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A 2D Sandbox created with you in mind. Infused with RPG elements, Crea focuses on exploration and creation. Modding fully supported.
A 2D Sandbox created with you in mind. Infused with RPG elements, Crea focuses on exploration and creation. Modding fully supported.
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Crea’s Vision Part 1 - Community

Posted by Jasson McMorris (Creator)

With only a week remaining in our campaign, we are close but still need everyone’s help spreading the word. We of course want to do our part. This Saturday we are going to do an all day livestream of Crea development. We will be working on a feature from the ground up and be giving you a good look into how Crea is being made.

We are also considering doing a reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). Through this, you could ask us any questions you want. Let us know if you are interested! Also let us know if you have any other ideas we can spread the word. Moving onto the meat of this update... 

Since the launch of our Kickstarter campaign we have been asked about the different aspects of Crea many times. We have been accused of being a “Terraria Clone” even more often than that. When I (Jasson) started Crea, I made it one of my development goals to be open with the community. Keeping true to that, I want to share with you our vision for Crea. I have decided to split it up over three parts to keep the wall of text to a minimum.

First and foremost, we are about the community. We don’t want to be isolated in some ivory tower of development. Instead, we want to be actively engaged with the community on as many levels as possible, updating the game according to feedback from players. I plan to continue to provide development updates on the blog at least once per week. To add to that, we will soon be launching forums, a wiki after that, and we are always listening to the community for other suggestions.

I want to ensure that Crea is fully accessible to everyone. That is why we are pushing hard to release on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. We have already implemented localization support, which makes it easy for anyone to create a translation of Crea. As we get closer to release it would be great to work with the community to create some official translations.

After Crea is released, we’ll be working hard to fix any bugs players stumble upon. After that, we’d like to give players a chance to vote on what new features they’d like us to develop. I also want to assist modders who are creating interesting and original mods for Crea. We’ll be regularly participating in the forums to answer questions and provide assistance to players.

But before we can have a community, we first need a solid game. Tomorrow, in part 2, I will cover our vision for the gameplay in Crea. Thanks for reading and feel free to ask any questions.


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    1. Ubivis on

      I will try, but as my weekend are generally busy I can't promise :

    2. Jasson McMorris Creator on

      Good to hear we will have at least one viewer. Thanks for the suggestion. We will definitely be hitting up the major sites over the next week to see if anyone will cover us. I will also be sure to check out their forums. :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Don Dubeau on

      Definitely looking forward to the livestream! As far as getting your project seen all I can suggest is to maybe make a round through all the big gaming sites (IGN, Giant Bomb, Gamespot, etc) once your livestream is up and make a forum post detailing what you guys are up to.