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Raw green coffee beans to fresh black coffee - at a single push of a button. Let's change coffee. Together.
Raw green coffee beans to fresh black coffee - at a single push of a button. Let's change coffee. Together.
Raw green coffee beans to fresh black coffee - at a single push of a button. Let's change coffee. Together.
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    1. Kevin Reierson just now

      I just want my god damn refund so I never have to think about this "company" and their garbage machine ever again.

    2. Anthony
      about 5 hours ago

      I also am not going to accept the Bonaberde “privacy” (or lack thereof) policy, will not accept their version of IoT, am disgusted by their complete lack of ethics from the very start.

      I too have completed the process of requesting a refund and filling out the online request for they provided.

      No refund showing up in my Paypal account yet, in fact there’s been no communication back with the requisite RMA number and return shipping label.

      The only communications I’ve see from them are strangely vague, extraordinarily unhelpful, entirely uninformative, sardonically snide, and massively obtuse replies to my posts (and some of yours) on Facebook (similar to postings here on Kickstarter).

    3. Dan Pearce about 21 hours ago

      US backer. Address confirmation form completed with privacy policy firmly declined. You also have received and acknowledged receipt of my refund details. Just process it already so we can go our separate ways.

    4. Missing avatar

      Peter M 1 day ago

      Might take me another 4 yrs*

    5. Missing avatar

      Peter M 1 day ago

      BV New update posted. My understanding is that they are going to send us more coffee (supposedly some 86-89 point coffee)- and they have begun on machine # 2. While the Berlin has some serious defects- if they succeed in fixing them their concept stands to take some decent market share. The concierge is live and the rest of the US machines are shipping. Have at it! Now is the time to test out your machine and let people know what you think.
      As for me- I still plan to take mine apart and put it into a lovely beautiful wood veneered curved frame with all access controls and a better roaster. It might flame me another 4 years but...

    6. Reinoud 1 day ago

      It has been 3+ years since I filed my refund request. So I might as well try again on the forum. @Bonaverde can you please please please refund? Thank you.

    7. BrianW 1 day ago

      I'm surprised - on one of the eBay auctions, a user received bags of flavored coffee (Blueberry, Almond, Mixed Nuts). Yet mine had 20 bags of the same coffee. What gives? When is replacement coffee (or the RFID tags for unlimited brewing) going to be available????????? I have a 20 pound paper weight at this juncture.

    8. Missing avatar

      Roger Harvey 1 day ago

      My machine should have been on container 1, still hasn't arrived and they haven't bothered to respond to any of my emails I have sent over the last month! Not that I will probably do much with the machine, unless they have greatly reduced the smell it makes while roasting, I could only use the beta machine when it was directly under the kitchen extractor fan and the fan was on a high setting, otherwise the smell was too much for me! Plus the beta machine's grinder packed up before I had used all the coffee up which was supplied with it.

    9. Helge Jordal 1 day ago

      My machine should have been in container 1 or 2, I asked for a refund instead, not getting anything. I've been talking to their customer help (loose term) on Facebook, and I'm being told they can't refund right now, for 'cashflow reasons', and that they 'hope to have a refund ready in 3 weeks'. I am beyond pissed.

    10. Missing avatar

      Christoph N 2 days ago

      Same here, still wanting on any action taken towards a refund. Machine should be in container 3, did anyone with machines in container 1 or 2 actually get a refund instead of the machine?

    11. Rashmin Perla 3 days ago

      Can I have my refund please ? This is crap that after 4 years there is no machine and now a new story of no compliance for the rest of world. Its almost like hitting a brick wall. Just respond and let me know when will MY REFUND happen

    12. Anthony
      3 days ago

      Chow, they accepted all backers so they could have the money.

    13. Missing avatar

      Chow Chung Kam 3 days ago

      Hi Bonaverde - I have submitted my refund request, please proceed ASAP.

      After 4 years, you are telling me that you are uncertain how long it will take to obtain certification outside US and EU ... I have no idea why you'd accepted orders from other countries in the first place...

    14. Brendan 3 days ago

      Hello, Boneverde.

      I hope you are well. I wish to request a refund.

      Please provide an RMA or returns number and or online form that may be used to facilitate this refund process.

      I have flexible payment options, such as PayPal or direct deposit to make this process as simple as possible.

      I regret to inform I am unable to accept false promises of a faulty product as a sufficient trade for prior purchase, and hope you understand the unfortunate limitation outcome that predicates a refund.

      I look forward to your timely resolution of this matter.


    15. Christian Leth Christensen 3 days ago

      I'm still missing feedback on both the machine and the refund I want - communication?!?!

