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How Philly Moves's video poster

Special community dance photo sessions where all are welcome. Any body. Any style. Any age. awesome! Read more

Philadelphia, PA Dance
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This project was successfully funded on March 27, 2011.

Special community dance photo sessions where all are welcome. Any body. Any style. Any age. awesome!

Philadelphia, PA Dance
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LAST MINUTE UPDATE: Please remind your friends that they can keep contributing until 7:57 AM tomorrow morning. $25k is the threshold, but the sky is the limit and if we raise more money we can include more participants!


A city's greatest resource is its citizens.

Now more than ever, it's important to create positive images that celebrate our communities, affirm the value of our neighbors, and foster a culture of collaboration.

Over 160 people have already participated in How Philly Moves, sharing their love of dance through community photo sessions. Each and every one of them was perfect.

This year, the existing images are being given a tremendous amount of visibility through a huge mural at the Philadelphia International Airport. But there are literally hundreds more people that still want to participate, and this project has the potential to grow into a larger ongoing celebration of our city.

With your help, we'll continue How Philly Moves by hosting at least one other round of community photo shoots. These events are open to anyone that self-identifies as a Philadelphian who loves to dance. There are no other criteria, no other instructions. They share their movement, and JJ brings it to you in pictures, continuing to prove that Everyone Is Photogenic.

Your part in this: If you can make a contribution, that's awesome. Thank you. Even if you can't, please donate a bit of your time and the power of your networks by continuing to spread the word throughout the funding period.

Goal A: $25,000 – This lets us move forward with the next set of shoots in September.

Goal B: $55,000 – The Mural Arts Program and the Kimmel Center have teamed up to project How Philly Moves imagery on Broad Street in the heart of the city, in conjunction with PIFA, but the budget only covers working with preexisting imagery.

Goal B will allow for shoots in March/April and cover the video and postproduction requirements to incorporate the new material into the projection installation, 60 feet tall from dusk to dawn for three weeks in April. This is a huge opportunity: Watch the trailers!

Goal C: $75,000 and upwards... From the beginning, How Philly Moves was envisioned to be scaleable. The more people support it, the more participants we can include. Goal C covers both the shoots in March/April and even more in September. Further funding makes it possible to partner with community groups, hold shoots in different parts of the city, pursue other avenues to share the images, and truly make this an ongoing celebration of Philadelphia.

Rough budget: (after Kickstarter & Amazon fees)

$18,000 – Photographing at least 60 sets of Philadelphians dancing $9,000 – Video & postproduction $7,000 – Equipment purchase & rental $6,000 – Management & Administration $5,000 – Website work $5,000 – Community outreach, Marketing & PR

Larger gifts and tax deductions: If you are interested in supporting this project at a higher level, or interested in receiving tax deductions for your support, please get in touch with JJ to discuss further opportunities.

Community responses so far: Check out a bit of what the participants have to say.

Special Thanks: The photo shoots couldn't have happened without the tremendous dancers and volunteers who have participated so far. The mural at the airport possible wouldn't be possible without the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and their generous supporters. Special thanks to Ellen Reynolds for the video.


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