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Raw green coffee beans to fresh black coffee - at a single push of a button. Let's change coffee. Together.
Raw green coffee beans to fresh black coffee - at a single push of a button. Let's change coffee. Together.
Raw green coffee beans to fresh black coffee - at a single push of a button. Let's change coffee. Together.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Thomas 1 day ago

      For those backers living in Ohio who have not received their refund or are still waiting on the machine, please contact the Ohio, please open a complaint with the Ohio Attorney General's office:

      For those in other states, please open a similar complaint through your state's Attorney General's office.

    2. Brendan 2 days ago

      In a shock twist, more hoops to stop consumers seeking refunds. Didn’t see that coming.

    3. Bonaverde Coffee Changers Creator 4 days ago

      Hello Coffee Changers,

      This forum is not currently monitored.
      To make sure that all your messages get answers fast, we have centralized all questions to our and emails.

      Looking forward to receiving your messages.

      All the best from Berlin,

      Bonaverde Team.

    4. I CHENG CHUNG 7 days ago

      To Bonaverde, When will you refund me? I had given you all required info on Feb 2 in Facebook Messenger. Then I wrote again on Feb 20 but still not heard any message from you. This is not a good way to treat your original backer. So if you can not delivery my two coffee machines then I request a full refund.

    5. Sajiki Yusuke on March 15

      Hi, Bonaverde coffee changers ,
      I'm backer living in Asia, Japan, but when will the machine for 100 V be made and shipped?
      Could you please let me know now schedule.

    6. Edwyn Chan
      on March 15

      No machine or refund but I see them selling and shipping on indiegogo within a week?

    7. Jenny Chiu on March 14

      I forgot to mention theyl want me to pay $150 to ship it to Canada or ship it to a US address for free. They're still asking me for MORE money.

    8. Jenny Chiu on March 14

      I'm waiting for my refund and was just told I won't get it since I didn't submit a request before December 20, 2017. How can they cut off refunds without any announcement?!

    9. Michael Salter on March 14

      It's (NOT) FUNNY - They ONLY keep to a hard cutoff date and SCHEDULE WHEN PROCESSING REFUNDS, yet can't be held accountable to ANY product release or even UPDATE, scheduling timetable.

      I switched paypal addresses and never received your refund notice UNTIL I CHECKED IN KICKSTARTER

    10. Reinoud on March 13

      I followed the standardized refund process as outlined by BV back in 2014 and still have not received my refund. This was the process at the time:

      > thank you for your e-mail. We're sorry to hear that you feel you can no
      > longer support us and our mission. In order to ensure that the refund
      > process is as streamlined as possible, please follow our standardized
      > process by e-mailing again and include your Full
      > name, KS ID and full pledge value.

      Backers that already have requested refunds should not see their refund request forfeited simply because they did not fill out the 'new' refund form from 2017. This is just wrong.

    11. Missing avatar

      Markus Kuhnert on March 12

      Still waiting for refund. Pledged $300, backer #1988. Please refund as requested through the form.

    12. Missing avatar

      kuhnert GmbH on March 12

      Hello, I'm backer #2.384 and have asked for a refund through the form months ago. I've pledged $500 on Dec/8/2013 and still waiting...

    13. Missing avatar

      Andrew R on March 10

      Except I guess you can’t DM on Kickstarter. Email haveagomerchant at yahoo dot com.

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrew R on March 10

      Happy to sell my machine at Kickstarter price to anyone interested (US only). It works great but takes up a bit too much space for me right now. DM me.

    15. Missing avatar

      WA on March 6

      Still no refund for me. Filled out the form again yesterday. Basically, like others have said, a 4 year loan with no interest.

    16. Markus Juuti on March 1

      Received my refund today. Finally it’s over for me - a 4 year loan for BV with negative interest rate (lost $18).

    17. Markus Juuti on February 21

      Where you guys have been mailing/calling/posting regarding refund?

    18. Lars on February 21

      Still waiting for the refund

    19. Dotan Keidar on February 20

      and again.....what a joke ....this is the answer i received for asking again for refund:
      "Thank you for your message. We understand that you have waited for a long time, but we are sad to say that we won't be able to extend our refunds deadline. We have processed all refunds requested via online form until the 20th of December, and since we received your request after the deadline we kept your status as waiting for the machine.
      In any case, could you kindly send us your shipping address? "
      they have no shame

    20. Missing avatar

      Paul Stern on February 20

      Still waiting for my refund. Another bad Kickstarter experience.

      I’ve back 84 projects and over the last few years it’s getting more and more painful. Think I’ll forfeit any saving and wait until the items are in the shop.

    21. Reinoud on February 18

      Still waiting for a refund. It has been years since I requested mine.

    22. Bob Fraser on February 13

      I should say that I received my refund last month and now regard it as a $300 interest-free loan to Bonaverde.

