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How much bad behavior can one overlook if it means finally finding true love? Read more

New York, NY Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on April 1, 2012.

How much bad behavior can one overlook if it means finally finding true love?

New York, NY Shorts
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4/1/12 UPDATE: WE MADE OUR GOAL!!! Thanks to everyone for their support!

But we're not done yet, since we still have an hour to fundraise.

"But you made your goal, why should we pledge anything more?"

There are fees associated with using Kickstarter/Amazon, usually between 6-8%, so if we can bring in a bit more, we'll be able to cover those and end up with a full $20k to make the film.

Please do still make a pledge if you were planning on it, we can still use the help!

Thanks so much. Due to the generosity of over 215 people, we made our goal.

Pat yourselves on the back!


Perfectly Normal will be created in a similar tone to such indie comedies as (500) Days of Summer, Juno, Little Miss Sunshine and Cedar Rapids. Believable characters, heartfelt performances, serious comedy. Seriously.

Here’s the synopsis:

Cassie, 35, thinks she’s found the man of her dreams. Dan, 35, is handsome, charming and has a great job… Unfortunately, he’s also her therapist, and when she turns up the heat in their session, he’s forced to make the ethical choice: he drops her as his client.

Some time later, they meet and begin a romance, exactly as Cassie had dreamed… but is the relationship a bit toodreamy? By the end, Dan and Cassie discover neither of them are perfect, but they must decide if their particular amount of “bad” might actually be Perfectly Normal.


Perfectly Normal will be approximately 10 minutes long, shot in color with a filmic look on the Alexa camera, finished in HD and delivered on whatever medium festivals and distributors require. We aim to cast somewhat known actors in the roles, and will film using a highly-experienced production crew. Tentative shoot dates are May 11-14, 2012, and we aim to be completely finished with the film in time to submit to the Sundance Film Festival by Mid-August.


Writer / Director – Jim McMahon – Currently employed at Sundance Channel as an executive producer and promo director; previously produced a few features including Ciao (Dir. Yen Tan) that did a 12 city theatrical run in 2008; co-wrote and directed a straight-to-video horror flick called Bloodshed that hit stores in 2006. Jim’s reel:

Producer - Joshua Hetzler - Owns the production company JH Productions, where he produces live action and stop motion commercials, branded and other short-form content. He's also a prolific short film producer; recent projects include The Hunter and the Swan Discuss Their Meeting (2011 Sundance Film Festival Official Selection), Seed (2011 Slamdance Film Festival - Grand Jury Prize for Best Animation) as well as the ongoing web series The Adventures of Ledo and Ix. Here’s his imdb profile:

Director of Photography - Mike Simpson - Mike is a talented Director of Photography based here in NYC who has officially agreed to shoot the film. We've worked with him on a couple of projects for Sundance Channel, and he does really excellent work. Check out his reel here:

Post-Production Sound Mixer - Sam Casas - Sam is a commercial sound mixer at the Santa Monica-based company LIME Studios. He and Jim have collaborated on two feature films and several commercial projects. Here's some of his commercial work:

Visual Effects Supervisor - Tim Miller - Tim's a Lead Inferno Artist and Visual Effects Supervisor at Rhythm+Hues, an LA-Based VFX company. He's worked on a wide variety of commercial and feature film vfx work. Here's his IMDb page:

Keep checking back in - we'll update the page with cast and crew updates!


Kickstarter is a platform for supporting creative projects. In exchange for your contributions, we offer a variety of rewards, plus our profound gratitude. Please check out the rewards listed on the right for contributions of all levels.

Funding is all-or-nothing, so we must raise our full $20k to move forward!  If we don't make our goal, we don’t make the film. Yikes!


The money will be put toward basic film production costs: hiring cast and crew, rental of equipment and locations, production design, food for  everyone, transportation and several gallons of hot coffee.


Well, we just finished storyboarding out the entire film, and have been speaking with a few casting directors and doing some preliminary location scouting around Manhattan and Brooklyn. As soon as the budget has been raised, we can start reaching out to cast and crew!

Seriously, thanks so much for your help!!!!


Jim & Josh


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    "PEOPLE ARE TALKING" --> There’s a rumor going around that you might be losing it... so not only do you get all of that stuff above, but you also get a THANK YOU ON OUR WEBSITE and a High-Quality DIGITAL HD DOWNLOAD of the finished film as soon as we’re done with it. Welcome to the future!

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    "DINE-AND-DASH" --> I don’t want to know where you got this kind of cash, and rest assured, I’ll never ask. In the spirit of the film, not only will you get all of the above incentives, but I’ll also TAKE YOU TO DINNER IN THE SAME DINER FROM THE FILM. I’ll recount a few hilarious production stories, and then we’ll “pretend” to run off without paying the bill. (travel not included)

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    "TOTALLY BONKERS" --> Seriously, this is getting out of hand! If you can donate $2000 or more, you'll be invited to visit set to meet the cast and crew, or take a tour with the director to visit all of the filming locations, plus you'll receive a CO-PRODUCER credit in the film because you’re single-handedly paying for 10% of the film. (travel not included)

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    "MAD HATTER" --> They say the term came from hat makers who ingested large amounts of toxic mercury used in the manufacturing of hats, causing them to go mad. I say an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER can eat all the hats they want! Since you're funding 25% of the film, not only will you receive the other incentives, but your credit will be raised to Executive Producer and you'll be invited to the World Premiere of the film. Crazy, huh? (travel not included)

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