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Can we hit the $10k goal to pay for the work in addition to covering basic costs? Please share!
Can we hit the $10k goal to pay for the work in addition to covering basic costs? Please share!
148 backers pledged $5,845 to help bring this project to life.

An invite for you & photogenic friends in Philly


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What does a Yogi look like?

Details & RSVP
Details & RSVP

Hey there beautiful ones!

You are invited:

Please join us for a community discussion on yoga, diversity, body image, public art, media & commerce, followed by an optional community photo session.

Your insights will help shape a new yoga-focused photographic series based on my How Philly Moves project.

This free event will be hosted at Drexel University’s Mandell Theater at 10am on Saturday July 18th.

RSVP / share

Please use the RSVP link if you’re able to join, and help us share the invitation with anyone that you think would be interested in joining the conversation and/or participating in the project.

You can also download a high res jpeg or pdf of the flyer to share with friends, share the invite via a Facebook event, and follow updates via Twitter.

You can also find some more background on the project in this post.

Hope this finds you well!

Concerts in Florida & Philly + images for you.

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2008: Truth Tour victory celebration at House of Blues in Chicago
2008: Truth Tour victory celebration at House of Blues in Chicago

Dear beautiful ones,

Almost 8 years ago, I found myself photographing a pretty amazing concert as the Coalition of Immokalee Workers celebrated another victory in their campaign for Fair Food. 

They've always been pretty great about integrating art and music in their activism, and I thought that you might like to know about their Parade & Concert for Fair Food happening this weekend. 

Some of you will no doubt already be heading there – others might want to make a little contribution to the CIW to help them fly in more of their allies from around the country.

If you can't make it to Florida but would like to join a musical celebration in Philadelphia, you'd be most welcome to the house concert that I'm hosting on Saturday. (Next ones after that are April 25 and June 12) 

Among other things that I'm celebrating: the launch of my Million Picture Giveaway

That means that all of those images that you guys helped me make back in 2013 will be available for free high res downloads

Not just those 10,000+ images that I made with your help, but my entire archive covering the CIW's work from Dec 2003 onwards, and all of the other images that I've ever taken of anyone. You probably know some folks that this would benefit, so I'd love your help in spreading the word about it. 

In the meanwhile, here's a few more images from that historic celebration in 2007 are below. 

 For a recap of that special day with more images, click here.

A holiday magic trick, and more...

SFA presentation at uPenn
SFA presentation at uPenn

 Dear beautiful humans,

Remember those images of the March for Rights, Respect & Fair Food that you helped me create?

We raised $5,845 together to support that work, but today, with a little bit of holiday magic, I'm going to make the $10k goal happen!

SFA presentation at uPenn
SFA presentation at uPenn

There's more news to come...  but for right now, know that I'm making all of those images available for free high res download to the CIW for their publications. That's kind of like generating $4k of community value by flipping a few switches in my archive, just in time for the holidays....

In an attempt to value my work sustainably, I'd said that I would only do this if we hit the $10k goal... but I'm realizing more and more that I'm less interested in my work as a commercial service and more as a community service... so I'm trying to get back to that spirit of generosity and just give it away, and the coming year's challenge will be to resolve that conflict between those two ways of working as a photographer that seem more and more diametrically opposed. 

For those of you in the Philly / NYC / DC area:

I'm super excited to be doing another incarnation of my How Philly Moves project this weekend!

 It's always a pretty magical event (and I could use one or two extra helpers to facilitate it if anyone's free...)  Please save the date for Saturday February 7th, when I'll be hosting a special event featuring the latest images from that series, as well as food, music, and festive birthday celebrations etc. [preliminary info]

Many thanks, and best wishes for the coming new year!

PS I was thinking of you all (and grateful for your support) when doing a little impromptu presentation with members of the Student Farmworker Alliance here in Philly. It was a pretty jerry-rigged exhibit with twine and binder clips (see above) but so great to see those images up on the walls of my alma-mater, and to hear a new generation of students engaging around human rights and labor justice. Thank you again for all of your generous support. 

They're still at it... keep an eye out for CIW in Nashville, Atlanta, Jacksonville...


The CIW is at it again!
The CIW is at it again!

Hi friends, and greetings from W. Philly.

Usually, when I get a new update on a long-past Kickstarter project, it's the creator hitting me up for support for their own next campaign. 

I'm not doing that here, but I did want to make sure that you knew that the CIW's campaign for fair food continues all the time, and they've currently got some powerful actions going on. I may not be photographing them myself, but there's a lot of gorgeous images coming out of it, and the work is as important as ever. 

They're in Louisville today, heading to Nashville, Atlanta, Jacksonville and Lakeland in the coming days (details). If you haven't yet visited, found them on Facebook or followed them on Twitter, think about signing up on their site for updates.

As for me-> I'm actually doing a little presentation on my crowdfunding experiences for an Arts Marketing class at Drexel University this evening, so I'll be telling them all about you guys and the work that your kind support helped me do last year. Thanks again!

As always, I'm grateful for you.

PS More from me and some exciting changes for the coming year coming soon, so if you're not getting newsletter updates from, sign up here and check your email filtering to make sure they're making their way into your inbox.