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Raw green coffee beans to fresh black coffee - at a single push of a button. Let's change coffee. Together.
Raw green coffee beans to fresh black coffee - at a single push of a button. Let's change coffee. Together.
2,254 backers pledged $681,461 to help bring this project to life.

Open Letter: Our Next Step, Time For Q4!

Posted by Bonaverde Coffee Changers (Creator)

Read our latest open letter to get another insight into the internal plans we have running to get backer's machines and ensure we can continue to survive as a small Berlin based start up! 

As always, it's you guys that got us here and keep us going!


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    1. TheArtisanalCraftsmen on

      I just got off the phone with someone at BonaVerde with whom I asked about my refund that I had requested through their portal a few months ago. I have not received my machine yet, I have not given them an address to send it to as I decided that I don't want it.

      He said that the buyback program ended some time ago, probably end of 2017 (he's only been an employee there for a couple months).

      This is obviously disappointing and I'm annoyed that there was no clearly stated end of the buyback period. Further annoying is that their portal seemed to work as recently as a couple months ago, with no indication that I was in fact wasting my time.

    2. Missing avatar

      Paul. Ladd on

      So Berlin

      What is the deal, no reply to my email dated 12 October. bad PR bad karma

      My machine has never worked properly and i have let you know this right from the start.

      You offered a new machine.... I packed mine up sent it off. You sent it back

      It still failed to work.... i sent it back...... you sent it back to me again.

      I want action and I want to return my machine, not because it isn't a good idea..... Its the way you treated me, all your videos thank us for supporting you through your journey. It is time you supported us who feel rather let down

      Paul & Joanne

    3. Dotan Keidar on

      Scam big time shame on you

    4. Missing avatar

      Muhannad Al Ashram on

      No trust in these guys anymore!

      I've been waiting for 5 years now and it has been a lie after the other that cannot be counted as an excuse

      Kickstarter must provide a way on how to make these guys accountable to pay back our money or be able to shut them down!

    5. Missing avatar

      Keith Crow on

      Total frauds. KS needs to take ownership of their mismanagement and refuse any further interaction with Bonaverde until ALL clients issues are resolved.

    6. Steve Robinson on

      I've always thought of Kickstarter as a reputable company and I'm sure they are. But I don't understand why they let this terribly screwed up and possibly fraudulent company keep posting "updates" on the site. I've been trying for six months to get a straight answer out of them about any payment I made for their coffee machine but keep getting the runaround. That's six months of pursuing them but my initial backing of this project goes back FOUR YEARS. This morning I actually spoke to someone in their Berlin office on the telephone who took down my information and said he'd get back to me "in ten minutes" with an answer. More than 10 minutes has gone by and I'll be surprised if I hear from him.

    7. Backer14 on

      Still waiting on a machine or a refund. Communication with company is awful.

    8. Bonaverde Coffee Changers Creator on

      hey guys, our support email is & our number is 0049 160 5938270. We are happy to talk. We are only 10 people, but as long as we are in office 9am-6pm CET, Mon-Fri, we are here to talk and our support email inbox is responsive within 24-48hrs.

    9. Missing avatar

      Lost Doctor on

      Hi there. I still haven't received my machine. I might still be interested in receiving it after all these years but I would like to know where it is. Thanks.

    10. Missing avatar

      Andrew R on

      I have emailed and Tweeted at Bonaverde to ask about their buyback program to try to get my unused machine into the hands of a backer who is waiting (the coffee it makes just isn’t good) but haven’t gotten any response. Sad.

    11. Joost Jorritsma on

      When Will I receive my machine? My e-mails have not been answered. This feels like a scam!
      I pledged and payed $300 in 2013 and am still waiting for my machine. Do not buy from this company. You Will regret it and lose your money