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Raw green coffee beans to fresh black coffee - at a single push of a button. Let's change coffee. Together.
Raw green coffee beans to fresh black coffee - at a single push of a button. Let's change coffee. Together.
Raw green coffee beans to fresh black coffee - at a single push of a button. Let's change coffee. Together.
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    1. Alexey Nazarov just now

      Hi Everyone!
      I got my machine in the beginning of December 2017. And also got many problems both with machine and with the company.
      First of all.
      I found a cell phone number of CEO and txt him. I was surprised the way how he answered me.
      Translating into an understandable language, it sounded like this: "you are so many, but we are all four". In fact they are raised 5 times more than they needed. So all this 4 years I was tormented by the question: "Is it so complicates to hire professionals and build really great product for one year with so much money?" But we all watched their coffee parties in Berlin, constant design changes and waste of money. Of course nothing will remain from 600k for 4 years!
      If someone of you guys knows company named xiaomi, they are constantly launching new crowdfunding campaigns and produce ready-made products in a month. And this machine from bonaverde does not even compare to any product of the Chinese company xiaomi. I have a lot of their products where the quality and usability are fantastic. Perfect grade top-quality plastic, there is nothing to complain about.
      Bonaverde has already selling retail. And for $800 you got cheaply made ugly plastic box with many gaps between parts, mismatch in the dimensions of parts, disgusting usability and many program errors.
      You can't just push the button and wait for your coffee. You need to scan, scan and scan.... I lost count of how much to scan. You even do not know how much coffee beans need to be loaded.
      You can't stop the process when it runs. So something goes wrong, you can't change anything.
      Next. 8 times out of 10 it always some errors occurs and everything stops. And you have to wait for it to blow through the whole system. Then take your paper card and scan again to complete the process. And it does not always work out. Sometimes it does not want to do anything at all.
      So the machine dot have any knobs and buttons, or its own app. You can't choose the volume of your cup.
      So. I backed from Russia and they are promised to ship all over the world. And when I asked they about my shipping and it turned out that they can not send to Russia (or don't want), and we decided to send it to my father's address in Germany. So Hallelujah they sent. When I came to Germany to pickup my machine and at first use, the bean compartment was stuck and did not open.
      After tons of emails the sent me another machine. I had a lot of problems with the second machine and in the end after a few uses it caught fire and nearly burned my kitchen!

    2. Missing avatar

      Roger Berger about 14 hours ago

      It was a long an very painful journey. Finally our ways part. Got the full refund for all 3 machines i.e. USD 300 today. To those still waiting this was the parting message I got from Bonaverde - nearly feel badly for the old chap but at the end of the day another sign of how poorly managed Bonaverde is:

      Hi Roger

      Thanks for clarifying this and I apologise for not refunding you all the pledges at the same time. Many people have filled the refund form in more than once and we unfortunately don't have an automated system for pulling in the backer amounts - it's just me personally finding everyone in a spreadsheet...

      I've confirmed that you have indeed backed three times, and refunded you the additional 600 USD.

      Apologies for not getting this sorted out sooner


      Pete & the Bonaverde Team

    3. Jenny Chiu about 18 hours ago

      I've been pretty patient up to now, but I have finally just submitted a refund request because I am based in Canada and it seems they have NO date as to when they are shipping outside of US and Europe. This I read on, under "Have all crowdfunding machines been shipped?"

      "As of January 2018 all crowdfunding backers who completed the shipping form confirming their address should have received a machine.

      If you live in the US or Europe and have not received a machine, please contact us at It is possible that we have an outdated email address for you, and therefore were not able to successfully email you the shipping confirmation form.

      If you do not live in the US or Europe we may not have been able to send your machine. Unfortunately, due to operational constraints and complexity, we could not get our machines certified under official approbation laws outside the US and EU, and thus are forbidden from sending products into other markets. While our intent is to broaden our reach, we have no date we can promise for when we will be able to do. As such, we will refund you the amount originally paid for a machine and/or coffee.

