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Hand-Crafted instant Coffee (Colombian Arabica beans) & raw, unrefined Cane sugar in a CUBE. Hot or Cold, its Coffee on the go! Read more

Miami, FL Food
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This project was successfully funded on June 2, 2012.

Hand-Crafted instant Coffee (Colombian Arabica beans) & raw, unrefined Cane sugar in a CUBE. Hot or Cold, its Coffee on the go!

Miami, FL Food
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About this project


+$15- One box of our experimental Mocha flavor coffee cubes

 +$20- One 1 lb. bag of Don Marco's organic coffee beans (ground or whole). Shipping included, even for international backers. 

***Gifts: Everyone over $50 spent gets a free Jiva Cubes Jute shopping bag!***


Update #6: New Reward!

Last surprise... here we go!

Backers will be able to try coffee beans from an amazing single-estate, family owned organic coffee farm that we are in talks with for Jiva's organic coffee cubes. Help us decide if they should make the cut!!

The brand, Don Marcos, is named after the family patriarch, which is committed to community betterment by employing more mothers that are head-of household and supporting reinvestment by helping children of farmers go to school. His organic coffee beans are certified Fair-Trade, Rainforest Alliance, BCS Oko Garantie, ECO-Cert, USDA Organic , and UTZ "Good Inside". The farm is also apart of the Kachalu Coffee Growers Association, a group of 14 families that are committed to producing a high quality coffee while preserving traceability and social responsibility. 

Get a 1 lb bag of coffee beans (whole or ground) by adding $20 to your pledge! Shipping is included - for international backers too.  (new message code word= organic) [:

Update 4: Goal 3 Reached! New Goal!

Since we achieved goal #3 we have to unlock goal #4, which will be $20,000!!!

We know. We know. We are getting a little bold, but we want to give our website ( a little makeover. We created it ourselves, but we are no programmers (we majored in Philosophy). It needs a cleaner look, and needs to be much easier to use. And we can't forget about MORE BOXES.

But we come with gifts.

New Pledge Rewards

Let there be MOCHA!

1) $10 Reward-  4 regular Jiva Cubes + 4 Mocha Jiva Cubes Sample pack.

2) Add $15 to ANY pledge and get a box of Mocha! Message use the word "Mocha" so we know what the increase in the pledge is for.

3) Distributor Package- $4,000 Reward- 500 boxes of Jiva. For those of who want to distribute our coffee or those of you that just drink that much coffee.

New gift

If you pledged over $50, then you will now also be receiving a FREE jute tote bag. These are beautiful, organic and biodegradable. Yay!! If you want to read more about how awesome jute is see this website.

We still have a few more surprises, but we have to hit our new goal!

Thanks so much everyone!

Update #2: Goal #2 Reached!

A little bit of an update. We reached goal #2!!!! 

NEW GOAL-$10,000.

Now, we're really nervous with this one but, we set the goal a little high so we don't have to bombard you with updates. Making this goal means Jiva Cubes will reach A LOT OF PEOPLE.

The extra funding will go to:

- MORE BOXES & sample cubes for promotional purposes

- Shipping & Storage

- Some will go to marketing, and paying costs to attend trade shows.


There is a new pledge gift ($150)! We added a larger version of the gift basket that includes more boxes and our branded his and her mug sets. Check it out!

Update #1: We reached our goal in less than 24 HOURS!!

Thank you so much for all of your support. We really can't wait to start getting these boxes out. All this excitement is making the 30 days feel like forever now! But we will now be working towards a higher goal, hopefully moving towards getting Jiva into the hands of the media, and on shelves locally. 

Our $1,000 goal was just a warm-up! Our next goal is $3,000. This will allow us to FULLY fund this shipment into the U.S. including paying for duties and taxes. This is amazing because we can focus our funds on local farmers markets and sprucing up our website.

So we would really appreciate if you all continue spreading the word via your Facebook, Twitter Tumblr and more. Spreading the word really does work! The more people to pledge to Jiva the more people people that will try our coffee!



Jiva Coffee Cubes focuses on delicious Colombian coffee and spreading the use of Panela, unrefined cane sugar! We know making a good cup of coffee can be time-consuming, and most instant coffees, if not all, are just terrible. Jiva Cubes tries to blend the taste of a good cup of coffee with the ease of making a cup of instant coffee.

*** Each box comes with 24 cubes ***

*** We ship internationally!! Email us your country and we will quickly forward you the extra shipping fee. Domestic shipping is included in all of the pledge gifts. ***

 What makes Jiva special?

◘ Jiva Coffee consists of Supremo Beans. Although instant coffees are usually made of the lowest quality coffee bean (because it is just going to be pulverized anyway right?), we decided to use the highest quality beans that Colombia can offer.

◘ We have a direct connection to the farms where the coffee and Panela is grown.

◘ Our Jiva Cubes contain NO chemical additives, preservatives, GMO’s, colorants or artificial flavorants

 ◘ Our coffee beans are hand-picked from the famous Santander growing region in Colombia.

◘ Our sweetener, Panela, is minimally processed, chemical-free and is never bleached. It is gently heated and cleansed naturally, in order to retain nutrients.

◘ Our instant coffee is produced by a freeze-drying process, not spraying. The freeze-drying method is a bit more costly and it requires more time and expertise to execute, but it is well worth the higher quality coffee taste. Spray methods are economical and quick, but it also leaves chemical residue affecting the coffee’s taste.

◘ Jiva Coffee Cubes are always made of 100% Colombian coffee. We never mix or dilute our coffee with beans from other countries.

