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Colombian coffee cubes & Hot Chocolate cubes sweetened with raw cane sugar. Raw/Chemical Free/Vegan/Kosher/Non-GMO
Colombian coffee cubes & Hot Chocolate cubes sweetened with raw cane sugar. Raw/Chemical Free/Vegan/Kosher/Non-GMO
Colombian coffee cubes & Hot Chocolate cubes sweetened with raw cane sugar. Raw/Chemical Free/Vegan/Kosher/Non-GMO
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    1. Natalia & Allen @ Jiva Cubes 4-time creator on

      @Darwin - Thanks! You guys helped us get there!

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      Darwin Engwer on

      Congratulations on making the front cover of the Wall Street Journal's special report on Crowdfunding (published in today's paper Monday 2014-02-03)!!

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      Cherrona on

      @Martin Anderson, I'm also disappointed. None of the cubes break up completely no matter what I do (I've followed the instructions and tried my own thing, and still no luck), instead instead I'm left with horrible little chunks all over the place, and everything just tastes weird because of the sugar. Apparently the hot chocolate isn't like the normal stuff most people are used to (as I recall reading somewhere around here...), but if I had known that I wouldn't have got as many as I did (would have been nice to have been told this sooner). Overall everything is really disappointing, and I've put the cubes away in the back of a cupboard and forgot about them.

    4. Martin Andersen on

      My two cents...

      Classic: sugar overpowers the veak Coffie taste.
      Hot Chocolate: again the sugar overpowers the veak Chocolate taste.

      I am sorry to say, that i am rather dissapointed with the end product.

    5. Areej Alqowaifly on

      Still nothing received yet..

    6. Janardan Nathan on

      I just wanna feedback that the taste and quality of the the hot chocolate cubes (original and caramel) does not live up to the high standards of the Jiva Coffee cubes :(
      The hot chocolate cubes are really bad when served hot.
      The only appetizing way I found was to throw the cubes into a blender with ice+milk and make a choco ice blend.

      The French Vanilla are my favorite!! My whole office gets to smell my wonderful coffee and feel jealous :P hahaha

    7. Nikki on

      Really enjoying the French Vanilla - I use two cubes and make it as a milky coffee.
      Really enjoying the Caramel Coffee - I use two cubes and make it as a milky coffee.
      Did not like the Caramel Hot Chocolate, at all, and I really wanted to, so much. We tried to get it completely melted, unfortunately there were still floaty bits. Unsure what to make of the taste really, I may try another cup.
      Haven't tried the regular hot chocolate yet, hoping this will be good.
      Wold definitely order the French Vanilla and Caramel coffees again at this point. :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Alexander on

      Got it today, Russia.

    9. Missing avatar

      Bill Pellowe on

      I received mine today in Japan

    10. Roxane Tourigny on

      I've tried one French Vanila and one Hazelnut cube and I enjoy them a lot. I wasn't a fan of instant coffee and but this is so good and much more enjoyable. If you could use guar gum instead of sugar, that'll be a homerun as I take my coffee black.

      My boyfriend tried the hot chocolate and he loves it. When we'll be through our supplies, I'll order some more that's for sure.

    11. Gmotw on

      Love the cubes. I don't find them too small and never had to use two.. Actually, we had the opposite problem the first time: we used expresso cup and it was too strong. Tea cups have the perfect dimension.

      The hot chocolate is really great.

      And thanks for the great drawings. I gave half as a gift with really cute expresso cups and it was greatly appreciated.
      (You might want to stick to coffee though. :) )

    12. Nhonami on

      Maybe it is because I am an oddball, but so far, I really don't care for the hot chocolate (either flavor). It smells funny and tastes odd. I have a feeling my co-workers will probably be drinking more of it than I will be.

    13. Mikhail M. Kolosov on

      Just got my reward this morning, thanks!

    14. Missing avatar

      Watson Tongpan on

      I've not got mine.
      Should I wait ?
      If you gonna send it again then I want to change the address. Thanks.

    15. edward taub on

      thanks for the coffee and a lovely hand written note. I have to say I was unfortunaetely a bit dissapointed with the end product.
      The cubes take some time to dissolve and although the coffee does taste good I couldnt really tell it apart from instant coffee. I like my coffee with flavours so I went with the flavour range and I honestly couldnt really tell them apart. They all tasted pretty much the same.Its a great idea and I wish you all the best for the future but I probably wouldnt buy them again.

