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The GoPro case is challenging to mount & easily broken. I've created two aluminum cases to mount them to anything-anywhere like a pro!
The GoPro case is challenging to mount & easily broken. I've created two aluminum cases to mount them to anything-anywhere like a pro!
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Hi Kickstarters.

Just a brief update on the statue of UNRULY things.

- HEADGEAR are in full production and they look amazing!

- BEARTRAP is in the final physical prototyping stage and we'll be strength testing it this weekend.

- LENS RINGS... We have fought and fought the GoPro wide lens for weeks and my precious screw-on lens mount for the HEADCASE PRO has been killed in exchange for the 6-screw mount found on the clear case. Because we have to place the filter glass so close to the lens, to avoid the vignetting as I promised, we just don't have enough room for the screw-on flange. We tried and tried, but the GoPro said No Go.

BUT, after more than 45 test shoots and six rounds of prototyping, we won the other battle - getting the Square lens ring design to not vignette in 4:3 or 16:9. I think a parade is in order.

What this means to you, is that after all of the hoopla and technical details I've penned about these lens designs, we now have just two lens rings to choose from: S (square) or R (round). Now that was easy huh... :|

That's it for now. I'll let you know as soon as there's more to share.

Thanks again for your support!



Again, I want to thank you for your support in making this project a big splash. We exceeded our goal and things are jamming. UNRULY is now a worldwide brand and we're producing great quality products. CONGRATULATIONS TO US ALL!

Here's what's happening:

- Machined parts are under way. We cannot ship units until the injected molds are built and parts are cast. Everything will be done within 3 weeks, but our goal is to ship by NAB on the 15th of April.

- HEADGEAR has been modified to include a corrosion resistant anode and a wider top opening to accommodate the new BEARTRAP. HEADGEAR production machining began today.

- HEADCASE PRO has been finalized and the final machined prototype will be finished in the next 3 days. The injection molds for the rubber pieces are already under way.

- Square and Round lens ring molds are being built right now. If you ordered a package with lens rings, they will ship together.

- BEARTRAP design is being finalized this week for injection molding. We expect to ship within 3 weeks.

- BEARTRAP-LIMITED EDITION will go into production in about a week and they're expected to ship within 2 weeks.

All UNRULY products are now for sale on the website at the normal retail price. Payment can be made with paypal on the current site. Our sweet new website will be online next week with a standard shopping cart.

If you have any questions or need to send us an itemized list of your KS items, please email with "KICKSTARTER ITEMS" in the subject.

Kickstarter provides us your contact info and email address, so we'll invoice you for shipping via paypal at delivery time.

I'll keep you posted about any delays or accelerations as they happen.

Thank you again for your support and participation. This is a blast!!




We're only 24 hours away from the finish and I want to thank you again for your generosity and support. I understand it's been a little confusing with all of the design changes and lens rings issues, but that's the magic of Kickstarter. You get to see the process unfold and we get to know how much interest there is for our idea, which inspires us to work harder and make the products the best they can be. We've listened and given it all we have to make UNRULY the premiere new brand for GoPro accessories and housings.

Please follow our progress on and buy every cool tool we make. Your name will be included on the UNRULY FRIENDS page of our site. You may not be aware, but your support has helped draw great attention to the brand from all over the world and we'll soon be distributing UNRULY in 15 countries and counting. Your support has also allowed me to hire some help and employee talented people. That's an awesome reward in this financial environment. Thank you!

Below, I've answered a few questions asked about what you're actually getting. If something isn't clear, please just ask and I'll get right back. Kickstarter won't allow me to change the pledge descriptions, so it's created some confusion as we improved the products and offered new options.

If you pledged for HEADCASE PRO you will receive the PRO-R round lens kit with rubber cap and soft bag. KS $328 / Retail = $368. You save $40!

If you pledged for HEADGEAR you will receive the WET-R round lens kit with rubber cap, free anode and soft bag. KS $128 / Retail = $188. You save $60!

If you pledged for the combo package you will receive all of the above with -R (round) lens ring kits. KS $428 / Retail = $556. You save $128!

