Plants have complete freedom in how they can grow and spread. At first weather will be purely for looks, but eventually we want weather to actually affect the world - for example, a forest could get caught in a lightning storm and burn to the ground. (Dynamic weather will be a post-release feature.)

In addition to being organic, Crea worlds will be dynamic. Events will happen randomly or after certain conditions have been met. Such as new NPCs appearing, monster swarms attacking, and bosses emerging. Possible quests will come and go and can affect the world on a more permanent level.

The last thing I’ll mention is connecting worlds together. At the moment each world is self-contained. Eventually I would love to make it possible to connect worlds together making it possible for players to go between them. This could be used to make instanced dungeons or lots of small worlds that could act like zones (towns and dungeons) in standard RPGs.

I hope you enjoyed reading this series of posts. It feels good to get this all out. I should have done it sooner! We have a few more awesome updates coming your way over the remaining days.

A reminder, we are setting up an all day livestream for Saturday. We are planning some events, you’ll get to watch Kelley do some digital painting, and observe me in my natural habitat - code. It should be good times. We will post a schedule for Saturday’s livestream with tomorrow’s update.


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    1. Aramis Xperia on

      I have a cool idea for a second playable race, please tell me if its cool, or if im crazy. I was thinking of llama people with human bodies, yet a llama head! I thought it might be cool. Nice job on the game im cheering for 25,000$

    2. Matt Kay


    3. Jasson McMorris Creator on

      @9LittleBees Definitely.

    4. Matt Kay

      This is looking very cool. Quick question about the modding - if I wanted to create a complete "reskin" of content on a server that followed a very specific theme (say, a Shadowrun or Steampunk setting), which would include themed tilesets, creatures, etc, would this be possible?

    5. Shiroi Kuma on

      @Jasson thanks for letting me know. I found the answer on the FAQ on your website about an hour after I posted the question. It's an interesting idea to mix C++ for the engine and Python for content. I'm only a C++ beginner myself so I can't even imagine how you would do something like that. Are you using SDL/SFML for this or have you written the engine from the ground up. Just out of curiosity as a fellow developer.

      And also, congratulations on reaching your goal.

      And lastly (sorry about the questions, I can't check your site now due to DNS errors :( ), is the multiplayer chat feature planned going to fully support unicode? I would assume yes, because that increases globalization and potential customer base.

    6. Missing avatar

      Arie Hofland

      Something which is probably impossible but interesting to think about:

      What if the world changes, evolves, over time? For example: Erosion, Drougths, rain torrents which move around the overworld, but maybe also special dungeon setters which create a new dungeon for you to explore each time you want to explore a dungeon.

      Disgaea (tm) did something with items, where you could explore each of your items as a dungeon and increase it's strength. Perhaps you could add some kind of portals which allow you to explore a randomly generated dungeon, and which resets once a day (or gets his seed from the current date, which is essentially the same)

      Just thinking aloud.

    7. Missing avatar

      Arie Hofland

      Please, if you get to the Casino, add a Poker variant. There's nothing like a good game of poker after a long day gaming.

    8. Missing avatar

      David Lovely on

      This sounds fantastic! I'm so glad I'm supporting the game.

    9. Jasson McMorris Creator on

      @Jordan Yeah, a standalone server (dedicated hosting) is already implemented. :)

      Yeah, I almost mentioned that we are going to need to be careful with balancing weather. We will likely include an option to turn off destructive weather. I know some people will love it and others will hate it. It will also depend on the player's goals. One world a player could be adventuring and having the landscape change would be really cool. In other world the player could be building a town and would not want it burning to the ground!

    10. Jordan Cavell on

      Will it be possible to have dedicated hosting, like what you can do in Minecraft?

      And, you'll have to be careful with weather, I put a lot of work into my worlds in sandbox games like this (Terraria, Minecraft) and having whole forests burn down would annoy me when I go past, have them able to re-grow over time, perhaps.

    11. Jasson McMorris Creator on

      @Nico Haha, that was the first idea we had. ;)

    12. Nico on

      A mount should be a lama. But I'm sure you've already thought of that!

    13. Jasson McMorris Creator on

      @Nigel I have mentioned it before but I don't mind answering again. The engine is in C++ and the content is all in Python.

    14. Shiroi Kuma on

      Only just started backing a few projects I believe in (all sandbox ones of course).

      You may have mentioned this previously and I may have to 'read back' through your blogs, sorry. But I'm just curious to know what development language/engine you are doing Crea in?

    15. Paul Peterson on

      Holy freaking cow. . . This just keeps getting better and better. Think there will be any kind of steam-punk-esque/futuristic biomes? Well, I'm sure such biomes could be modded into existence anyway :)
      I'm excited to hear what's coming up next!

    16. Jasson McMorris Creator on

      @Justin Perhaps some like the mounts but they would definitely be post release.

      @AndrewA Ouya is a possibility. Not much is known yet. Right now Crea is fairly dependent on keyboard and mouse. With the success of Ouya I will definitely be looking into it as they get closer to release.

      @Shawn Have you seen our mod videos? You can find them on the main page. Basically you will have nearly unlimited power with the modding. It will be completely possible to create your own adventures with cut scenes and anything else you can dream up!

    17. Shawn Michael Recinto on

      Hey guys I was wondering how detailed we can mod stuff... i.e. write scripts etc for our own adventures/quests etc.. script in game cut scenes, etc

    18. DrDrew on

      Do you think this game will make its way to Ouya?

    19. Andrew Natoli on

      Oh wow, I like the sound of dynamic worlds! That's extremely ambitious and sounds like fun :)

    20. Justin Moore on

      Sounds amazing. Will the Stretch goals rewards get implemented even if the monetary value isn't met. Say, as post-release content. I can't wait btw.