      As we do not keep any credit card information on file, all refunds must go through PayPal."

    4. Missing avatar

      jeff heftler 1 day ago

      I am also getting the same issue with the rfid postcard not working for the roast only. The grind and brew works.

    5. Bob Fraser 1 day ago

      In October, i received email that they had received my refund request and that I would receive it in a few weeks. Starting early this month, having not received a refund or any notice, I repeated my request, including with my request the Bonaverde complete email from 28 October that confirmed they had recorded my refund. I keep receiving a boilerplate text saying that if I had sent my refund request before December 20, I should have received my refund via Paypal. I had and have not. January 8 they sent their last email (with the same boilerplate text). Here is what I wrote:

      I still have not received the refund. You keep returning boilerplate text in reply, even though I have your earlier email from 28 October (included below) explicitly stating, "We have your refund information on file. It will likely be a few weeks until refunds are processed." Those are your words. It absolutely shows that you have received my refund request, earlier than October 28 (the date you replied to my confusion over having received notice that a coffee maker was being shipped.)
      Please do not send another boilerplate text; please send my refund, promised over three months ago.

      This is the boilerplate text you have sent at least twice in this exchange, apparently never having read your own words (which I included each time) stating that you had my refund on record.

      I would like my promised refund. If there is a problem with my Paypal (which works for other vendors without a hitch), you have not informed me.

    6. Missing avatar

      Stacey Swann 2 days ago

      We finally got our reusable rfid card in the mail (unable to use the machine up to this point because of connectivity issue). When scanned, we are getting a red light and single beep. We've triple checked the air filter and drawers to no avail. Anyone have this issue or know a fix?

    7. Robert Fixer Smith
      3 days ago

      finally, my refund arrived and I am done with this company

    8. Missing avatar

      Roger A Clark 4 days ago

      CES Jan 2018
      Is anyone Protesting non performance supply to Australasia?

    9. Missing avatar

      Maarten Uwland 5 days ago

      I forgot to mention I am a dutch backer. So maybe this message helps people from Holland to sort things out..

    10. Missing avatar

      Maarten Uwland 5 days ago

      Received my machine today. After the message that all backers had been fullfilled (and I wasn’t) it went all really fast (sounding a bit weird, I know!) but after sending them a message i got in contact with David Haferkamp who told me that he would sent the machine/beans/card out that same day (yesterday january 10th). And for the first time they surprised me in a positive way when it indeed got delivered.
      For the last 4 years I read, but never really took part, in the discussion that went on here. but I was (and still am) dissapointed by the way this whole story unravelled. I must say that if this product was produced by a different company without all the lying and deceaving.. i would give them props! Mainly because it makes a really enjoyable cup of coffee ( my first try) and watching the whole RGB process gave me a little smile on my face (something I find really hard to admit in relation to Bonaverde). Yes it’s an awfull looking beast and it will never end up in my kitchen, but in my shed it will do fine..

    11. Missing avatar

      Jerome Huegli 5 days ago

      Still no machine here and no sign of a refund, which I requested years ago. Is there any chance of success in demanding one again at all?

    12. Erik
      5 days ago

      What is the status of this project?

    13. Henrik Norberg 5 days ago

      For the first time ever I believe there is a slightly higher chance than 0% that I get a refund from this fraud. Still closer to 0% than 100% or even 25% chance but better than nothing..

      But at least this Kickstarter have saved me tons of money, since I stopped funding projects due to this fraud.

    14. Tassos Rapakoulias 6 days ago

      I still have not got my machine.

    15. Michael Zanghellini 6 days ago

      Also waiting for a machine and answer on email?????

    16. Missing avatar

      Arash 6 days ago

      I’ve had my machine for over a month, and used to be able to connect initially, but it stopped connecting three weeks ago. Email to the Support team has been a waste of time since they either do not answer or send irrelevant automated responses.

