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TOMBOLO creates made-in-the-USA adventure gear by upcycling billboard art. Live your passion wearing functional pop-fashion.

TOMBOLO creates made-in-the-USA adventure gear by upcycling billboard art. Live your passion wearing functional pop-fashion. Read More
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TOMBOLO's "paperfeet" are sandals upcycled from billboard advertisement art. Live your passion & wear functional pop-fashion. We need your help to fund the final design tweaks and begin manufacturing here in the USA.  

Today’s billboard ads are printed directly on UV-resistant, weather-proof flexible vinyl - a great material for adventure gear, but trouble for landfills. TOMBOLO upcycles the spent ads into a functional fashion statement for everyday adventure. Enough billboard material is thrown away every year that, if laid out, it would more than cover the state of Massachusetts. Combine the fad success of Crocs with the humanitarian initiatives of TOMS shoes and you're following our footsteps. 

Pop Art imitates the techniques of commercial media and popular culture. Andy Warhol took mundane products and popularized them as one-of-a-kind art. This project goes one step further: instead of soup cans and Hollywood heroes, we'll take today's actual billboards that would otherwise be thrown away and create one-of-a-kind eco-functional minimalist sandals that fit like a second skin. Barefoot running and back-to-basics primal wellness are all part a movement towards a more holistic understanding of the world. 

I want to share everything I've learned along the way, and introduce people to social entrepreneurship to extend my value for:

  • creativity & innovative reuse
  • conscious consumption
  • and that get-outside-and-live mindset of everyday adventure where creativity and consciousness intersect. 

TOMBOLO is a Michigan company that champions local, ethical labor right here in the USA. The "beta" version of paperfeet was launched last summer with pairs hand assembled. To reach real impact we need the funds to upgrade and scale manufacturing and to pay for professional design consulting that will improve the fit and finish of the soon-to-be retail-ready sandals. 

Help us take steps in the right direction by backing us today.  




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    Pledge $1 or more About $1.00 USD

    PICK-YOUR-PAY: Your commensurate contribution buys 1 PAIR of the world's thinnest flexible sandal: paperfeet. Our slim sole "skinny" rolls up or folds for pocketable protection when you need it most. These first edition pairs will be hand signed & numbered out of 500. Includes US Shipping.
    You will also receive an invite to our exclusive beach bonfire launch party.

    Limited 83 backers
  2. Select this reward

    Pledge $29 or more About $29 USD

    SINGLE PAIR PACK + BONUS: The "pick-your-price" reward option will sell out fast, so when the limited-issue 500 are gone, grab a pair here for $10 less than the retail price at launch. Includes US shipping, a stack of stickers, and a personal thank you note.

    7 backers
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    Pledge $69 or more About $69 USD

    THREESOME: Since every pair of paperfeet is completely unique, having an assortment of colors could be the way to go. Or share a pair with a friend! Buy one, give one for more fun. Three pairs shipped to any US destination.

    5 backers
  4. Select this reward

    Pledge $599 or more About $599 USD

    HANDS-ON ENTREPRENEURSHIP: I’ll do a “billboard drop & demo ” with your school, company, or organization. This interactive workshop and introduction to social entrepreneurship is a fun way to share the paperfeet story and my personal journey. We’ll take the 80-pound chunk of vinyl, unroll it, and do collaborative brainstorming before creating functional gear of our own. Organization is responsible for travel costs.

    0 backers
  5. Select this reward

    Pledge $1,459 or more About $1,459 USD

    YOUR BILLBOARD BLAST: we will create and print a full-size billboard to honor you and your company or organization. The ad will be displayed at the launch party, blogged about online, photographed, tweeted, facebooked and more. Have you heard of We'll give your company the same opportunity for innovative promotion and, if you wish, we can eventually turn your ad into our next set of shoes or other innovations.

    Limited 0 backers

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