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Life is short. The greatest gift we can give the world is who we really are. So listen to that simple voice of your Heart.

Life is short. The greatest gift we can give the world is who we really are. So listen to that simple voice of your Heart. Read More
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Hello World:

When I was kid, I wanted to be Indiana Jones, a Pirate, or a Pro Wrestler.  Suffice to say I wanted adventure!  Those dreams faded but I stuck with dream number 4: I wanted to live my dream of making the world better and serving others. 

I know, I know, who doesn't?  Well, I was always caring and gravitated towards these service oriented positions, even ended up working in politics, a place where the word Soul doesn't get much air time that's for sure.  Needless to say, I was pretty miserable and my Soul felt crushed (steps on soda can for emphasis).  I was lost for a very long time which included lots of self-loathing and low self-worth...

This all culminated with as the Fresh Prince told my generation: "My life flipped turned upside down..."  I got laid off on 4 occasions in my life, not for lack of trying (BA, 3 years management, yada yada yada).  The festering of my Soul grew more and more with the most recent lay-off last July and the end of my relationship to the woman I wanted to marry, a woman I'd seen in a vision before even meeting her.  I wasn't present for a long time in my life and the lay-off just added salt to an already burning wound in that relationship.  The next day my Grandfather died.  I had seen him a few days prior to say good-bye and it was there that I realized I wanted to marry my then-girlfriend.  RECAP: all in July, it was lay-off, AGAIN, another bruise to that part of the psyche, relationship ends, BAM like Emeril Lagasse, and my Grandfather died, WT..., the man meant alot in my life and traveled thousands of miles to bring my family name to Hawaii.  It was pretty nuts and I had already a backlog of pain I ignored over life to sort through.

So I decided I would try something different.  I didn't drink or sleep around like I did in college.  I didn't go to a gym to try and get all swoll.  I went on a walkabout, something I had put off for a long time...

Eight years ago, I was told that I had a higher spiritual calling while on a plane that I thought was going to crash.  It didn't crash (which is why I'm still here, jk!) but it was an intense experience of the spiritual nature that is for sure and was only just the beginning...

After July, I went across the country (US) from my home in Hawaii charting the way by praying for dreams, following signs, and trusting my intuition every step of the way.  For example, literally, I had two dreams that I would go to New Orleans, asked for a sign while in NYC (went there because of another dream), met a woman on the subway who told me to go New Orleans because the vibe there was one of rebirth.  SIGN.  Oh yeah, her son's name was the same as mine.  ANOTHER SIGN.  So I took it all as a message and I went.  MLK Jr. said "Faith is being willing to walk up that staircase without seeing the steps."  No joke, I even got in trouble, but we'll get to that. 

The whole thing has been healing to say the least and the end result is priceless: to find a way of living that vibed with what was going on inside of me.  It got me in touch with listening to my heart over societal expectations and A Call to Love is one of two books that I was told to write in another dream.  And I've been able to share and guide others using this knowledge since January.

I share all of this because it was a period of rebirth minus the church (no disrespect to Christians) or a spiritual community (and no disrespect to ashrams), I am like a brand new JMAW, and I did it through Faith and finding that Okay, safe place in me.  All by choosing Love and seeing the oneness, the connection in it all; a pretty simple and balanced approach in my opinion.

Let's give you some more back-story, as if the fact that I navigated by following dreams, signs, and intuition weren't enough to make this compelling (jk again, I like to laugh and I support your laughter too!).  A few years ago, I set out to live my dream, "whatever that is,"  and was 60 lbs. heavier than I am now and my entire body, I mean like everywhere, really, was afflicted by eczema, a most uncomfortable dis-ease that science says has no cure but which I no longer have.  To say that I am a being transformed is both accurate and does not do the transformation justice because words can't describe the change I've gone through fully, but I'll try, it's why I keep writing.

A Call to Love is a synthesis of my journey into mindfulness (my remixed interpretation of it), from that experience of being told that I had a higher calling at age 23, committing to live my dream at 27, to this place where I am now at 31.  It's about how I can see that living dreams really are possible through Faith in oneself and trusting the voice of the Heart.  You know and I think the adventure we all seek is really just living each day fully which Mindfulness allows.

A Call to Love is almost finished and your support will go towards paying for the editing, publication, the creation of quality e-books, the soft/hard cover editions, and to help promote this book.  I believe in what I've been doing, know firsthand how it can be transformational, and I have met many people who have been interested in learning more.  I want to touch a broader base because I feel there are many who can relate and many who want to hear something new.  And again, my dream was to make the world better and serve others.  I think if I can give info that helps people heal themselves that would be sweet!

I'm not saying anything that hasn't already been said, just giving you a remix to what we've already heard.  And if anything, I hope that this can help someone find the comedy in life, not just the tragedy.  I also hope that it inspires others who are feeling lost because for many, the world is chaotic and they don't know where to go.  Regardless of creed, race, nation, etc., I believe that we are all Human+Beings and go through things for a reason.  Part of that is to make the way smoother for others dealing with the same feelings that come with living, loving, and dying, being alive basically.  America is pretty chaotic and I can relate to what millions of Americans are dealing with right now.  Unemployment, loss of relationships, deaths, don't have to be the end, if anything, they can be a starting point of getting one to know who s/he really is within...  And we are ready to blossom.

I'm emualting the model of Hip-Hop mixtapes and by supporting this project, I will continue to release raw "tracks" from my first book: It'll Be Okay... Healing Amidst Living Loving and Dying: A Short Book Because Life Is Short Too on my website and follow-up videos, like The Message to the Graduating Class of 2011 included in this post.  I'm not a video pro (yet), but I am a writer and I am witty so I believe you will be entertained. Coming soon: Narrated Emails from President Obama's Speechwriter.  So tune into the It'll Be Okay... tab on and join the FaceBook group to show your love!

If you love this, and it is my hope that you will, and the project blows up, I'll keep releasing "tracks" straight out of the studio from the second "mix-tape": It'll Be Okay... (This is the Remix!) Faith Behind Pain, Pleasure, and Power: A Short Book Because Life is Short 2 but wait...

THERE'S MORE!  I'll even release the first "single" from A Call to Love.

Okay, I'm done with the shameless self-promotion and the info-mercial feel.  Thank you for supporting creativity, your time, and consideration.

High-Fives and Chee huu to all of you!

Mahalo ke Akua and THX to Kickstarter for the opportunity.



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