      It has been so frustrating that after waiting three years, I have to deal with a defective machine, lack of customer support, and continued empty promises.

      I did, however, received my Coffee Changer Badge yesterday, along with beans. I also got an email about it.
      But again, just like the machine itself, it failed to provide full instructions. I’m interested in the the roast-only feature, and the email says: “Please note that using the Roast-Only setting on your Coffee Changer Badge will cause your machine to flash red”.

      The badge is one card which starts a roast-grind-brew cycle. So what is this Roast-Only setting they talk about? How does one roasts only with this badge??

    17. Vesa Mäkinen 6 days ago

      You have heard so many nasty words that I have to say this. I got my machine and I have to say that I love it. Thank you, hole team. Wunderbar!

    18. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Kober 7 days ago

      @Jennifer B: I think they open alle machines prior shipping to the backer to include some coffee samples, at least the machine I had was handled like this. In case you haven’t opened the box yet I would recommend to check that out. You will see if the machine has been used before as there are always some chaffs from the roasting remaining.

      @all received the rest of my refund today, so I’m glad to be finally out of this. All the best to alle people still waiting for their refund. All my communication went through this email:

    19. Jennifer B on January 8

      JL, that happened to me. Email support again. They never updated anything. Last week when I asked them wtf was going on. I got a reply with links for their privacy agreement and shipping confirmation. My machine arrived today, its been obviously returned and previously opened!

    20. Missing avatar

      JL on January 8

      Received a shipping confirmation in July saying my machine would be delivered "Autumn 2017" and still nothing. Jessie had supposedly updated my address...what is going on there?!

    21. Jennifer B on January 8

      So I received a Berlin today, January 8, 2018, finally, after 4 years of waiting since the kickstarter campaign concluded. But can you explain why its already been opened and retaped? You can easily see the seal has been broken and then package taped over again. I’m an original backer. Why am I getting an already opened coffee maker? Weren’t these coming directly from your factory in China to my door?

      Plus where is the coffee that was promised? Where is my rfid card? Even if I decide to continue opening the box its useless as I have nothing to use with it. Are your original backers so unimportant we get second hand products and pushed to the side?

      This whole 4 year process has been extremely frustrating. Plus your customer service never has a clue. I shouldnt have been the very last kickstarter backer to get their Berlin (and its USED AT THAT!). Yup I was. As soon as I got my shipping notification I got an update email saying “All backers now have their machines!”

      When my information (ie address and email) changed I contacted you all to update in July. I was pro-active to make sure you had accurate info. I talked to Jessie who “got things sorted” for me. I was informed everything was updated and sent a shipping link (third shipment from China due in Autumn). Then come January when supposedly everyone else has a machine, coffee and an RFID card I still hadn’t. So I had to inquire again. You had no updated information from me at all and I never received your privacy agreement and shipping confirmation. I was still giving you the benefit of a doubt until my machine finally arrived. Opened. Here I am with a used machine from your returns department.

      You may think this is an awesome way to run a campaign but I can assure you its not. If this is how you treat the people who believed and supported you first, then shame on you.

    22. Vernice Santos on January 8

      Holy shickies!!! It finally arrived!! Thank you Bonnaverde. Got the box of green beans and the card!! Wow!! So much coffee to test and try out. It’s gonna be a coffee party time each morning. Thank you guys ❤️ I got lots of patients.

    23. Missing avatar

      Peter M on January 8

      I received my wallet size reusable RFID card today- along with 6 300g bags of lovely coffee from genuine origin. Looks like BV snapped up the past crop from GO when it was on special- or made some other deal. Anyhow- these are lovely coffees 82-86 points that I have tasted before. Using the Berlin, those scores are more
      Like 76-80 but still. Fresh and high quality green beans in the pipeline!
      The rfid tags have been replaced with scannable printed codes to be read by the messenger bot concierge. Mine is still very glitchy, and three or four times now i have scanned (grind and brew) and it has started a roast cycle- ruining the coffee.