    16. Anthony
      4 days ago

      I just sent another request for refund to

      I can do this all day gentlemen. Having a remotely bricked appliance that I paid a lot of money for is kind of irritating.

    17. Anthony
      4 days ago

      My comments to this recent boneverde post with a video showing how well the machine works when you don’t accept the privacy policy and therefore aren’t using the “coffee concierge” “feature”.

      Red beeps all the way. $400 doorstop. Mucho gracias bait & switchers, errr I mean BoneVerde.

      You have to have noticed that I’ve requested a refund by now. Can you check your support inbox or reverse engineer my email address from my backer information which you unfortunately have. Again, please send me the return shipping label and refund me per your privacy policy (or lack thereof).

    18. Kris Sienaert 4 days ago

      I would like to get one as soon as possible.
      Without the bugs please.
      Backer number 1,691

    19. Missing avatar

      Marvin T 5 days ago

      Please please refund me and don’t send the machine. It will be a waste of effort and someone might be happier with it then me.

      Thank you

    20. Alan Wagner
      5 days ago

      I received my machine . . . . . tried it out and it all worked. I enjoyed the process. The coffee, actually, was superb. I have not tried the concierge process yet, but the machine itself was easy to use and wil definitely be a conversation piece.

    21. Missing avatar

      Chris 6 days ago

      Whats the point of getting these machines into the field if you aren't listening to any of our feedback?

      If you fail, it will be because you are breaking Rule #1 of Product Design:

      "Know your audience."


    22. Missing avatar

      Chris 6 days ago

      Ok, guys... this machine is really starting to get me angry...

      1. Tried to use the concierge service earlier tonight... no response.

      2. Tried again a few minutes ago. Asked to "Roast Only"... just like I've done before. And now Concierge tells me "the pouch is not ready, please fix and start again".

      Seriously... you guys WANT ME TO SCAN A POUCH TO "ROAST ONLY" MY OWN BEANS!?

      First of all, I don't have a lot of pouches left because you guys can't supply them...

      Second, If I want to "Roast Only"... what is the point fo using your packaged filter/pouch!? I would be just wasting a filter.

      I've been ale to roast my own beans this week... I was happy that you allowed us the freedom to use our own supplies... even if I have to buy filters from you... I can deal with that.

      It now seems if you have taken that functionality away and started locking down the RFID process.


      Oh and by the way, how about responding to my support email from TWELVE DAYS AGO!?

    23. Missing avatar

      Keith Kostelecky 7 days ago

      Great hearing some refunds have now occurred. What is status of my refund?

    24. Alexey Nazarov on November 11

      Hey! I see you started to sell your machines online, but I'm your kickstarter backer and I didn't receive my machine yet. Few months ago you promised me to send in November. Few days ago your facebook support told me that you have them in stock and you will send it "Today". So five days have past and i didn't receive any shipping confirmation. Whats going on?

    25. Tim Nelson on November 11


      It has been over 3 years since I backed this product
      I haven’t received my coffee machine and I don’t even like coffee any more, I can’t drink it for medical reasons :-(

      Please can I have refund ?

      Thank you
      Tim Nelson

    26. Anthony
      on November 10

      In your post tonight, you indicate that your coffee sourcing process is evolving and wow, you finally have some more beans - uh shipping soon.

      How exciting, hopefully you also have an abundant supply of those awesome single-use rfid tags to go along with those super great beans. Oh wait, I have several pouches I can’t use because the tags just beep and flash red. Nice, more tagged coffee from you will allow me to add to my unusable green coffee bean pouch collection.

      So, why the single use tags again? wtf??? If you just have to use such a stupid approach, why wouldn’t you just make it so the tags work no matter how many times they are used? Who gives a shit if some users try and reuse them on the wrong bean type or whatever it is you think they’ll do.

      Oh wait, that’s right, you want to change the world by forcing your customers to buy coffee only from you, like that’s your cure for the greed built into the current free-market system. To cure greed, you must be more greedy than those who are currently greedy and need to be stopped.

      Never mind that the current system of acquiring green beans can be quite fair to the growers and distributors who make sure the beans I choose from are sourced from a wide array of locations across the globe. Oh and the beans I choose are available for one thing. And they are also clean, fresh, and are sent to me immediately - read... I can get exactly what I want, when I want it, and it doesn’t suck.

      Unlike what you just recently announced, I can choose beans from dozens and dozens of countries. And I don’t have to dick around with Facebook messenger, share any personal information, all the while waiting for weeks, months, or years for you to finally get your hands on green beans from one or two countries and mess around pouching them up with your bullshit rfid tags.