    16. Natalia & Allen @ Jiva Cubes 4-time creator on


      I apologize about not answering your message, I didn't see that you had replied. We just sent you a message (better late than never). I'm really glad they finally arrived and that you are enjoying them! Don't forget you have a coupon for a 30% discount.

      Thank you!

    17. Missing avatar

      Vasily Kruzhilin on

      Hello again
      Was bit dissapointed that you ignored a message I send to you about order status. But received the cubes today in Russia, tasted the classical one and found it very nice. Think, I'll love the strong one.
      Thank you a lot for great idea and good realization, will certainly buy more cubes :)

    18. Natalia & Allen @ Jiva Cubes 4-time creator on

      Hi Alok! We are sorry for the disappointment. In your survey you made it sound like you didn't like coffee and only asked for caramel coffee. I know that sounds confusing, it was to us too. We figured you wanted it for someone else. Anyhow, we can definitely fix that by sending you an assortment pouch. Let us know if you want it sent to your office again or home ( so they survive long enough for you to enjoy ;] ).

    19. ALOK CHAUBEY on


    20. ALOK CHAUBEY on


    21. Missing avatar

      gian on

      What a great product, and each cube tasted better than the next, but all rich in flavor. I am really excited about this products future and am proud to say that you have a loyal customer for years to come.
      Great job Natalia & Allen!


    22. JC on

      Cubes are great. I need a super strong espresso one though. For now ill continue putting two in half a cup of water. Tastes great.

    23. Jaime van Kessel on

      I've not received my cubes yet. Could you send me the tracking number?

    24. Missing avatar

      David Großmann on

      I received my cubes and they are tasty!!!!!!! thanks a lot.

    25. Natalia & Allen @ Jiva Cubes 4-time creator on

      @Vasily- I just sent you a message.

      @Krisa- Thanks for the detailed review! The website is not configured to the post office correctly for international shipping (although we made it closer). If you think you are being overcharged for shipping please contact us and we will correct it immediately or refund the difference.

    26. Missing avatar

      Vasily Kruzhilin on

      For some unfortunate cause I still have not received my cubes. Could you, please, somehow help me (for example, maybe you could tell me the tracking number)?

      Vasily K.

    27. Armin Talić on

      Received my cubes a few weeks ago... they're a little sweeter than I'd usually like, but I'm getting used to drinking my coffee slower and enjoying the flavour more. I'll probably re-order another batch when I run out.

    28. krisa on

      So, after trying all the cubes I can write a short review:
      -Caramel was surprisingly good although I don't like caramel so I can't objectively say anything more
      -Hot chocolate is nothing special, hard to melt like others have noted
      -classic is very good, no further comment
      -mocha is my favorite, melts the best, the taste is superior, really full of flavour
      -french vanilla is a bit of dissapointment, it tastes a bit bland, too sweet, hard to melt
      -hazelnut tastes warm and nice, a nice autumn-y taste

      I would say ALL the flavours are definitely TOO SWEET for my taste as I sometimes enjoy the bitterness of coffee and prefer to add my own dose of sugar (if I need to). Otherwise I'd say they're good overall and I got what I expected.

      The packacing is nice (for the individual cubes and the box) and I love the little pouch!

      I might order again (and use my discount if nothing else), the thing that bothers me is the expensive shipping on the official page...

      Keep up the good work!

    29. Rithrade

      Just picked them up from the post. Malaysia

    30. Mauricio Liu Chou on

      I still haven't received mu cubes :(

    31. Missing avatar

      Vincent Beaurain on

      Great!!! I ve receaved my cubes and it tasts so good. ( germany)

    32. Natalia & Allen @ Jiva Cubes 4-time creator on

      @Lynn- We are really sorry about that! I just sent you a message and a tracking number.

    33. Lynn Abate-Johnson on

      Just sent you a message through your site, but not sure if you will receive it, or even if you are real people with a real product.
      My message is this: I pledged and paid $35 on 27 February, 2013; it is now 22 August, 2013, and still no product, and i live in the U.S. (California), so I am beginning to wonder if this is valid or a scam.

      Please get the product to me, ASAP, and then I'll be able to legitimately promote you via my profession, which is Social Media Marketing Specialist.

    34. Natalia & Allen @ Jiva Cubes 4-time creator on

      If you haven't received you package yet. I would wait until sometime next week before I worry since people are still receiving them. Has anyone in the Middle East received their cubes yet? I haven't heard anything from anybody in that region. It seems like those are taking longer for whatever reason.

