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The project's funding goal was not reached on Thu, October 10 2013 3:11 PM UTC +00:00

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For that space geek that you know...

Posted by Jacques-Jean Tiziou (Creator)
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Beautiful ones, I hope this finds you well.

Just in case it's of interest to someone you know... my next project is a strange personal one that might not be of interest to you but may well thrill the space geeks in your orbit:

Space Junk: excavating the Tiziou Space History "museum"

My next Kickstarter project is for that space geek that you know... Please check it out & share it with them if you're able. 

Thank you!


PS while I'm doing less photography these days and more organizing, the philosophy that Everyone Is Photogenic still underlies it all. 

an apology

Posted by Jacques-Jean Tiziou (Creator)
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry...

 Dear friends,

Please forgive me for that last update – it was inappropriate.

Clearly I'm feeling a lot of urgency and anxiety about the situation, but lashing out with frantic internet outreach & cluttering your inbox & already busy minds with senseless appeals is selfish & not of service.

I'm working on some more thoughtful local organizing... and on keeping my swirling mind in check.

Wherever this finds you, I wish you well & am grateful for you.


All hands on deck! (neighbor situation)

Posted by Jacques-Jean Tiziou (Creator)

Beautiful ones, it's been a while.

Everyone is still photogenic, but not everyone has the same opportunities, and not everyone gets treated the same. 

My dear beautiful elder neighbor Mr Al (~81yrs old), who's lived on my block in the same apartment building for ~50 years, has just been told that he has until Nov 30 to move out because his building must be sold. (Nevermind that he thinks that his lease is good till Dec 31st)

The building is coincidentally (or not) the only building on our block that houses primarily lower income people of color. The activity around the potential sale has felt pretty shady over the last few weeks, and I recently found the listing which feels violent and predatory:

"All but two of the units are on month-to-month leases allowing the new buyer to vacate the units immediately after settlement or turn them over periodically."

This is capitalism at its worst. Investors caring only about financial return rather than social impact. And it's not just Mr. Al that it will hurt (he might have moved anyways as aging alone becomes more difficult... but not on such notice w/o options) – it's all of our neighbors in the building, and the rest of our block. 

The building definitely needs investment and attention, but this could be done in a gradual, thoughtful way, with incremental repairs, and allowing current residents to remain as long as they want while vacant units get fancied up and move-in market rate tenants. But God forbid that people of different socioeconomic statuses should share space together... 

This breaks my heart. 

I am looking for:

a) someone with a big pile of wealth (I know you're out there in my network somewhere) who would be interested in buying the building & either doing responsible compassionate development with it (longer, harder, costs more but worth it for our world) – or gifting it to a nonprofit housing agency / land trust that could administer it in a similarly compassionate way. 

b) neighbors who want to support the residents in whatever way they want to be supported. That might mean fighting to keep them in the building, or that might mean looking out for them & supporting them in transition to new homes. 

c) support for my own organizing and advocacy as block captain. I'm not sure yet but I'm thinking that Thanksgiving might be a good time for a hunger fast in support of our neighbors. One thing for sure is if this goes down the way the current realtor & developer want, it won't go down unnoticed. We were already organizing a block meeting for Nov 18, but now that the timeline's accelerated, I'm looking to see if we can do something else sooner. We may need press contacts, we may need fundraising, and we might need a flurry of phone calls / social media attention etc. 

I want to keep my own desire to rush into this in check somewhat and defer to the desires of the residents, so I'll keep you posted. 

On one hand, there are some things that are inevitable. On the another hand, when our most vulnerable neighbors are being threatened, it is not the time to be complacent. 

If you have resources to share and/or would be interested in updates about this situation specifically, please drop me a line at 

Thank you, 

Saturday: exhibit opening in Philly for The Image of Yoga

Posted by Jacques-Jean Tiziou (Creator)
The Image of Yoga – exhibit opens Saturday!
The Image of Yoga – exhibit opens Saturday!


Hi beautiful ones,

Just a quick note for those of you who aren't on my email list (or in case those emails are now getting filtered as I just switched to a new mailing list provider.)

You're invited:

Exhibit opening for The Image of Yoga – an installation at Studio 34 in West Philly. 

This Saturday Dec 2, 6-8pm @ 4522 Baltimore Ave [RSVP now!]

The opening reception will feature a set of music by Snagwing at 7pm, along with my trademark giant pot of lentil soup. 

The print installation will also be accompanied by projections which will only be live for the opening (and for the closing reception / special shindig on Feb 10 – save the date!)

The installation at Studio 34 will feature a 35-foot wide panoramic installation of 319 photographic prints representing every person who's participated in the project so far.  Find out more about the project on my new website!
The installation at Studio 34 will feature a 35-foot wide panoramic installation of 319 photographic prints representing every person who's participated in the project so far. Find out more about the project on my new website!

The installation will be up through February and visible anytime that Studio 34 is open. Please share the info with anyone who'd enjoy checking it out. Free hot tea is always available at the studio to enjoy while you check out the prints. :)

A few other invites for you:

Dec 2exhibit opening at Studio 34
Dec 7holiday party / craft sale at The Cedar Works
Jan 26house concert on Osage
Feb 10exhibit closing / bday shindig / perimeter-walk send-off

Also, since you signed up to back my 'Everyone is Photogenic' campaign, you might like to hear how my residency at NMAJH turned out or see the results from my latest community portrait session.

One last ask:

When this kickstarter campaign failed to hit it's threshold, I missed out on the financial support of 870 backers (nearly $40k!). 

A small handful (about 30 right now) have joined on as ongoing backers (thank you – that helps support things like that community portrait session and this yoga exhibit!) – but I'm going to have to build that pool of ongoing support in order to be able to continue this work. If you haven't yet become an ongoing backer or would like to make a year-end contribution, you can do that here and I'd welcome it gratefully.


Whoever you are and wherever you find yourself when reading this, I'm grateful for you in the world. Be well. 


Quick invites for this weekend at the studio:

Posted by Jacques-Jean Tiziou (Creator)
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