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A Cyberpunk mystery-thriller that journeys into the lives of hackers, the game that is unfolding between them, and to the world.
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Posted by Joe Kawasaki (Creator)

The film was finalized and completed on Thursday, January 26.  Reboot, is done! 

The premiere screening for the cast and crew (as well as some peers from the industry and local friends) this past Saturday eve (January 28th) was a grand success.  It was awesome to be able to share it on the big screen after all these months of work, and for many who had worked on the project, it was literally the first time they saw anything.

Sidney went all-out and put together a reception and booked the Chaplin Theater on the Raleigh Studios lot in Hollywood for the screening, and it really was a treat to see it there in its full 5.1 surround mix.  It turned out to be a really fun night, and our only wish is that we could have had all the backers there to share it with!

We will be spending the following weeks in the aftermath of the first screening in preparing all the rewards, and to get them mailed out to all of you as soon as we can.  Please bear with us as we will be fixing one last shot, and then working out all the details (transcoding, duplication, printing as necessary). 

Sidney had a set of really slick posters printed out for the evening, and many were signed to send out to those of you who are tiered for it. 

The music soundtrack will also be parsed and will need to be sent overseas for Riad Qabandi (our amazing composer) to sign the copies and send them back. 

Sidney and I are very pleased with the way everything has turned out, and we are definitely most proud of all the amazing cast, crew, and post talent we were so blessed to have onboard the project with us.  It's really amazing when you see how many people had contributed and were a part of the whole process, and it was just a great experience to have them all with us. 

Sidney gave a heartfelt introductory speech prior to the screening, and I'd like to repeat some of the highlights here: 

1) Arnold Serame, our stalwart Executive Producer, was called out for his heroic feat in saving us on the final eve of Kickstarter by doubling his pledge to make up for a major backer removing his pledge on the 11th hour.

2) The entire cast and crew who had worked so well and so hard on the shoot days; and how blessed we were to have them, and to our fearless casting director, Suzanne Bachman, who had set the tone early with her energy and dedication.

3) Curt Apduhan (Director of Photography) and Craig "Burnie" Burns (Gaffer) for their wonderful talents and for working on the project pro-bono; as well as helping to promote it and get it going in the early stages of the game.

4) The Post A-Team: Aleem Parkar (vfx lead) and Adel Gandomikal (vfx supervisor) for their tireless efforts on all the "invisible" effects in the film.  Every screen (except for the actual text messaging sequence), was black during shooting.  So every screen you see in the film in its finished state, was tracked and composited and blended in post.  That, alone, was a gigantic list of work.  Beyond that were countless other fixes and additions (such as placing buildings in the windows in some cases), and taking out things that shouldn't be there.  Adel also worked as our digital colorist, and he and his wife Danah (and son, Sami) had graciously allowed me to stay at their home for over a month during the process with my station networked on-site with his computers. 

5) Riad Qabandi, our fantastic composer, who simply out-did himself on this project.  Riad and I have worked on many projects together - commercial and documentary - but this was my first experience with him on a purely narrative format, and he just did a fantastic job, working tirelessly with all his talent to bring us a beautifully orchestrated set of pieces and themes that are literally the heartbeat of the film.  The song "Identity" that he gave to us for the end credits was so well received, people were asking us where they can buy it after the screening. 

6) And to all of our backers, friends, and families who have supported us all the way and helped to get this transformed from words on paper to a living entity on the screen.

For Sidney Sherman, because I can't speak publicly to save my life (and the mic on the podium kept going off)... Sidney was always a staunch believer, and had kept in touch with me through all the years, consistently urging me to return home to Los Angeles while I was abroad.  I've known Sidney for 20 years, and he was the iron back that kept us going through the entire process, the wind beneath all our wings, and the steady spirit that helped us, supported us, and often guided us through it all. If I'm to get any credit for captaining this ship, then he must be the fleet admiral.  Here's to a long and fantastic path of making films together!

I'm a very lucky man to have so many talented professionals and creative spirits in my life who I can genuinely call my friends... and to have friends who I've known since childhood, and who I've been honored to have met while abroad, still in my life, and being a part of the dream.

We're also incredibly lucky to have the love and support from our respective families.

Someone at the screening had mentioned how pleased she was that everyone on this film was so nice. We were blessed with a great crowd and a great team of people who are not just great professionals and artisans, but great human beings. 

It's been a fantastic journey, and we're all excited to share what we've completed, and excited to continue onward with bigger and better creative endeavors.

Our official website is now up at and we hope you visit it periodically for more updates and to see more on the film!  Brian Kelsey, Karl Wilvert, and Sidney all have been working hard on the site, and it looks fantastic. 

For our backers, we'll be sending out survey reports from Kickstarter to gather your information.  Please excuse the address request for those of you who only require a digital download... it seems to be a default in the form. 

More sections on the site will continue to go up as they are completed, so stay tuned!

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    1. Dale Pearson on

      Congratulations and brilliant news. I look forward to checking it out soon.

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      Richard NL on

      Congratulations! I'm glad it turned out to be a great success :)