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Raw green coffee beans to fresh black coffee - at a single push of a button. Let's change coffee. Together.
Raw green coffee beans to fresh black coffee - at a single push of a button. Let's change coffee. Together.
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Itʼs Operation Buyback baby!!

Posted by Bonaverde Coffee Changers (Creator)

For our 5th anniversary, itʼs time to ensure all our backers are happy, and those that choose to stay with us on this journey, are having the absolute best coffee experience they can.

Do you have a new Bonaverde Berlin machine youʼre not using? Weʼll buy it back from you and can give it to a backer still waiting for one! Do you have bulk green coffee bags, and want the full Bonaverde tailored roasting experience as it was always meant to be? Weʼll swap them out for our new bespoke single-portioned coffee pouches so you can get the real deal! Click here to learn how to make this happen!

Since it's been a while since the kickstarter campaign, if you haven't received your machine yet, please contact us updating your delivery address.

Any queries please reach out through
Music courtesy of bensound.

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    1. Steve Robinson on

      Hello Kickstarter folks! Is anyone monitoring these comments? It appears you have fallen victim to a scam, along with I don't know how many other Kickstarter users. Can you do something about this???? I've emailed them REPEATEDLY over the past few months and get almost nothing back. I don't know if they've billed my credit card, I've never received a machine, they lost my email address but somehow didn't lose my credit card, etc. Can you look into this and report back?????? Your good reputation is at stake.

    2. Andreas Rozek

      @Rob: thank you very much for this hint!

      Unfortunately, one has to already have received one's machine in order to apply for this "buy back" action, as one has to enter a machine#s IMEI number.

      However, I would like to "sell" the machine I never received yet - as I have no use for it any more (and, given the comments written by others, there seem to be many people in the same situation). Thus, how can I let Bonaverde "buy back" my still missing coffee machine?

    3. June Chan on

      I hv never received mine !!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Andreas Rozek

      Has anybody succeeded in getting their money back yet? I sent them a message but did not even get a response, rather than a request for my bank account where to send the money to...

    5. Chaz Aloe on

      This video actually does note explain how to take advantage of the buy back program, only that it exists. My still unopened machine is waiting for your instructions when you do let us know how this program works.
      I am in the US and can ship directly to someone still waiting for a machine once your reimbursement check clears.

    6. Missing avatar

      Leonard@TM on

      I want my money back Please arrange a refund to me.

    7. Missing avatar

      Matt Ellis on

      @Brian Simmons (below)
      I have exactly the same issue... interesting!

    8. Niek Batstra

      Coffee swap please! How to proceed

    9. Dotan Keidar on

      its a scam, time to admit it

    10. Justin Mathews on

      Also still waiting. No machine has been delivered to me.

    11. Missing avatar

      William Yan on

      Still waiting for my machine after 5 years. Give me my money back!

    12. Missing avatar

      James Polacek on

      Still waiting on my refund also... I'd happily continue to be patient if you simply kept me informed of your progress towards processing this.

    13. Missing avatar

      Sue Kaplan on

      This buyback is only for Europe but I have a second machine, new in box and with the additional cards and coffee. Any US takers?

    14. Candy Lee on

      I do not have a machine after five years of sending you my address multiple times, you telling me it is on the next boatload (two year ago), me reaching out to you again and you promising to fix it after I put a negative review on Google Maps . Everyone flood this site. Just give me my money back!,13.391156,17z/data=!4m7!3m6!1s0x47a85986dde542a3:0x64859a5af9dbf06c!8m2!3d52.53072!4d13.39335!9m1!1b1

    15. Missing avatar

      Ryan Heck on

      In case someone is checking here and not the "support" email address, I have a silver machine that has been used at most twice that I would be happy to sell back. I have the original box/packaging.

    16. Brian Simmons on

      I have a machine with something stuck in the grinder I can’t get out. Can I get a refund for that?

    17. Trevor Reynolds on

      Still waiting and would simply like a refund

    18. Brendan on

      Can I just have confirmation of a refund? Please, may I have some way to request this so I can move on. I have no machine, I don't believe boneverde will ever ship me a machine and I just want it all to stop.

      Just let me, please, request a refund.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Mark Walton on

      We would like to get our machine- have been waiting for about 5 yrs. And preferably not a used one. Address is 128 Norma Crescent, Ancaster Ontario L9G 4P2 Canada

    20. Missing avatar

      Alan Hinman on

      I’ll sell my machine back. It’s been used very little.

    21. Justin Cardinal on

      I have a machine that has been used about a dozen times and I am interested in the buy-back.

    22. Missing avatar

      Indrek Treufeldt on

      I have not received my machine so far. But I could sell it before I would get it. How much would you pay for all the patience I have experienced during those long years and waiting?

    23. Missing avatar

      repmarc on

      I have not received my machine.

      Pls send to:

      93 Dawson road #17-34
      singapore 142093

    24. Mel Evenson

      I have not received my machine yet. Address is;
      Melvin Evenson
      1825 Windflower Way
      Orleans, Ontario

    25. Missing avatar

      Rick Warring on

      I have a machine that you can have. For some reason it will no longer run. The roasting process starts, and then the machine makes a beeping noise and then the lights on the bottom blink red.