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Raw green coffee beans to fresh black coffee - at a single push of a button. Let's change coffee. Together.
Raw green coffee beans to fresh black coffee - at a single push of a button. Let's change coffee. Together.
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From One Backer to Another

Posted by Bonaverde Coffee Changers (Creator)

Hello Kickstarter Community!

As promised, here is our next open letter. A very insightful read and another step in providing real transparency for you! 

Please know we do hear you, but as it stands we don't have the resources to answer questions and comments on this platform. If you do have questions, please visit our interactive FAQ page or email us:

All the best from Berlin,

The Team at Bonaverde

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    1. Bonaverde Coffee Changers Creator on

      @paul h. ting @richard laventure we are happy to announce that your issues have been solved. @zeke coughlin and @alan wagner Thank you for your support! We all know that its been a long journey to change coffee, and are working hard to make this happen to everyone. We are getting there! All the best from Berlin!

    2. Bonaverde Coffee Changers Creator on

      @robert ashdown @gustav öst @oscar tengwall You have got mail :)

    3. Bonaverde Coffee Changers Creator on

      Hello Everyone. Sorry for being unresponsive. We will take our time to answer all your messages. Our response time on has lowered to acceptable levels and we are happy to respond to you in up to 72 hours. But unfortunately comments here on kickstarter don't allow us to find you on our database so we can solve your problem. For example @Jo, @lk, @tw, @kevinl, @brendan we cannot find you by these names, so could you kindly send us another email and your registered kickstarter email so we can find you in our system? Thank you. Looking forward to solving every issue. Bonaverde Team.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jo on

      The lies and deceptions continue! You're a fraud. NEVER responds to emails, so why do you keep saying email us?!

      First you send me a defective machine after four years. Then, you not only refuse to provide support, you blacklisted my machine by marking my machine's IMEI invalid even though it could never connect.

      Shame on you and your fraudulent company.

    5. Zeke Coughlin on

      I just received my machine today. Had my first cup of coffee. The messenger bot is unruly and never linked to my machine, but I have hopes for a work around.

    6. Alan Wagner

      I did get my machine and I do hope others do as well. It is larger than first anticipated, but it is pretty cool and is an easy and frequent center of attention with guests. Best of luck to all who have not gotten their machines; I think you will like it when you do.

    7. Missing avatar

      Oscar Tengwall on

      Ich will eine Rückerstattung.

    8. lk on

      Like everyone else, I don't want your crappy failed machine. I want the refund you've promised for years. If you won't do that, stop posting.

      Anyone looking into legal action?

    9. Missing avatar

      Kevin I

      I've moved three times since the beginning of this Kickstarter. I don't concern myself with giving you my new address because I probably will never see it. Don't worry about "reordering a new set of machines" on my account. I'll just happily take my money back and be on my way. I didn't sign up for this bait and switch garbage, but that's what I got. Heck, when I get one of these updates I read it to my friends and family as a joke (and a warning). I even have a particular tone of voice I only use for these special messages.

    10. Missing avatar

      TW on

      Thank you for this update on the Kickstarter campaign, I am part of since end 2013. I still didn't get my machine and again, your statement still doesn't make me feel comfortable that I will ever either see a machine or any refunded money. There may be a misunderstanding on your side, what open and transparent communication means. It does not mean, that every backer gets yearly "we're so sorry, everything is complicated"-letter. We need a detailed insight on your plans! As kickstarter-backers we trusted you and gave you our money to fund your business and to me I think it is your duty to honestly tell backers, what plans you have, either how (and approx. when) to send us our machines or how to manage to reliably refund the money. From your letter I need to quote "...You are a backer and you haven't received your machine yet - well ... we are really sorry about that, but we can’t give you a definite date yet when we can reorder and send out the last crowdfunding machines…“: to me this reads: we don’t even plan to reorder new machines right now, we currently invest in other business areas or we don't have any money left at all, we hope that many backers will give up hope and never contact us again, so that at least the kickstarter-backers go away. To me it seems that even backers that have invested a -very- long time ago, will maybe never see machines, although I think they should at least be served in the order, they were participating in that many financing rounds on different platforms. I am extremely disappointed! Although I (again) see the good spirit Bonaverde and its people seem to have - I don’t feel being treated correctly and it wouldn’t surprise me, if you may have to face legal disputes in the near future.

    11. Missing avatar

      Richard lavanture on

      I have not posted to this one before. I understand the frustration when you dole out your hard earned $ only to get nothing in return. However, there will be no refunds, they don't have the money. Maybe they squandered it, maybe they didn't. I suspect they didn't as what they did do required a large amount of capital. They obviously woefully underestimated their cost to develop the product. That isn't all that unusual of a concept from crowdfunded campaigns. I don't know where this will end up, but I do know the longer you keep your blood pressure raised over it the only thing that will happen is decreasing your own lifespan. Crowdfund purchases are never guaranteed. Amazon is a much better bet for that. Sometimes they don't always work. Best to everyone.

    12. Missing avatar

      Paul H. Ting on

      I don't even want you to order new machines and I don't want you to send me one...all I want is a refund. You don't need any fancy logistics or manufacturing or shipping channels to do that. Yet, just like the hundreds of times I have requested this from you before, I suspect you will just ignore this request. Our collective anger at the company that is Bonaverde is well justified and the fact is that you continue to refuse to make it right - writing open letters does nothing for all those people that you have essentially stolen money from.

    13. Gustav Öst on

      "A very insightful read" says the company that wrote the letter.

      "share this incredible ride with us". Well this pisses me off. It's not a ride for me.

      I understand why you're late. I understand why it's taken time. You've constantly changed the scope. I get it, doing a startup is VERY hard, I don't think I would have done better.
      That said, I would like to sort of quote your letter: I don’t give a shit, where is my machine?

    14. Brendan on

      Thank you for the polite "you dont understand" update. You are right, I dont. Absolutely the best way to communicate is to ramble at people and then suggest they just consider it all a bit of lark.

      This isn't a stage performance. Nor is it a revolution. It's a company with a history of being dishonest and placing the fault at the feet of backers as hey why cant you just be happy.

      Do as you will, since you no doubt will anyway. I just wish you'd stop pouring salt into the wound.

    15. Robert Ashdown on

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Touch and feel. An emotive letter when a short one would have been better. The letter sounds like a long F$&k off we don’t have time to care.