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A Cyberpunk mystery-thriller that journeys into the lives of hackers, the game that is unfolding between them, and to the world.
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Getting Online

Posted by Joe Kawasaki (Creator)

You'd think the work is over when the film is finished, but the work has only begun!

Sidney has been diligently submitting the final cut to Festivals around the globe, as well as sending it around town to the powers that be. 

Also, we are slowly gearing up our web presence, and gaining some followers through Twitter and Facebook.  In fact, we were fortunate to have found another circle of very interested hackers who are very excited about the film and are doing the rounds. 

Please join us on our website, follow us on Facebook and on Twitter @reboot_film !

Work on the trailers will conclude this week, as well as further updates on the final film masters so that we can at least begin sending out notices for the digital download to our backers.  For those of you who are in the tiers to receive DVD's, we will have those printed and ready to mail out once we finalize our masters. 

Thanks for following us all this way, and please keep up with us as we journey further with the film!

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