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Comedic Short: A once promising pop singer struggles to overcome her debilitating stage fright with the help of her two friends.
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Films from THE REEL DEAL: FILMS BY WOMEN, the 6pm screening on Feb 8


Jennifer Mulligan curated these amazing films to be part of The Reel Deal: Films by Women, the first of our screenings at 6pm on Saturday February 8th at OttawaU.  

Tickets are available as perks for pledges for the Kickstarter campaign for A Clean Slate.  $15 gets you in to both the Reel Deal and Treepot 6 screenings.  $25 gets you two tickets to both screenings.  

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The films:

Unburden co-written and executive produced by Tamara Rabil

Who's to blame when an accident happens?

Joy is haunted by the memory of a tragic accident she caused when her daughter Callie was an infant. Putting her to bed one night, Joy invents a story about a robin family whose chick falls from the nest. As she listens, Callie senses something darker playing out in her mother’s mind. Her persistent questions push Joy into dangerous territory as the story becomes a dramatic confession. But Callie’s surprising response reveals the power of forgiveness to heal the deepest wounds.

Based on a true story, Unburden explores the human need to own up to one’s actions, let go of the guilt and move on.

Unravel the award winning short by Meghna Gupta

Unravel follows the Western worlds least wanted clothes, on a journey across Northern India, from sea to industrial interior. They get sent to Panipat, a sleepy town and the only place in the world that wants them, recycling them back into yarn. Reshma is a bright, inquisitive woman working in a textile recycling factory in small time India, who dreams of travelling the vast distances the clothes she handles have. While Reshma shows us how these garments get transformed, she and other women workers reflect on these clothes. Despite limited exposure to western culture, they construct a picture of how the West is, using both their imagination and the rumours that travel with the cast-offs.

Hotline, the Lady Filmmakers Festival, Festival Director’s Award winner (Co-Director/Producer: Deva Blaisdell-Anderson; Co-Director Lee Miller) and Best Actress Award winner (Camryn Manheim)

A crisis hotline worker gets a call from someone whose life she's not sure she wants to save.

Past Their Prime from filmmaker Becca Friedman

A look at the world of geriatric zoo animal care at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, through Colo–the oldest living gorilla in captivity–on her 55th birthday celebration. Be it arthritis, heart disease or decaying dental health, animals and humans have a lot in common when faced with mortality and aging. 

Pearl Was Here from filmmaker Kate Marks

This film is not for kids who have spelling-bee trophies, sweet dreams, or homes that smell like supper. It’s for kids with food on their face; who hate their birthday because they never get what they want; who fear their mother’s boyfriend and hide in cabinets to make them feel safe.

These Four Walls from filmmaker Emily Ramsay

This is every day life, but it’s not ordinary. Sam sees, but she doesn’t speak. One day she does, and the walls fall in, changing her life forever.

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