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Colombian coffee cubes & Hot Chocolate cubes sweetened with raw cane sugar. Raw/Chemical Free/Vegan/Kosher/Non-GMO
Colombian coffee cubes & Hot Chocolate cubes sweetened with raw cane sugar. Raw/Chemical Free/Vegan/Kosher/Non-GMO
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New Coffee Cubes Launch - New Formula, Now Made in USA, Discount + more

Posted by Natalia & Allen @ Jiva Cubes (Creator)

Hi Everyone!

  We are happy to present our new coffee cubes to you!

     We’ve been out of stock for the last six months because we recently moved all of our manufacturing from Colombia into the United States. The transition was much harder and took much longer than expected, but the end result was well worth it. This move allows for tighter quality control, greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to restock, and the cubes themselves taste much better!
We sincerely appreciate all of your patience with us during this large move. I think many of you will be very impressed with the new cubes. We could not have done it without your support!


       Here are some changes/improvements:

 Serving Size Doubled - Previously a box of 24 cubes contained 12 servings, but now each box contains 24 servings. You will likely only need 1 cube for an 8-10 oz. cup. Each cup will have a stronger and richer coffee taste than the previous cubes. We managed to do this without raising the price so you will now receive twice as many cups of coffee per box!
Black Cubes – The Black Cubes and the Classic Cubes now have similar strength per cube. We used to offer 12 Black for $15, but now they will be 24 for $15. There is still a teaspoon of panela in each cube, but we now use a non-sweet variety for the Black. In terms of taste, the new Black Cubes are the closest in taste we’ve gotten to a black cup of coffee.
Strong Cubes Removed – Because the Classic Cubes have been made stronger, the Strong cubes have been removed from our line for now. If you enjoyed the Strong Cubes before, we think you’ll really enjoy our new Classic Cubes.


Use the discount code ‘NewJiva’ for 10% off on your next order.


                     Click here to visit our Site!

- Natalia & Allen

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    1. Natalia & Allen @ Jiva Cubes 4-time creator on

      Corgi - Don't worry. Send me an email at and I'll take care of you.

      - Allen

    2. Natalia & Allen @ Jiva Cubes 4-time creator on

      Thanks Domenico! We already shipped out your order a few days ago (we actually shipped all the orders). I reached out to the distributor in Canada and he has the cubes listed on his website here:

      It’s also available on here:…

      Hopefully, those options help make the cubes more affordable to all of you in Canada. If they do, spread the word so he can expand up there.


    3. Corgi on

      Aw drat, the coupon's expired! That's what I get for not being prompt in checking my Kickstarter more often.

    4. Missing avatar

      Domenico Commisso

      (I meant Black Cubes, not Strong...haha It was late and I was tired.)
      Thanks so much for everything! Put my order through just now!
      Hope you get all the resources and partnerships you need to share your amazing coffee cubes with even more people!

    5. Natalia & Allen @ Jiva Cubes 4-time creator on

      No problem. I agree cheaper, faster shipping would be amazing. Shipping a few boxes to Alaska or Hawaii only cost about $1 more than shipping to New York. However, if I’m sending them to Vancouver its double or triple the price. Setting up a distributor should alleviate some of the issues, but that will take a few weeks/months likely.

      We lowered the shipping flat fee to Canadian addresses to $12. Hopefully, that will make it a bit easier on you guys in the meantime.

      We currently have all the flavors in stock so you don’t have to wait on any of the cubes. I’m going to update the website now, thanks for pointing that out. Keep in mind, the Strong Cubes are discontinued. They have been replaced by the new version of the Classic Cubes.

      Let us know what you think about the cubes. We hope you like them!


    6. Missing avatar

      Domenico Commisso

      Thanks so much for the reply and explanation!
      Its unfortunate that postal companies can't seem to figure out a sustainable business model (there's postal strikes, exorbitant shipping fees, some slow delivery systems, and a very slow customs process for things crossing the border)...but that's not on you, lol, so I'll stop my rant there.

      If you do find a Canadian distributor I would be ecstatic! Best of luck with finding more outlets to share your coffee through!

      Regarding making an order online: Hazelnut and French Vanilla state they are "Available on backorder", with the product pages showing an expected ship date of 02/27/2017 (which was a couple of days ago).
      Should I wait for them to be in stock before I order (to prevent the cubes being shipped separately from, say, a box of Strong cubes [which are in stock])?

    7. Natalia & Allen @ Jiva Cubes 4-time creator on

      Tara - Glad to know you enjoy using the cubes! Let us know how these new cubes compare. I don't think I've had one person tell me that they prefer the previous cubes.

      Domenico & Thomas - I'm really sorry about that! You're absolutely right that I messed that up. I should've put domestic only because we can't afford to offer free shipping for international. Unfortunately, it is very expensive and its recently gotten worse.

      If I want to send anything (under 8 oz) it costs us $13. Shipping one box weighs more than that so we get charged $22. So what decided to do is charge a $20 flat fee for international shipping to cover the initial shipping cost, and as you order subsequent boxes and the price increases it makes it easier for us to justify covering some of the shipping costs. Please keep in mind, the way we charge for shipping is the best way we can make it cheaper for international customers in light of the current circumstances.

      Recently one person spent close to $200 including the $20 shipping. Shipping costs us about $80. But as you said, you need to make a larger order to justify the extra cost. Unfortunately, that is the nature of international transit currently. Some people ship to a border state or use a shipping consolidator.

      Domenico, shipping is a bit cheaper to Canada (closer to $15). I think I'm going to lower the flat rate for Canada closer to $13-15. Hopefully that makes it a bit better. I know the CAD is bad right now, I really feel for you guys. We're working with a Canadian distributor so maybe you'll be able to buy them locally soon. We're aiming to keep the price as low as possible for our Canadian customers.

      I hope that helps. You can message me what you wanted to order, and I can see if I can work with you on the pricing. Please don't feel obligated to buy cubes if they are too expensive. You supported us at the very beginning, we wouldn't be here without you. That's not an exaggeration. You've done more than enough.

      Let me know if you have any questions.


    8. Thomas Aigner on

      Yeah, damn shipping costs -.- (Europe) I would have to order an immense amount to justify that ...
      But I still love your cubes!

    9. Missing avatar

      Domenico Commisso

      Its too bad that shipping to Canada costs more than the actual product...
      Assorted Sample Pack: $17.99 (great price for 24 cups of coffee! And the non-assorted packs are even cheaper!)
      Shipping: $19.99 (ouch!)
      Total: $37.98 (not as affordable...especially when you factor in the exchange rate from USD to CAD...)
      The coupon code would save me $1.80, but international shipping isn't covered by the free shipping it seems. [The email I got said "10% off and Free Shipping on all orders." at the top, but didn't mention it again anywhere in the email so maybe it was a mistake? Though when I apply the coupon it does say "Coupon: newjiva -$1.80, Free shipping coupon"...]

      I know about the recent postal service price hike, and that shipping prices are out of your control, but it makes me sad to not be able to justify helping your great company grow.

    10. Tara Martin Dale on

      Loved all of my cubes I received from the Kickstarter-took them camping, travelling and to work. Great to hear about the improvements! Will be placing an order for my favorite ones. Thank you for the discount code!