    23. hdbx on February 12

      Still waiting for refund.

    24. Kevin Zimmerman on February 9

      I received my machine approximately two months ago. It made it through two batches of coffee, before the roasting lamp broke on the third. Still waiting to hear back from Bonaverde regarding repair possibilities.

      I chose to post this comment today, due to the unrelated email I just received from Bonaverde this morning, providing information regarding their recommended ratio of beans to water for brewing. Shockingly, this is the first time a ratio (which is the standard "golden ratio" for coffee brewing) has been provided... none appears in their documentation. That's not the notable part, though.

      The NOTABLE part is at the bottom, under the DON'T section. Where it is written... "Don't put more than 50g of coffee into the roasting chamber. This can cause unroasted beans to fall into the grinder and necessitate a repair of your machine by Bonaverde."

      Much has been written about the nature of Bonaverde's kickstarter campaign, the product itself, the marketing, RFID tags, Facebook Messenger, etc. I've found the majority of it forgivable. They're trying stuff, I get it.

      But to design a coffee maker with a water capacity of 1000mL (which would equal *55g* of beans), and then instruct users to not to put in more than *50g* OR THE PRODUCT WILL BREAK is just about as much as I can take.

      What a stupid, stupid product.

    25. Missing avatar

      yashwanth malladi on February 9

      Your machine is on its way. You won’t need to wait much longer.
      Autumn 2017
      Autumn 2017

      NOW IS 2018 , I m still waiting for the machine!
      and the tracking page now is error 404!
      Why there is such long delay and no communication on tracking .
      Finally when will I get it ....?

    26. Ken Sawtelle on February 5

      I pledged back in December 2013 and yes I was losing hope as well. But guess what? I just for the shipping confirmation and can see Fedex has my machine and I will get it Friday! Sweet.

      I’ll update after it arrives but I must say that these folks are delivering even after all this this time


    27. Ken Nickerson
      on February 5

      Waiting for more than 5 years, but apparently your shipping "Next Week"?

    28. Missing avatar

      Oliver Schmidt on February 5

      Their coffee is way too expensive.I will not buy coffee untill I know where that "extra money" goes.

    29. Missing avatar

      Paul Stern on February 4

      Bunch of crocks! No machine, no refund and no comments!

    30. Greg Sheldon on February 2

      Still waiting for my machine to be delivered, since 2014. I am excited to see the machine and try it.

    31. Lars on January 30

      Still waiting for the refund! No feedback from the support team.

    32. Missing avatar

      Alan Hinman on January 30

      I’ve had the machine for three months now and have pretty much figured things out on it. I’ve disassembled it to get beans that were stuck in the grinder and reformed the bean drop mechanism. Since getting the cards I’ve tested different bean quantities. It will successfully roast 2 oz of green beans and make a fairly good pot of coffee. The water temperature is lower than it should be by the time it gets to the coffee, but acceptable.

    33. Missing avatar

      Ysbrand on January 29

      Just received my refund, thanks for ending this ordeal Bonaverde!

    34. Missing avatar

      Carsten Andersen on January 29

      Still waiting for refund?

    35. Missing avatar

      Peter M on January 28

      Either it’s hot and locked or there’s a bean jammed in the spring lock/unlock

    36. Missing avatar

      Zoomby on January 28

      My roasting chamber is not opening anymore. Can anybody help me?

    37. Chris Rogers on January 27

      UK backer here and I received my machine in December. I have only just got around to opening the machine and it only has a 2 pin EU plug, not a 3 pin UK plug! Can any UK backers confirm what plug they got?

      I have emailed support twice now with no response!

    38. Missing avatar

      Peter M on January 26

      So satisfying

    39. John Schmitt on January 24

      The refund is a lie.

    40. Missing avatar

      Carsten Andersen on January 23

      Still awaiting for refund!

    41. Bob Fraser on January 21

      Refund arrived,

    42. Soon Fatt Hoo on January 21

      Still waiting for the refund.

    43. Missing avatar

      Corey (deleted) on January 18

      I finally got my refund this morning! I've been pestering them by email for a few months now. What I think did the trick for me this time was filling out a request on their Zendesk website (

      Anyhow, i wish anyone else wanting a refund the best of luck. I am finally getting off of this crazy train.

      I am deleting my kickstarter acct. This project has ruined me for any future crowd funding projects.


    44. Missing avatar

      rockfulam on January 17

      Your machine is on its way. You won’t need to wait much longer.


      Autumn 2017


      Autumn 2017

      NOW IS 2018 , I m still waiting for the machine!
      and the tracking page now is error 404!

      please REFUND!

