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Raw green coffee beans to fresh black coffee - at a single push of a button. Let's change coffee. Together.
Raw green coffee beans to fresh black coffee - at a single push of a button. Let's change coffee. Together.
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An Open Letter from Bonaverde

Posted by Bonaverde Coffee Changers (Creator)

An update to our backers: we appreciate at times we haven't been as transparent as you would like, we really want to open up the front doors and give you an insight into who and what makes Bonaverde. Here's the first in our series of Open Letters.

Please know we do hear you, but as it stands we don't have the resources to answer questions and comments on this platform. If you do have questions, please visit our interactive FAQ page. 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jo on

      You have no shame, do you? lies after lies. This is outrageous! Your products are true engineering failures.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jo on

      This company operates on lies and deceptions. Everything they've said and promised has been nothing but lies. There is zero customer support. NONE. I got a defective machine an have been sending messages and emails to get a replacement. 90% of time I get no responses; the other 10% are empty promises and lies. I've convinced tens of potential customers to avoid this company, and I will never stop doing so.

      Please stop with your stupid open letters which are full of lies. You can't fools us anymore as you've already exposed yourself as horrible company which doesn't care about its backers & customers. I will celebrate the day you go bankrupt.

    3. Missing avatar

      Florian on

      is it true they only work for 2 weeks until they break?

    4. Ran on

      Damn they're selling these for €999 on their website, no wonder they don't want to ship to anymore KS backers.

    5. Ran on

      I actually got my machine. But then it didn't work. I chalk it up to just a shitty product.

    6. Markus on

      What a joke - this latest update. Actually not, it just reflects the way this company is treating its backers - good luck future customers.
      Communication to its investors should be No 1 priority for the CEO. Not for this CEO.
      One positive note - I got back my money.

    7. Jodok Batlogg on

      i'm so happy i got my money back. i thi k i kept nudging them for 2 years until i managed to get a refund beginning of this year.
      i threatend with a laywer, kept mailing the ceo and all people i could find... and finally at some point i got my money back. phew

    8. Candy Lee on

      Somehow my son got a refund and sent me the link. I requested a refund and was told that I missed the deadline by a few weeks. I sent them a copy of the email I sent in 2014 saying I wanted a refund. They also sent me emails a year ago that said my machine was on the second boat. Never received an update after that. It amazes me that Bonaverde keeps reaching out to its backers and stirs up all the anger anew.

    9. Missing avatar

      Keith Crow on

      For those wanting a refund, hang in there. I was one of the very first to invest, and it took until April of this year to get my refund after requesting it in year 1. What a scam company.

    10. Missing avatar

      Angela Staehle on

      I did get a machine, but it only worked a short time. Was told I could pay and send it back to be fixed, but it was already so expensive and buggy from the start...

    11. Ken Nickerson

      via Facebook - Others here may wish to take a moment to leave review(s) on Bonaverde's Facebook and Twitter Pages -

      "Bonaverde does not ship. Check out the comments about Bonaverde and their "fans" for yourself - #badbusiness #kickstarter #failure #noship"

    12. Missing avatar

      Betzaida Alsindawi on

      Guys if this is the way they treat their kickstarter supporters just imagine. I say get your money if you can because they obviously don't care about their customers. Imagine if your machine is a lemon at that you will get nowhere with these people.

    13. BTO

      I was in the Kickstarter. When do we get our machines?

    14. CVAG - Catana Valentin on

      Considering I have made more then just to support you by buying in advance a coffee-machine (I have made the design for the coffee-machine you have used for the fundraising here on Kickstarter), can I know when will I receive the coffee-machine? How come others backers from other platforms (who have made the contribution later then me) have already received the coffee-machine and I haven't?

    15. Missing avatar

      Oscar Tengwall on

      I would like a refund.