*Please note that there is a typo in the original $428 combo pledge. I'm not sure how we got this far without noticing, but the text should read "…HEADCASE PRO and HEADGEAR…", not HEADCASE PRO and HEADCASE…"

For the final 24 hours on Kickstarter, I'm offering these additional pledge options below at a great discount, so please modify your pledge if desired. All of these offers have already been added to the pledge section for your upgrading pleasure.

If you would like multiple items, please select the one with the highest price, calculate in the additional cost of the other item(s), then email me a basic summary. We'll be sure you get what you want and send you a shipping invoice via paypal when it's time to deliver.


- HEADCASE PRO+PRO-S square lens kit with rubber cap and soft bag. KS $348 / Retail = $388

- HEADGEAR+WET-S square lens kit with rubber cap, free anode and soft bag. KS $148 / Retail = $208

- COMBO-S: HEADCASE PRO+PRO-S and HEADGEAR+WET-S. KS $468 / Retail = $596. You save $128!

- PRO-R round lens kit with rubber cap for HEADCASE PRO. KS $52 / Retail = $58

- PRO-S square lens kit with rubber cap for HEADCASE PRO. KS $70 / Retail = $78

- WET-R round lens kit with rubber cap for GoPro clear case and HEADGEAR. KS $52 / Retail = $58

- WET-S square lens kit with rubber cap for GoPro clear case and HEADGEAR. KS $70 / Retail = $78

- BEARTRAP locking clear case latch. KS $28 / Retail = $32

- BEARTRAP locking clear case latch. Limited Edition of 50 in anodized, machined aluminum. KS $98 / Retail = $108


- RENTAL PACKAGE: HEADCASE PRO, HEADGEAR, WET-R, WET-S, PRO-R, PRO-S, (2)BEARTRAP, (2)GoPro clear case, GoPro HERO II, (2)extra GoPro Batteries, GoPro Monitor, GoPro charger, Pelican case with custom foam. KS $1388 / Retail = $1462

How can I change my pledge amount?

Visit the project page and click “Manage Your Pledge.” Enter a new amount in the pledge amount box. Note that you are not adding to your existing pledge; the amount you enter will be the total amount collected if the project is successfully funded.

How can I change my reward selection?

Visit the project page and click “Manage Your Pledge.” To change your reward, make a new selection. Note that changing your reward selection does not automatically change your pledge amount.

Thank you again for your support! We may sleep when this thing ends...




Hey UNRULY Kickstarters!

I have updated the website with new images of the UNRULY WET-R (round) and WET-S (square) flat lens rings.

We pared down the designs so there are just four lens ring options to choose from. They are available in round (-R) or square(-S) with your choice of the GoPro clear case mount (WET), or the HEADCASE PRO threaded mount (PRO).

*Please note that we're no longer using "PHLAT" in the product naming.

The WET-S shown above uses a standard 2"x2"x4mm thick filter. We cannot guarantee you won't get vignetting in all shooting modes, so we had custom 3mm thick coated anti-reflection glass cut to our specs and we're pressure rating it next week. Our lens ring kits are very flexible and allow you to shoot with the flat glass front, or shoot the GoPro glass dome with our ring and rubber cap to keep it safe.

I'm also hereby announcing the brand new UNRULY BEARTRAP - a replacement latch for GoPro clear case - one of the sweet new products I've been eluding too. This is a must have item for camera security.

The BEARTRAP is three injection molded parts made of plastic and 20% glass fiber so it's super strong and light. BEARTRAP overcomes the fragile GoPro latch by adding a secondary function that requires you to press a protected button and release a spring loaded stainless steel pin. The pin effectively locks the latch so it can't be accidentally bumped or snagged open. I'll be setting the retail price of the BEARTRAP sometime today, but you can go to the site right now to grab a place in line, or send an email to

We're just a few days away from locking the designs for full blown manufacturing so I'm squeezing in as many great features and functions as I can before the metal chips start flying! As a last minute feature add-on, we modified the top of the HEADGEAR to accommodate the form factor of the BEARTRAP and we're now including an anode with stainless screw in the HEADGEAR to prevent salt water corrosion.

I'll be adding a few more funding options tomorrow, just in time for the finale of our incredible 30 day session on Kickstarter. To order UNRULY products now or after the Kickstarter period ends, please visit I've set up a temporary paypal cart for online purchases while the site is under heavy development...