    45. Alexey Nazarov on January 16

      Hi Everyone!
      I got my machine in the beginning of December 2017. And also got many problems both with machine and with the company.
      First of all.
      I found a cell phone number of CEO and txt him. I was surprised the way how he answered me.
      Translating into an understandable language, it sounded like this: "you are so many, but we are all four". In fact they are raised 5 times more than they needed. So all this 4 years I was tormented by the question: "Is it so complicates to hire professionals and build really great product for one year with so much money?" But we all watched their coffee parties in Berlin, constant design changes and waste of money. Of course nothing will remain from 600k for 4 years!
      If someone of you guys knows company named xiaomi, they are constantly launching new crowdfunding campaigns and produce ready-made products in a month. And this machine from bonaverde does not even compare to any product of the Chinese company xiaomi. I have a lot of their products where the quality and usability are fantastic. Perfect grade top-quality plastic, there is nothing to complain about.
      Bonaverde has already selling retail. And for $800 you got cheaply made ugly plastic box with many gaps between parts, mismatch in the dimensions of parts, disgusting usability and many program errors.
      You can't just push the button and wait for your coffee. You need to scan, scan and scan.... I lost count of how much to scan. You even do not know how much coffee beans need to be loaded.
      You can't stop the process when it runs. So something goes wrong, you can't change anything.
      Next. 8 times out of 10 it always some errors occurs and everything stops. And you have to wait for it to blow through the whole system. Then take your paper card and scan again to complete the process. And it does not always work out. Sometimes it does not want to do anything at all.
      So the machine dot have any knobs and buttons, or its own app. You can't choose the volume of your cup.
      So. I backed from Russia and they are promised to ship all over the world. And when I asked they about my shipping and it turned out that they can not send to Russia (or don't want), and we decided to send it to my father's address in Germany. So Hallelujah they sent. When I came to Germany to pickup my machine and at first use, the bean compartment was stuck and did not open.
      After tons of emails the sent me another machine. I had a lot of problems with the second machine and in the end after a few uses it caught fire and nearly burned my kitchen!

    46. Missing avatar

      Roger Berger on January 15

      It was a long an very painful journey. Finally our ways part. Got the full refund for all 3 machines i.e. USD 300 today. To those still waiting this was the parting message I got from Bonaverde - nearly feel badly for the old chap but at the end of the day another sign of how poorly managed Bonaverde is:

      Hi Roger

      Thanks for clarifying this and I apologise for not refunding you all the pledges at the same time. Many people have filled the refund form in more than once and we unfortunately don't have an automated system for pulling in the backer amounts - it's just me personally finding everyone in a spreadsheet...

      I've confirmed that you have indeed backed three times, and refunded you the additional 600 USD.

      Apologies for not getting this sorted out sooner


      Pete & the Bonaverde Team

    47. Jenny Chiu on January 15

      I've been pretty patient up to now, but I have finally just submitted a refund request because I am based in Canada and it seems they have NO date as to when they are shipping outside of US and Europe. This I read on, under "Have all crowdfunding machines been shipped?"

      "As of January 2018 all crowdfunding backers who completed the shipping form confirming their address should have received a machine.

      If you live in the US or Europe and have not received a machine, please contact us at It is possible that we have an outdated email address for you, and therefore were not able to successfully email you the shipping confirmation form.

      If you do not live in the US or Europe we may not have been able to send your machine. Unfortunately, due to operational constraints and complexity, we could not get our machines certified under official approbation laws outside the US and EU, and thus are forbidden from sending products into other markets. While our intent is to broaden our reach, we have no date we can promise for when we will be able to do. As such, we will refund you the amount originally paid for a machine and/or coffee.

      As we do not keep any credit card information on file, all refunds must go through PayPal."

    48. Missing avatar

      jeff heftler on January 14

      I am also getting the same issue with the rfid postcard not working for the roast only. The grind and brew works.

    49. Bob Fraser on January 14

      In October, i received email that they had received my refund request and that I would receive it in a few weeks. Starting early this month, having not received a refund or any notice, I repeated my request, including with my request the Bonaverde complete email from 28 October that confirmed they had recorded my refund. I keep receiving a boilerplate text saying that if I had sent my refund request before December 20, I should have received my refund via Paypal. I had and have not. January 8 they sent their last email (with the same boilerplate text). Here is what I wrote:

      I still have not received the refund. You keep returning boilerplate text in reply, even though I have your earlier email from 28 October (included below) explicitly stating, "We have your refund information on file. It will likely be a few weeks until refunds are processed." Those are your words. It absolutely shows that you have received my refund request, earlier than October 28 (the date you replied to my confusion over having received notice that a coffee maker was being shipped.)
      Please do not send another boilerplate text; please send my refund, promised over three months ago.

      This is the boilerplate text you have sent at least twice in this exchange, apparently never having read your own words (which I included each time) stating that you had my refund on record.

      I would like my promised refund. If there is a problem with my Paypal (which works for other vendors without a hitch), you have not informed me.

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