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A Cyberpunk mystery-thriller that journeys into the lives of hackers, the game that is unfolding between them, and to the world.
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Posted by Joe Kawasaki (Creator)

Greetings everyone!  

We've all been very busy with juggling the available schedules of our principals, doing days of pick-up shooting, multiple audio sessions, tons of editorial and comp-work in properly addressing all the phone and computer screen content, keeping it all in context to the narrative and time-accurate to the unfolding of events; and having some semblance of time/responsibility to our personal and professional lives, and to pay the bills. 

From our twisted time-warped perspective, we wrapped principal photography, blinked, and suddenly found ourselves surrounded by the holiday cheer of the year-end season and celebrations!

The great news is we now have Picture Lock!  For anyone who is not familiar with that little term, it basically means we have locked our visual edit and structure, and can now move headlong into all the post sound work to get us to the final mix.  A huge milestone on any post schedule.

As Fred Stahly (Dialog Editor) is cleaning up our dialog tracks, we are preparing to submit all the tracks to Roland Thai for sound design this coming week.  

Riad Qabandi is diligently working through the music score, and has just sent in his latest permutation which we can't wait to listen to!

Adel Gandomikal and Aleem Parkar are giving us every bit of their free-time to work on the remaining post fx work (which is all "invisible" fx for the most part - to enhance and expand on the existing reality that was captured during principal and insert days).  As we dive into the final phases of post, it's been an amazing and ever-expanding experience that makes us all stop at times and just blink at each other.

We hope to push into final mixing at the end of the month just after Christmas, and to do our final Quality checks, and then layback picture and sound with the final grade and mix for our masters within the first weeks of January. 

We've also been pushing hard to finish the website and online presence of the film as post makes its way into finals. 

We will do our best to keep you posted as we place our finishing touches, but please bear with us - all our attention and focus has been on getting the film completed in its best and proper light, and we are edging toward it.

Someone once said "You never finish a film, you just stop working on it."  

Which is very true.  We could be tweaking and tweaking this for the next four months if we wanted to, but it's now at that point where we're ready to move it forward, to put all the final touches in, and to share it.

May your Holiday Seasons be safe, warm, and merry; and we promise further news and announcements soon! 

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