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A cloud based open source photo sharing service where you own and control the photos, tags and comments. Your S3 bucket, our interface.
Created by

Jaisen Mathai

414 backers pledged $25,242 to help bring this project to life.

16 hours and $1,500 left! The little engine that could.

You've pledged $23,500 over 29 days. Mind boggling!

Here's a graph of the fundraising by day. It's the opposite of most Kickstarter projects that exhibit an inverted bell curve with spikes at the beginning and the end. It's a nail biter though!

The deadline is 10:23 PDT Wednesday, July 13th. Now's the time to give any friends on the pledging fence a nudge!

See you after the deadline!

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    1. Creator amitmotgi on July 13, 2011

      You Rock!

    2. Creator Alessandro Casagli on July 13, 2011

      Very happy about your result, congratulations! Now surprise us! :)

    3. Creator Arti Apsani on July 13, 2011

      Yay, Jaisen!!

    4. Creator Philippe Honigman on July 13, 2011

      You did it! Congrats!! :)

    5. Creator Brent E on July 13, 2011

      Rockin good !!

    6. Creator Jaisen Mathai on July 13, 2011

      The little engine that did! Can't wait for all of you to see the beta either!

    7. Creator Mike Kijewski on July 13, 2011

      Can't wait to see the beta.

    8. Creator Greg Singleton on July 13, 2011

      You did it!!! Woo hoo! Congrats!