And a final reminder that the Kickstarter prices are below wholesale. They'll go to full retail in less than 48 hours, so jump on this great deal and save some $$$ before it's over. It's never too early to shop for Christmas :)

Thank you again for your support,




This update is to give clarity and answer a few questions I've received about the upcoming lens kit announcement.

Please note that all HEADGEAR and HEADCASE PRO kits come with one of the round lens ring kits described below.

What are WET vs PRO lens rings? The stock GoPro clear case that you already own has a 6-screw lens ring mount. Unfortunately, this mount is limited due to the position of the screws and the large button beside it. This mount is different than the one we created on the HEADCASE PRO - we did this to give more flexibility in future product development. This means we are offering two unique mounting scenarios - one for the stock GoPro clear case (WET) and one for the HEADCASE PRO (PRO). The WET and PRO mounts are available in flat round or flat square solutions = four lens kits total.

- WET PHLAT-R:  Flat round lens ring kit mounts to GoPro clear case - use stand-alone or in unison with HEADGEAR.

- WET PHLAT-S:  Flat square lens ring kit mounts to GoPro clear case - use stand-alone or in unison with HEADGEAR.

- PRO PHLAT-R:  Flat round lens ring kit for use with HEADCASE PRO.

- PRO PHLAT-S:  Flat square lens ring kit for use with HEADCASE PRO.


WET PHLAT-R - This is our "round" flat lens ring kit that comes standard with HEADGEAR. The WET PHLAT-R mounts to the GoPro clear case on the existing 6 screws and prevents blur underwater. If you don't have HEADCASE, the WET PHLAT-R is also sold stand-alone for use on the clear case. Unfortunately, the GoPro clear case design made it impossible to add a round flat lens that's wide enough to prevent vignetting and not conflict with the button. The WET PHLAT-R will vignette in 4:3 shooting modes.

WET PHLAT-S - This is our optional "square" flat lens ring upgrade kit that also mounts to the GoPro clear case on the existing 6 screws and prevents blur underwater. The WET PHLAT-S won't vignette in 4:3 or 16:9 mode due to the wider format and square shape. The WET PHLAT-S is sold separately as an upgrade, and it comes with the HEADGEAR+WET PHLAT-S package.

The PRO PHLAT-R and PRO PHLAT-S are both designed specifically for our proprietary, single threaded mount on the HEADCASE PRO. The PRO PHLAT-R comes standard with the HEADCASE PRO. The PRO PHLAT-S is the square version sold separately as an upgrade, and it comes with the HEADCASE PRO+PRO PHLAT-S package.

- There are small variations in GoPro cameras, so we are final testing the square designs right now.

- The PRO PHLAT-R and PRO PHLAT-S lens ring kits are sealed, but not intended for underwater use.

-All UNRULY lens kits are available for purchase stand-alone and come with a protective rubber cap and dome plug.

-All UNRULY lens kits come with a custom 3mm thick, single sided, anti-reflective piece of clear filter glass and a retainer ring. More filtration options coming soon...

-All UNRULY lens kits can be used with or without the GoPro clear dome installed, but the dome cannot be used at the same time as the clear filter glass.

-When using the included filter glass, the GoPro dome and grommet can be replaced with the included rubber plug to fill the cavity left around the GoPro lens bezel.

-We are currently water pressure testing the WET PHLAT-R and WET PHLAT-S for depth rating.

- It's important to first understand that our lens rings allow you to use the GoPro glass dome with the rubber grommet, or you can use our front filter glass without the dome.

- You cannot use the dome and the front glass at the same time on any lens ring model.

- When using the front glass filter, we've included a rubber donut plug to fill the space left by the absent dome and grommet.

- We discovered that the GoPro clear dome actually shifts and reduces the FOV on the GoPro by .933%, so when the dome is used vs the front glass filter, you are actually less likely to vignette.

- All round rings will vignette in 4:3 mode, whether you use  the dome or front glass filter.

- The square ring will not vignette in16:9 or 9:4 modes.

- The included rubber cap covers and protects the optics in dome or front filter glass configurations.

I hope this helps dissolve some confusion. All lens kit photos will be posted this weekend with the official release...

Thank you again!