    35. Natalia & Allen @ Jiva Cubes 4-time creator on

      Thanks everyone! We are glad to hear many of you international backers enjoying the cubes.

      @Rudolph- We are truly sorry about that! I'm really not sure how that happened since the international packages were all batch printed so the customs forms should all have read "gift". However, mistakes are always possible and we apologize if the issue was on our end.

    36. RMP on

      In Norway, purchases above $33 and gifts above $90 are taxed. Had the parcel been declared as gift, this would not have been a problem. We are taxed 25% over the value of the parcel plus a handling fee of around $25.

    37. RMP on

      The parcel I received was not marked as a gift. It was marked as merchandise.

    38. Missing avatar

      Aswin on

      Received the item in Singapore. Haven't tried them yet. Can't wait :)
      Thanks guys.

    39. Andreas Teufel on

      got them in austria today! i love the bag, did not try them yet but i am sure they´re wonderful :)

    40. Lars-Sören Steck on

      They arrived today here in Germany. Haven't tried them yet, but will report back soon. :-)

    41. Hisako on

      I finally received the cubes few days ago in Tokyo. I love the strong classic. The hot days are still going on in Japan, so making and drinking iced milk coffee with the cubes are so fantastic! Arigatou = Thanks Jiva-Cubes! d(>_< )Good!!

    42. Mark Øland Lüneborg Lajer on

      Weee just got my cubes. And already tasted French Vanilla and Hazzelnut.. best coffee ever tasted.

      Unfortunately, the Danish postal company Post Denmark destroyed one coffee packages and several cubes because they had to look inside them... But thats not your fault :) please send with UPS or DHL to Denmark in future.

      You will get orders from me soon :)

      Best Regards

    43. Rithrade

      Nope. No cuibes. Malaysia.

    44. ALOK CHAUBEY on


    45. Richard Lee on

      Received the cubes at the end of last week in England. I don't drink coffee but I backed these as a gift for my wife. She had the French Vanilla this morning, liked the sweetness but will probably go for two cubes in a standard size mug. We will be checking out the website for future orders, thanks guys.

    46. Himpo on

      Received, said Gift on the package and value was under 22€ so it was doublesafe for me and the mailman even tried to deliver it on my door but alas, no one was home ;)
      Tasted the Caramen Cofee, and I must say that I almost never drink cofee, and when I do I add lot of sugar and milk and I still dont like it all that much... But I DID LIKE what you sent me and drink it with out adding anything to it, it was sweet, thank you.
      Then I tried the Hot Chocolate and it tasted like shit, sorry ;) but then I realised my mistake and added another cube and the taste was alot better, I think that for the size of mug I'm using I need to put in three cubes for best result.
      Thank you, you delivered, and this was my first kickstarted stuff that I got.

    47. Blake Sabin on

      Got mine in the uk yesterday, v.impressed so far. Any news on sugar free ones yet as I don't usually take sugar in my coffee?

    48. Natalia & Allen @ Jiva Cubes 4-time creator on

      @Rudolf- I am sorry to hear that you were charged so much for customs, but we marked all the packages as gifts (which they are for supporting us). We imported the list from Kickstarter and the value was what you pledged (we are using a new program and we can't alter the values). We tried to do all we could do to ease the burden of customs. One backer's package was valued at $25 and she was still charged $35 on top of that for customs. Others mentioned that customs didn't bother them at all.

      There is really nothing we can do about it. If your government/customs decides to charge you 100% or more of the value of a gift, then I'm not sure what we can do it about it. To us, it seems like you both were grossly overcharged (or maybe there was even a mistake on customs part). Once again we are sorry that this happened to you, but please understand we did what we could do on our end.

      I hope you enjoy the coffee despite the negative experience at customs.

      If anyone else has issues with customs in their country, remind them that it is a gift so they don't tax you so heavily.

    49. Antoine Michard on

      I've receive the cubes on Monday (France) and try it all. Very good taste. I like vanilla and caramel. Thks and see you soon :D

    50. RMP on

      Really guys? I backed you with $35 dollars and you declared it as a purchase of $44? This was not a purchase. It was a support! Have you heard of the concept of we scratch your back, you scratch ours? I just paid over $30 in customs.

      This is going to be one bitter coffee.

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