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$9,446 pledged of $25,000 goal
$9,446 pledged of $25,000 goal


Today is the Festival of Aether, and your chance to prove superior magical skills and wit against your peers. Summon raw Aether from the Aether Portal and trade shrewdly with the other mages to collect a variety of Runes and Magical Elements. Use your collection to cast the best combination of Spells before the Portal closes and claim the title of Master Mage!

Aether Magic, Happy Mitten’s first game to be published, is designed by Matt Worden and illustrated by Jacqui Davis. It plays 3-6 players, in about 45 minutes, and is appropriate for all ages. For more information on Aether Magic, visit the Happy Mitten Games website

Want to try the game before you back it? Join the others who have already downloaded the PNP here.

Components Include:

• Tables of Transformation: Mats where you place Aether.

• 60 Aether: 20 Illusion Aether, 20 Conjuring Aether, and 20 Enchantment Aether.

• 60 Magical Elements: 20 Illusion Crystals, 20 Conjuring Cubes, and 20 Enchantment Gems.

• 36 Runes: 6 Runes unique to each Mage.

• 52 Cards: Common and Master Spells.

• 1 Aether Portal: Bag from which Aether is summoned. 

In Aether Magic, you are a Mage, taking turns of summoning Aether and transforming it into Elements that are used to cast Spells. Every turn you will summon extra Aether to grow your transformative powers and trade Magic Elements and Runes with the other Mages to gain what you are lacking. The Mage who casts Spells totalling the most points before the Aether Portal closes will be declared the Master Mage. 

On your turn: 

1. Summon and Trade Aether 
2. Transform - Generate Magical Elements from the Aether on your Table of Transformation
3. Cast Spells (optional)
4. Replenish Spells (if needed) 

End Game Conditions 

1. A Master Spell is cast. 

2. The Portal runs out.


You receive points based on the types of Spells you cast. The Mage with the most points wins, earning the title of Master Mage. 

*For a complete look, you can download the PNP version of the rules here

NEW: 2-player variant

You asked and we delivered! While Aether Magic is a 3-6 player game, Matt successfully added a 2-player variant. Check out the rules here.

Aether Magic: The more fun game night how to play video 

Aether Magic: The more serious yet informative how to play video

Below Retail Pricing: Aether Magic's retail cost will be roughly 9% higher and shipping costs will range from $8 - $10 in the US. With discounted pricing and our current shipping reductions, there will never be a less expensive opportunity to own Aether Magic. The window of opportunity ends soon!

Money Back Guarantee: We spent over a year developing and organizing play testing sessions for Aether Magic. We feel we have something special, but if you don't like the game after one month of receiving it, you can send back to us for a full refund.

Name the Spells: We want your participation. All of our backers may suggest Spell names in the comments section. If we like the name, we’ll use it. Spell names must be 15 characters or less and be family-friendly.

$ 25,000 - Aether Magic Funds

$ 25,001 - More Art for the Spell Cards

More yet to be revealed...

Since signing Aether Magic in late 2013, countless hours have gone into development and playtesting. Happy Mitten and Matt have playtested and blind playtested at several events including: 

  • GenCon 
  • Origins 
  • Protospiel Ann Arbor
  • Protospiel Milwaukee
  • GrandCon 

We’ve tapped into gaming groups like West Michigan Tabletop Gamers as well as hosted multiple playtesting sessions ourselves. 

Testers include: Chris Bradley, Josh Bricker, Rob Couch, Josh DeBruyn, Mike English, Melissa English, Drew Gerken, Heather Gerken, Jason Glover, Joe Graves, Joel Hobbs, Jeff King, Aaron Krueger, Nikole Krueger, Jamie Lewis, Courtney Martin, Paul Martin, Andrew Montpetit, Allison Ogrodzinski, Elizabeth Ogrodzinski, Brian Richards, Neil Roberts, Jason Slingerland,  JT Smith, Marc Specter, Kody Starlin, Amber Stout, Molly Tiesma. 

Here’s what people are saying: 

“Bartering the reagents you need to cast spells is elegant, smooth, and fun. Another great game by Matt Worden.” -JT Smith, The Game Crafter 

"I had a fantastic time playing Aether Magic. Plotting and sneaking against the whole group while knowing they were doing the same was a riot." -Topher DeRosia, web developer / playtester

"The Happy Mitten team have developed Matt's design into a game both engaging and fun. You won't believe this is their first title. It's been fun to watch the evolution." -Marc Specter, GrandCon & The Grand Gaming Academy

“Very quick to learn and I like that you sometimes have to pass up better deals in to keep your opponents from getting too far ahead.” -Jamey Lewis, GGA Demoer

"Too bad this game didn't have anymore Pumas" - Josh Bricker, The Flux Capacity and The Cardboard Cafe 