 Why are "100% Colombian Beans" special?

Colombian coffee is known around the world for producing higher-quality arabica beans which are non-acidic, with fruity, caramel tones and is intensely aromatic. This is due to;

◘ The altitude difference (the higher altitudes of the Colombian mountains promote cleaner tones without the bitter and unpleasant after tastes common to lower altitude coffee beans).

◘ The coffee being shade grown, which means banana trees grow over the coffee plants protecting them from the sun, diseases, and pests.

◘ Colombian coffee beans being handpicked to ensure that they are ONLY picked when they are ripe (red).

◘ Hand picking coffee beans also ensures that the beans are not exposed to any pollutants like diesel and metals from harvesting machines and processing.

◘ Colombian farms are small family-owned farms. This ensures diligence, fair practices, and helps support their local communities.

What is this Panela Stuff?

Jiva Coffee Cubes come sweetened so you have all of the ingredients for a cup of delicious coffee. Panela is not widely used in the U.S. but it is the sweetener of choice in many countries and it has a string of names to prove it.

It has a mild, caramel like flavor and is unbleached and unrefined (always produced with a 100% chemical-free process). The minimal heating and lack of chemicals allows Panela to maintain most of sugar cane's natural benefits. Panela contains 5 times more minerals than brown sugar and 50 times more than traditional white sugar! This is because the molasses (and the majority of nutrients) is NOT removed.

Sugar sensitivities are also becoming more prevalent in our societies because of overly processed, refined foods. In traditional white sugar sulfur dioxide, lime, phosphoric acid and a plethora of bleaching and viscosity reducing agents are present. Synthetic sweeteners are linked to a wide range of health issues.

Our Panela is always 100% chemical-free, it is never touched by any chemicals like viscosity reducer or bleach. Visit our website to read more about why Panela is so special.

How do you make a cup of coffee with Jiva?

Step 1: Warm-up glass of milk/water.

Step 2: Throw in 2 coffee cubes.

Step 3: Wait 30 seconds.

Step 4: Stir.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Pretty easy right?

*Cold drinks may require an extra cube to enjoy the same bold taste.

Where Will The Money Go?

The Kickstarter campaign is to help bring in our first big shipment into the US, which would be a BIG help and exactly what we need to launch successfully.

$1,000 will go to bring in a shipment

$5,000 will go toward bringing in a much bigger shipment, so we can send out samples to be reviewed by blogs and newspapers. We have several already waiting for shipment.

Anything over $5,000 will go to:

- More boxes, and help us develop our new Mocha flavor

- Attend a few local trade shows.

- Promotion and our website (we did most ourselves but we aren’t experts).

-Steps toward certifying our coffee cubes as USDA Organic.

For those new to Kickstarter!

First, we would like to thank you for your interest in our product. I mean come on you made it all the way down here!

Kickstarter is all or nothing, so if we are to get any of this help we need you to chip in to meet our pledge goal. If we don't make our goal you won't be charged.

--- Please donate early to increase our visibility on KickStarter. Thank you again, we are looking forward to hearing from you and making our way into your hearts and homes! ---

**** Note: You don't have to receive all of your pledge gift cubes at once.  Tell us when you want your cubes and we will automatically ship them out, at any increment, until your gift amount runs out.****


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    A Shoutout on the Kickstarter section of our website and our appreciation. Every dollar counts towards making our goal!

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    A Shoutout on the Kickstarter section of our website and a sample of Jiva Cubes. 2 Cubes, enough for a large cup of coffee. *Domestic shipping included.

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    Super Sample Pack - 4 regular Jiva Cubes + 4 Mocha Jiva Cubes Sample pack.

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    Our Signature Coffee Gift Basket. Includes; 3 boxes of regular coffee cubes, 1 box of our expiremental Mocha flavor, gourmet cookie assortment, a ceramic Jiva Cubes mug, mug warmer and a traveler mug. *Domestic shipping included.

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    8 boxes of Jiva Coffee Cubes and 2 boxes of our Experimental Mocha Flavor + our deepest gratitude.
    Help us decide whether Mocha should make the cut!
    *Domestic Shipping included.

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    Our large Signature Coffee Gift Basket. Includes; 8 boxes of regular coffee cubes, 2 boxes of our experimental Mocha flavor, gourmet cookie assortment, 2 ceramic Jiva Cubes mugs, 2 mug warmers and 2 traveler mugs. (His & Her mug option available) *Domestic shipping included.

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    1 year subscription to Jiva cubes (2 boxes of Coffee Cubes sent monthly) in your preferred flavor. An artisan, handcarved wooden box to store your Jiva Coffee Cubes and our signature Coffee Cube gift basket with your first shipment. BONUS: 1 box of ALL OF OUR NEW PRODUCTS (including flavor releases) whenever we bring them to market. Tell us what you think because you just officially became a part of our Jiva Team! + a massive shoutout on our website. *Domestic shipping included.

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    50 boxes of Jiva Cubes (shipped at your discretion) and YOU will actually choose our next flavor! We will send you samples of our top secret proposed flavored coffee cubes for your feedback. You decide which one you like best! Then, you get 10 boxes of that flavor when it is released! PLUS BONUS ABOVE!

    Also, our signature coffee gift basket and a beautiful handcarved wooden box to hold your Jiva Cubes + a massive shoutout on our website.

    *Domestic Shipping included.

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    Distributors Package - 500 boxes of Jiva Cubes. You can choose whichever flavor.

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