WARLINE: Tactical Fantasy Battles

by Justin D Leingang

Justin D Leingang wants some feedback on this project. What do you like? What could be better? Anything missing?

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      Nick Dalton on

      I signed up for the email list Justin.

      I mostly play abstracts now as I prefer no luck games with an elegant look, but I miss my fantasy gaming days, so this fits for sure. Rules look very solid. Thanks for the links.

    2. Justin D Leingang Creator on

      Thanks, Nick! If you want to stay entirely up to date with progress toward launch of the Kickstarter campaign, please follow us on Twitter:


      Also, you can currently play a digital version of the game via Tabletop Simulator or Vassal:



    3. Missing avatar

      Nick Dalton on

      This looks impressive.

    4. Justin D Leingang Creator on

      Thanks! Look out for a How to Play overview video - where you can see the game components in action - coming soon to our YouTube channel

    5. Missing avatar

      Linh Jase Hoang on

      Look's awesome. Can't wait!

    6. Justin D Leingang Creator on

      I’m glad you’re excited!

      Yes, the final production components will be covered in a laquer layer to protect them.

    7. Russell Reynolds on

      Can not wait to see this game produced and out in the wild.

      Will the components be covered in something to reduce or rather prolong their life from scuffing?

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shipping info

WARLINE will ship worldwide, pricing TBD.

tournament caliber

When a game design is built on simple rules that interact with one another in infinitely complex manners, and forgoes the element of luck, the game itself is "tournament caliber". A tournament caliber game can be played competitively, theoretically forever. With a tournament caliber game, there will always be another player who is better than yourself; because, a tournament caliber game fully supports the pursuit of mastery.

Our goal is to create a game that inspires world-wide tournaments and competitions, rankings and professional play. We are on the right path, as the current Warline game design shows all signs of being capable of accomplishing our goal. See you on the tournament floor!

history of the war

There are countless other armies known to be battling day by day across the shattered lands. It is only a matter of time before a mighty general rises to topple Fiyreksis of the Flame. Though, nobody can foresee, when that time comes, whom it will be standing victorious on the field of battle.

why warline

The world needs another deep, thoughtful, competitive tabletop game, right? We though so too. If you want to really dig in and master a game, to dominate opponents, your most recent option is Magic: The Gathering -- an amazing, but 30-year-old, game. Your next most recent options span all the way back to Chess, Go, and Backgammon...

Complexity •• We feel that the classic, timeless competitive games are beautiful and will always be relevant. However, modern gamers crave an additional level of complexity that isn't present in the classic games. Warline is designed specifically to deliver that extra level of complexity.

Beauty •• We also understand, and can directly relate to, modern gamers' taste for gorgeous artwork and game presentation. This is one of the reasons that Warline is being designed as an "elegant game": The game components are simple, while the game rules are complex. As such, we can layer on visual splendor as we see fit, without compromising game play. Essentially, the game components become a canvas for master artists.

where we are

Currently, the Warline game design is complete and fully playable in prototype form. Warline is being played, and played, and played by numerous game testers (thanks for the help, y'all!); and, the game rules are being polished to perfection. We will continue testing and honing Warline until it is complete. We cannot wait to put it into commercial production, with the support from your gracious Kickstarter backing.

Due to our team's 16+ years of game design experience, we have deep connections to the best game creation talent around. We already have the best artists and designers lined up to help bring to life Warline once our funding goal is met. You can rest assured that Warline will be a AAA tournament caliber game! Collaborators on the project have been significant contributors to games such as:

  • League of Legends
  • God of War
  • Uncharted
  • Darksiders
  • World of Warcraft
  • Shadow of the Colossus
  • Donkey Kong Country
  • Metroid Prime
  • And more...

why we need you

With your backing, we will be able to send Warline to manufacturing, and then you will be able to get your hands on your very own copy! Though, our ultimate vision for Warline is one of a game that is beautifully illustrated with mind-blowing fantasy war artwork. However, we cannot fully achieve this vision without your support toward our Banner Edition stretch goal. We will use the additional funding to commission one, or a few, top-level fantasy illustrators to help bring to life the chaos-ravaged world of Warline.

Beyond the stand-alone box set, we dream of introducing many more pairs of conflicting armies as expansion sets. With your support toward our mini-stretch goals, we will be able to bring to life expansions such as The Army of Radiance vs. The Army of Shadow -- complete with amazing new character designs and artwork.

stretch goals...


Risks and challenges

The primary challenges that we face in delivering Warline to you are those common to the development of any tabletop game: Design and production. However, we have design and production under complete control, so any challenges that arise will be easily mitigated. We are working with one of the top tabletop game manufacturers (well versed in manufacturing for Kickstarter games). On top of that, our collaborators are some of the most experienced and talented out there.

There are additional challenges with developing the digital versions of Warline: Platform-specific code differences, platform-specific TRCs, and sufficient play testing. Again, however, with our collaborators' vast experience in developing AAA video games, any challenges we face will be quickly tackled.

Also, it will be a welcome challenge if y'all put in a million orders for the game! This would put a little more stress on the manufacturer. Though, we relish this idea and anticipate such demand because of how engaging and visually captivating Warline is.

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