"When I sat down to play Aether Magic for the first time, I was pleased with how elegantly the theme and mechanics coexisted together. What blew me away was the extremely high level of player interaction. This game is a blast!" -Jason Glover, Grey Gnome Games

"This is a highly accessible game that is fun to play. The rules of play are deceptively simple, and your strategy can become more complex with each game. The game also made it easy to talk to other players during gameplay, so you can get to know new people if you're playing during a game night." -Paul Martin, entrepreneur / playtester

"Aether Magic transforms the gamer into a mage on a quest to cast the most marvelous spells. Constant interaction with other players and the need to balance resources make this game stand out. It's not too complicated but does require strategy. Replayability is endless because of the interactive nature of the game." -Nikole Krueger, mother / playtester

"I had an opportunity to play Aether Magic just as it reached the end of its playtesting. There were just enough things to keep track of that I couldn't get a read on everyone's strategy or score, which kept me interested and on my toes the whole way through. I specifically liked the dynamic of the built-in end-game trigger of the "closing Aether Portal" because it forced everyone to keep moving forward with their strategy, rather than sitting back and hoarding resources. I'm really looking forward to seeing this game in production so that I can play it again with all the beautiful artwork!" - Brian Richards, coder / playtester

Podcast & Blog Links

While it would be simple for us to write about how much we appreciate you, shipping is a great opportunity for us to spend time proving our appreciation through action. We spent a great deal of time coordinating with fulfillment companies in the United States, Canada, Europe, and China to ensure backers get the lowest price possible. Then we decided to give free shipping to US backers and equally reduce shipping to backers in all other countries. 

By shipping from all over the world, we are able to send games to backers from warehouses closer to them. Shipping to that many locations does increase what we pay for freight, but the more we're able to send out to those areas, the more cost effective it becomes. Below is our shipping chart, which we decided to leave in it's excel format because we appreciate the invigorating rectangle-ness of its cells.

Shipping Chart
Shipping Chart

If you are a retailer and interested in purchasing copies for resale, please contact Happy Mitten directly to discuss details- 

We need you! Over the past two years, Happy Mitten has been giving to the tabletop community through our podcast and blog. Now we’re asking for you to support us. The only way this project is going to fund is with your help. 

Sharing this project with your friends is our greatest compliment. Below are avatars and other images you can use to help the cause! Thanks! 

Matt Worden | Game Designer
Matt is an experienced designer with published games including Jump Gate and many other self-published projects. Family man and connoisseur of all aspects of game design and development, Matt is an active participant in communities like The Game Crafter, Board Game Designers Forum, BGG, and more. Learn more about Matt at his website and on our podcast.

Jacqui Davis | Illustrator
Jacqui is a talented illustrator who has done the art for a variety of board games including Euphoria, Belle of the Ball, Epic Resort, Fidelitas, Skyway Robbery, and more. Learn more about Jacqui at her website and on our podcast

Heather Gerken | Graphic Designer
Heather is a stellar graphic designer with over a decade of experience. Currently, Heather works with Jeff at Come Alive Creative, a full-service web, graphics, and audio shop. Learn more about her here and on the Come Alive Creator podcast.  

Happy Mitten Games | Jeff, Lee, & Kyle established Happy Mitten Games in late 2012 to produce excellent board games and content for the tabletop community. Many of you may recognize them from the Dice Tower Network with the Happy Mitten Podcast or from their website. They are very excited to finally bring you their first release, Aether Magic

Copyright 2015 Happy Mitten Games. All Rights Reserved.
*Final art and graphic design may differ from images on this page. 

Risks and challenges

Publishing a board game is an extensive process. Mistakes can happen at any number of steps in the process, especially for first time publishers. Anticipating this, we did our research and are ready for the challenge.

1. Research- We have researched what it takes to produce a board game over the past two years. Beyond our own research, we've interviewed and learned from some of the best designers, publishers, artists, manufacturers, distributors, and other industry professionals on The Happy Mitten Podcast. Needless to say, we're ready.

2. Collaboration- We have teamed up with amazing people:
-Matt Worden for game design.
-Jacqui Davis for art.
-Heather Gerken for graphic design.
-Panda Game Manufacturing for (you guessed it) manufacturing.
-Amazon (US), Amazon (CA), Spiral Galaxy Games (EU), Agility Games (China) for shipping & distribution.
-As well as several others...
These professional relationships will ensure a quality product and reduce the probability of mistakes.

3. Readiness- The majority of the work on this game is already finished- art, graphics, fun-ness, necessary relationships, etc. We are fully prepared and have every intention of delivering on schedule.

We are as ready as can be for this process and committed to making a quality product for our backers. We'll punch anything in the face that gets in the way of that.

Thank you for supporting us. Let's make Aether Magic a reality!

-Jeff, Lee, & Kyle

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