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A Cyberpunk mystery-thriller that journeys into the lives of hackers, the game that is unfolding between them, and to the world.
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Hacker Community

Posted by Joe Kawasaki (Creator)

We worked pretty hard throughout the process to ensure that whatever hacking elements or hacker culture that is prevalent within the construct of the story, would ring true to hackers.  As much as this is a fun little ride for all audiences, we also wanted to be sure that hackers wouldn't look at it and say, balls.

So it's been very gratifying to find how we've garnered an initial following through the social networks and the release of the trailer by the hacker community itself, many of whom are quite excited to see the film!  Many thanks to Sidney Sherman for initiating that push, and for getting us further into the hacker community through Twitter.

Umair Ajiaz, our code consultant, along with myself and Aleem Parkar worked very hard to tow the line between what is accurate in terms of tools and code used, and keeping that fine balance with simply telling a story to general audiences.  We hope when everyone does finally see the finished film that it rings true, whether you actually code or not; but even better for anyone who does recognize or understand code and can find little tidbits that make sense.

From the trailer alone, there has been a positive reaction for this, and it's made for some happy times.

Also, there are some ARG tidbits that will be revealed soon - a little fun for everyone.

More soon through @reboot_film, FB, and other online platforms.

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