      Anyway, will you please just respond to my emailed request to refund my money. Yes, I know you can’t believe it, but I refuse to agree to your privacy policy and will never ever use your scammy and sneaky Facebook-linked coffee concierge.

      Remember, you said I couldn’t have the machine if I didn’t agree to the privacy policy, and that you’d get the machine and refund me. So why don’t you hurry up and send me the shipping label so you can get your useless machine back immediately.

    27. Ken Sawtelle on November 10

      How do I change my address ad when do you ship?
      It has been so long that I have moved

    28. Missing avatar

      Chris on November 10

      Oh, and could you please respond to my support email from TEN days ago? Ugh...

    29. Missing avatar

      Chris on November 10

      Please fix the Coffee Concierge! When I first got my machine I was able to roast my own beans using the Concierge. Now, I have to waste a RFID tag every time I make coffee because the commands to the Concierge are not getting back to my machine. The Concierge responds and says it's making coffee, but it's actually not doing anything. So, I scan and "waste" an RFID tag just to kick-off the roast. Whats going on?

    30. Missing avatar

      Todd Klipfel on November 10

      I have not received my machine either.

    31. Soon Fatt Hoo on November 10

      Neither refund nor machine show up.....

    32. Missing avatar

      James F Nykanen on November 9

      Keith, Based on my experience with the machine, I am confident you will really be happy with it! Critical is patience until you are familiar with its operation. I found the initial batches to be weak in body & flavor. So I reduced the water by 50% to 500 mL and the coffee beans to 28 Gm. Sounds extreme, but the resultant coffee is fantastic, beyond belief. This adjustment screws up the RFID tag ratio to the coffee beans supplied. However, I have been assured by Liz Wald that the soon to be released Coffee Concierge program will provide capability to Roast, Grind & Brew independent of RFID tags. So, try my approach for yourself and be ready for some joy in your coffee cup. Bonaverde has created a magnificent machine that creativity in its use makes a great team...Das koffee ist sehr gut!!

    33. Missing avatar

      Keith E Brinkley on November 9

      Is anybody actually happy with the machine?. I was promised mine was In the shipping process three months ago, and was supposed to arrive last month.. is it better to simply ask for my refund now?.

    34. Missing avatar

      Carsten Andersen on November 9

      Please just refund me my pledge

    35. Missing avatar

      Oliver Schmidt on November 8

      My machine worked two times. Then it showed an error without any helpfull explanation. After weeks of waiting (and a lot of emails) they offered to replace the machine. Telling me how to fix it would have been easier...

    36. Konrad Michels on November 6

      So, my machine finally arrived ~2 weeks ago. I was not expecting it at all, and never got any notification that it was en route. It also arrived in a large Amazon-branded box, which was poorly taped closed, and had only one crumpled piece of brown paper inside as buffering, which left a lot of room for the unit's box to move around in, and consequentially the box was pretty bashed up.

      After extracting the unit from it's box, the next nasty surprise was that the documentation is vague, to the point of being useless. There are two "getting started" guides that came with it, neither of which were very helpful, and the diagrams and pictures in them didn't help at all. For example, the exhaust box which catches the silvers: no instructions on how to disassemble it, or that the cage has to go in the box in specific way. Nothing.

      The other thing is that the instructions say to do one run through with no beans, just water. No indication of how to accomplish this, so I went ahead and just scanned one of the bean bag's tags to get it to do a run. Of course, 15 minutes later I realize that I've now just wasted one precious bag of beans for something I didn't really need to do, once I'd gone online to the website to see if I could get some help.

      Then that Facebook bot thing. Again, no overall design writeup of how this thing fits into the whole ecosystem, nor any clear instructions on how to use the thing, and why I would even want it.

      After figuring stuff out, and finally getting some coffee made, I try to adjust the grinder for a finer grind, because, well, I want my coffee to taste like coffee, and lo, it has only three settings!

      The single use scan thing also sucks. I didn't sign up for a $1,000 machine that doesn't let me roast my own beans. Yes, I know, the bot thing is supposed to let me do this, but I still haven't figured out how to make it work.

      And then the build quality. Where to start? Well, firstly, the exterior, the removable panels, and the coffee filter holder all feel like they have been 3D printed instead of injection molded. I've done several hardware projects where we've built stuff from scratch, and I know the difference in look and feel between a well made injection molded bit of plastic, and the 3D printed prototypes we did before committing to the molding.
      The other thing is that the tolerances between parts is inconsistent, and ludicrous, and that side panel covering the exhaust box has never been flat (budged straight out of the box), and the fit is terrible.

