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$3,671 pledged of $15,000 goal
$3,671 pledged of $15,000 goal

Recent updates


Hi all,

We just wanted to remind everyone that our new campaign is ending in a week. Most have you already backed us, but some haven't taken advantage of the extra goodies and the revamped project. We have added a bunch of new rewards, and we have doubled the serving size per box. We don't want any of you to miss out! Check out the new Jiva page to see all the new rewards.

Don't forget you guys get the extra box or boxes (depending on your pledge) because you are our original backers. You all will also automatically receive the Jute bags that people that pledge $50 or more are getting! It is the least we can do.

Our new campaign has been phenomenal! Its like night and day compared to our first try. Actually, we already raised the $15,000 wanted for our first goal! Thanks to you all we were able to get to the front page immediately which gave us the exposure we needed to be successful. We are truly grateful to you all for the help in giving Jiva a chance to grow.

New Campaign:http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jivacubes/jiva-coffee-cubes

We are Back!

Hello everyone!

We just wanted to let everyone know that we were approved to launch our project again. The campaign just went live. See link below:


We are trying a different approach, suggested by an amazing backer of ours who had a great [successful] project. We are going for a really low goal to help us front and center on the food page. The earlier we get pushed up the better our chances of achieving not only this goal but some of our earlier plans that are now sidelined.

We also incorporated a few different pledge gifts suggested by another amazing backer with a great idea. A sample size pledge gift was added, even though we had to charge $5 because of shipping [which we had reservations about doing.] And our Coffee Lovers Signature basket which includes our ceramic mug, warmer, and traveler mug plus gourmet cookies and our cubes.

Reminder: Check out update three. You guys get extra boxes this time around. We appreciate everyone's support even if you don't join this second project but come on, who doesn't like free! :)


Natalia & Allen

P.S. We really want to thank all of you with great suggestions, we welcome any more you can think of. Wish us luck!

The Final Hours

Hello All,

As the final hours count down we wanted to give a mini-outlook for Jiva Cubes and a final push for the extra box bonus for first campaign backers. 

As you've heard, we will be reposting Jiva again shortly. We're almost done reshooting our video and restructuring our project. In addition to that we will be changing our goal amount, reshooting pictures of the cubes/boxes and maybe make a few adjustments to our pledge rewards.

For Potential New Backers;

- Pledging during this campaign still gets backers extra boxes in the next campaign  so repost on your twitter, facebook, tumblr or pintrest so that your family and friends can take advantage of this opportunity.

- We learned strategy is KEY on Kickstarter. Because Jiva is so new it was hard for us to get an initial boost but now we have a great group (you guys) to improve upon. So, for our next campaign pledging early will help our project's visibility, thus increasing our chances for success. We will be sending out a message to backers in this campaign when our new project is up. 

We appreciate all of the support this first time around! Thanks a lot and we hope to see you on our next backer list!

- Natalia & Allen


We forgot to mention that if you guys know any coffee lovers that may be interested, that you should tell them to pledge before time is up. This way they can take advantage of the special rewards that we are offering to our original backers! If they are planning on getting some coffee, then they should get the most out of their pledges.

We've already planned out our new video for the next campaign. Natalia even drew up a storyboard:

Where do we go from here?


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