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Do you sleep with your iPhone? Help us produce Swoop, the Mobile Plush for iPhone and iPod touch. Read more

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This project's funding goal was not reached on July 11, 2011.

Do you sleep with your iPhone? Help us produce Swoop, the Mobile Plush for iPhone and iPod touch.

About this project

Use Your iPhone in Bed?

Do you sleep with your iPhone or iPod touch? We do! And we found it difficult to keep track of our phones...they kept getting lost in the sheets. On top of that, we worried about them getting damaged. So we created Swoop the Owl, a mobile plush that holds your iPhone and iPod touch in his front pouch. You can use your phone through the clear plastic window in the pocket. And he's soft and cuddly to hold.

We originally designed Swoop for people who sleep with their iPhone. When we took our prototype to the local shopping mall and started showing him around, he was also a big hit with the teen and tween girls.

For any parents with younger children, Swoop is a great way to let your child use your iPhone or their iPod touch while keeping it protected. For travelers, it doubles as an excellent travel pillow that also holds your iPhone while you doze off.

Remember, your iPhone is not just a's also a lifestyle companion that keeps you connected to friends and family. We think he'd be a great gift for any iPhone fanatic you might have on your shopping list!

While we're starting with the simple goal of making a plush owl that holds an iPhone, we think that Swoop (and other plush characters like him) could have applications in e-learning. Imagine an iPhone app that teaches kids math or how to read with Swoop as their tutor.

Swoop was designed to work with the following devices: iPhone 4, iPhone 3, iPhone 3G, and iPod touch. He also works with some Android mobile devices and other touchscreen smartphones of similar size and shape. Pocket Dimensions: 3.25" wide by 5.5" tall. Window dimensions: 2.25" wide by 4" tall.

Web:   Twitter: @swoop_owl   Facebook: Swoop the Owl

Visit our Supporters Page (note: if you're a backer, tell us what color you want your tile to be.)

For the custom embroidery, we will stitch up to six letters on the top of the front pocket. Here is an example of what your Swoop will look like with some custom embroidering done:

Shipping Outside the U.S.

For orders in Canada and International (outside of the United States), there is an extra shipping charge required. Sorry about that. For any orders of Swoop, add $5 to the pledge amount for shipping to Canada and $12 to the pledge amount for shipping everywhere else.

So, if you pledge $25 for 1 Swoop, here is how to calculate the amount to contribute:

Canada: $25 + $5 = $30

International: $25 + $12 = $37

If you're ordering a Box of 10, here are the rates:

Canada: $150 + $12 = $162

International: $150 + $30 = $180

Note: Kickstarter does NOT add the shipping charges to Canada or Internationally by default, so when you pledge, you'll have to key in the total including your shipping on the pledge page. (Sorry about that.)

(U.S. Patent Pending)


  • All you need in order to pledge is an Amazon account!

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  • The money you pledge will go towards placing an order with the manufacturer, shipping & handling, packaging, and safety testing. The initial production order must be a minimum of at least 500 owls.

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  • They're almost at full volume, actually. We tested with our iPhone 4, and the amount of muffling is minimal. I still enjoy my music, and I'm still able to use the iPhone as my alarm clock.

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  • At the moment, no. We haven't worked this into the design. You could invert the device in the pocket and put the charge cord in the top, but he wasn't made to be a charging station.

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  • Yes. Yes, we are. :-)

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  • We'll embroider letters you specify (up to 6 letters) on the front of Swoop on the top of the pocket, just above the touch screen window. (See photo above.)

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  • The pocket is 3.25" wide by 5.5" tall. The clear plastic window is 2.25" wide by 4" tall.

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  • He's 12 inches high (to the tops of his ears) and 8 inches wide (at the bottom).

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    $1 reward

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    PAY WHAT YOU WANT - What is your own Swoop the Owl worth to you? Choose this reward and you will receive a Kickstarter edition Swoop the Owl, regardless of the amount you pledge, so long as the funding goal is reached. A fair retail price is probably around $25. The cost of shipping should be included in your pledge, pay whatever YOU think is fair. Shipping is worldwide.

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    $5 reward

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    Support Us (Owlet Pack) - You'll get a sticker reading, "I backed Swoop the Owl on!" + your name on as a contributor.

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    $25 reward

    30 backers

    Swoop For You (Owl Pack) - Get your very own Kickstarter edition Swoop the Owl once he's been created. You'll also get a sticker + your name as a contributor on our website. (Includes shipping within the USA.)

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    $45 reward

    8 backers

    Share With A Friend (Hooters Pack) - Get your own Swoop Owl plus one to share. You will be mailed two Swoop the Owl mobile plush toys as soon as they are manufactured + 2 stickers + your name listed as a contributor on our website + a notecard with our story to share with your friend. (Includes shipping within the USA.)

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    $100 reward

    2 backers

    Personalized (Wise Owl Pack) - We'll mail you a first-run Swoop when he's ready. In addition to this, we'll also embroider a name, initials, or other brief text you specify on your Swoop. Includes a sticker + a Swoop the Owl t-shirt reading "I backed Swoop the Owl on". (Includes shipping within the USA.)

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    $150 reward

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    Box of 10 (Parliament Pack) - We'll send you 10 Swoop the Owls. Good for stores interested in carrying Swoop or people who want to get some Christmas shopping done early . Includes a sticker + a Swoop the Owl t-shirt + your name listed as a contributor on our website. (For each additional case, add $150.)

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