      If there was a way to return the unit, I would. For 4 years worth of work, I was expecting something a lot more refined than this.

    37. Christer Busk on November 6

      Please just refund med, Bonaverde and I'll get off your back :(

    38. Missing avatar

      Thiagarajan Mookiah on November 6

      have not received the coffee machine and no information about shipment details.
      I'm requesting for a refund.

    39. Missing avatar

      Jason on November 5

      Update #129 has the coffee changer card...and actually, it doesn’t mention just being available to backers. That could save this whole project, if that’s the case, at least, for those that wanted total control.

    40. Missing avatar

      Jason on November 5

      It sounds like as backers, you’ll get that functionality, when, who knows, but the backer card was discussed a few updates back. I just feel bad for people buying the machine without that ability. Wasting coffee by having failures like that is going to leave a bad taste in the customers mouth, literally.

      Thankfully, I was able to back out of this project. Not many projects live up to their word, even if it did take many months of asking. Based on that, I would think they will live up to anything they say, even though it may not be what we originally wanted.

    41. Missing avatar

      THOMAS DEPRIMO on November 5

      The RFID process was not in the original agreement. I would not have backed the project if it was. I do not want a locked in coffee maker/roaster. I want a hack to open it or I want my money back. The change is not ethical for your buyers.

    42. Dan Pearce on November 5

      The unadvertised, unnecessary and unwanted RFID system and its stupid Facebook data gathering privacy violating terms and conditions really is going to kill this thing dead. If only someone had warned them...

    43. Neil Goodman on November 5

      The Alpha Concierge accepts my commands , tells me to wait while it says the coffee process is started, then the Berlin proceeds to do absolutely nothing!!!! I have to scan a tag afterwards to even make it work. BTW , if you hit the off pad by accident, it negates the scanned rfid tag, and erases the scan data, but wont let me rescan it , when it wskes back up to use the beans, essentially wasting a bean pack! :(

    44. Missing avatar

      DDoS Breakfast on November 4

      3rd request for a refund. i filled out all of your forms over a month ago. Where is my refund??

    45. Missing avatar

      mtlin on November 4

      When can I get the machine?

    46. Blitzlord on November 4

      @Oliver Schmidt
      ("I recieved the machine. It worked 2 cycles and now it beeps twice while roasting and shows a red light. Any suggestions? It cooled down before roasting again.")

      Hallo Oliver,
      hab genau dasselbe Problem hier...
      Meldete sich Bonaverde inzwischen bei dir mit einer Lösung?

      Der Support antwortete mir am 7.10. nur mit einer englischen Standardmail Richtung "Bitte zuerst in Betriebsanleitung schauen und dann ggf. wieder melden" und danach kam auf meine Nachfrage leider nichts und die Maschine steht nun hier und funktioniert eben nicht mehr. :-(

      Laut Handbuch hat ein Abbruch nach dem Rösten mit 2 Beep-Tönen und dauerhaft rotem Licht Folgende mögliche Ursachen: "Fehlerhafte Temperatursensoren, unerwartete Maschinentemperatur, abnormale Lüftergeschwindigkeit, Fehlfunktion im Mahlwerk oder Abfallprodukte, die die Rohre blockieren sind mögliche Gründe".
      Ich vermute den Fehler im blockiertem Mahlwerk oder blockierte Rohre (der Röstvorgang funktioniert ja weiterhin problemlos), das zu Beheben bedarf aber Hilfestellung seitens Bonaverde - irgendo selbstständig Aufschrauben o.ä. ist ja nicht zu empfehlen.

    47. David Seid on November 3

      Refund received this morning. It looks like my Facebook message to them begging for an end to the 4 year nightmare did the trick.

      I wish others seeking their own out the best of luck.

    48. Missing avatar

      Corey on November 3

      Like Jason, I rejected the privacy policy and also requested a refund almost a month ago. When can I expect to receive my refund?

    49. C.c. Shen on November 3

      I am the backer in Taiwan, still not receive the machine, when I can receive the machine?

    50. Missing avatar

      Jason on November 2

      I am officially declining the privacy policy. Since that means I cannot use the machine, I would like to receive my pledge money back, as another backer has claimed they have.

      I think that by canceling my order, I have saved Bonaverde both the original shipping cost, plus the return shipping cost, in addition of a $700 raw profit (because I chose silver), as that is the price someone else will have to pay to get my machine.

      If that is not reason enough to get my refund processed in a timely manner, then by all means, ship me the machine, and I’ll go the other route, that costs Bonaverde more money.

      Your choice, guys, frankly I’m tired of asking about it, but I’ll keep on playing, if that’s how you’re going to be about it.

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