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Colombian coffee cubes & Hot Chocolate cubes sweetened with raw cane sugar. Raw/Chemical Free/Vegan/Kosher/Non-GMO
Colombian coffee cubes & Hot Chocolate cubes sweetened with raw cane sugar. Raw/Chemical Free/Vegan/Kosher/Non-GMO
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Happy Coffee Day!! (International Backers)

Posted by Natalia & Allen @ Jiva Cubes (Creator)

We decided that we should also do something for those of you who are overseas on Coffee Day. So we created a 20% discount code that will be active for the next week (it will be become inactive after Oct.6). The code is


You cannot stack this discount with the original Kickstarter discount, but don't worry the KS one will be active forever just like our gratitude for you all :)  (if its not contact us and we'll honor it).

Happy Coffee Day!


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    1. Missing avatar

      T Tahere on

      hi just a couple of things i noticed with my french vanilla that there wasn't much vanilla flavour or scent also had same problems with cube dissolution as with the hot chocolate no matter as i broke them up but over the last couple weeks have realised that they loosened up and became soft as i had them sitting on the bench and we had a couple days when the room temp hit 28 degrees celsius ironically thought tese would be my favorite but actually prefer the mocha and the original. Thanks am going to try and use them in iced coffee now its getting a bit hot here. Sydney , Australia

    2. Natalia & Allen @ Jiva Cubes 4-time creator on

      @Chelle- Shipping for international orders is $4.99 per box. Each box is 1/2 lb and it cost us about $10 per lb shipped internationally. It used to cost a lot more on our website, but we are constantly trying to drive the price down for shipping. We want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to order from our website.

      You can always go through the motions of making an order. In the cart it will calculate shipping for you when specify your country. Just don't complete the order unless you are ready.

      @Tim- Glad to hear you are enjoying the coffee! The 20% is an additional discount because it's Coffee Day. So if you've used your original code, now you have this one or if you never used the original then you can use the new one now and the old one later (since it never expires).

      The discount code is less than the 30% because it is available for anyone located overseas to use, not just Kickstarter backers. So it didn't make sense for the discount to be equal or more than the KS code since you guys did so much too support us and put up with all our delays.

      Feel free to share the code with anyone you know not living in the US, but remember its only valid until Oct. 6

      I hope that helps!

    3. Tim Parker-Smith

      A really nice touch but I'm not quite sure how offering a 20% discount is offering more than the original 30% Kickstarter one??

      I love the product and have already purchased three more boxes. The 30% discount basically allowed me to achieve free postage to the UK, where my friends and I are lovin' it.

    4. Chelle S on

      This is a lovely thought for us international customers and much appreciated :) Though I was wondering if there was some easy place on your site to check how much shipping is to our country before placing an order? If not, it would be really helpful if you could add that somewhere, perhaps in an FAQ or something similar. It's the one thing that has me wavering on ordering more!

      Thanks again! /goes back to sipping delicious mocha coffee