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AU$ 3,371 pledged of AU$ 12,500 goal

Subterranea Music


Hi all, super-backer and talented game music composer James Thorley has composed two custom tracks for Subterranea. The first is called "Mystery of Vengarth" and was inspired by the concept art of the main villain:

The other track is called "Echoes of Vengarth" and is suited for general exploration around the swamp and megadungeon:

If you'd like to contact James to use his talents for custom game music, send us a message and we'll pass on his contact details!

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    1. James Thorley on March 13, 2014

      Thanks for your feedback Old Farmer! I plan on completing as many tracks as necessary/required for the project.These two tracks are just a small insight into the sound ideas of Subterranea.

      Once I have more concept art and gameplay footage to go off I'll be able to complete more concise music for the appropriate portions of the game :)

    2. The Old Farmer on March 12, 2014

      Nice tracks, I like the second one the best. The first track "Mystery..." might be a bit too strong if it runs for a long time.

      If every thing works out how many tracks are planed?