    24. Jenny Chiu on January 7

      @Lars - I'm in the same boat no machine or refund, no communication

    25. Lars on January 5

      Nice Update via eMail but i still didn't receive a machine or a refund ;(

    26. Missing avatar

      Corey on January 4

      Krystine, the refund form hasn't done me any good. I filled it out twice (just to be sure they got it) many months ago and I still haven't gotten a refund. And even worse, I am no longer getting responses when I e-mail their customer service zendesk, asking about the status of my refund request.

      I have the same thoughts as Brendan does below. I truly hope Bonaverde goes down the drain. And I think they will once their crowdfunding money is used up and people stop giving them money.

      There's just no way that people will pay $800 for this machine and it's ecosystem. And you simply can't treat people like they have, ignoring e-mails and constantly missing deadlines(some that they gave themselves) .

      Anyone who considers investing in this company or giving them money need to just google "Bonaverde". Their name is mud. There are far more complaints and critical articles on the internet about the machine and the company than there are good things that people have said.

      Maybe another company buys their technology and any patents or whatnot some day and makes the machine better and cheaper. But I think Bonaverde, the company, won't be around long-term. This project was a failure.

    27. Krystine Ongbongan on January 4

      I live in the US, haven’t received a machine and asked for a refund a few years ago at this point and haven’t gotten that
      Either. Thanks for sharing the link to the refund form, didn’t even know that existed.

    28. Gundeep Sahni on January 3

      Still haven’t received coffee machine or refund even after I was told few months agai machine was being send

    29. Ken Nickerson
      on January 3

      It's 2018, and once again Bonaverde Coffee Changers wins the longest, not shipped KickStarter Award! Congratulations! It's really become an annual festival for the backers, and well an important tradition born, of not having a coffee on the first day of the New Year. I can't wait for my next visit to Germany, will make sure I drop-in with a few cups of Starbucks since you must be really craving a coffee by now.

    30. Chad Keck on January 3

      Just confirming that I did receive my refund last month (Dec). Hopefully everyone else who had requested one will get theirs as well.

    31. Brendan on January 3

      Good to see the bragging email about how you are opening orders and are excited is ignorant of the rest of the world (that isn’t EU or US) who have neither a machine, or a refund.

      I don’t often say this. Because I really hope businesses thrive and prosper. But I hope yours goes down the drain. It’s where my machine or refund went.

      No mail. No machine. No refund. Nothing.

    32. Ben Forta on January 3

      We've had the machine for a few weeks now. It actually makes really good coffee, when it works, which isn't often. This is yet another example of decent hardware crippled by a lousy user interface. Facebook Messenger to communicate with the device? Seriously? There are these things called APPS ... Relying on cellular connections was a poor design choice, WiFi woudl have been far simpler and more reliable. As I said, when it works the coffee is great, but really poor design choices have made the coffee maker frustratingly painful to use.

    33. Missing avatar

      Corey on January 3

      That's what I am doing too Benjamin. Unfortunately, I'm no longer getting any kind of response from them. It's pretty sad to see them treat their backers like this. I just want the $300 refund that I was promised in their update.

    34. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Kober on January 3

      still missing 200$ of my refund, BV closed my request on the support portal again, so I reopened it. Seems to be the only way to keep mailing them continuously

    35. Missing avatar

      Volker Wegert on January 3

      I was informed that the next "batch" of refunds will be processed end of February 2018. Seems like even refunds are shipped by 40ft containers overseas, as far as Bonaverde is concerned...

    36. Missing avatar

      Jason on January 2

      Refund Form:

      But good luck, doesn’t seem like many people are getting them, I got one, but my co-worker who filled out the form the same day I did, did not receive one yet...

    37. RMP on January 2

      How do I get a refund?

    38. Dotan Keidar on December 30

      Same here. After checking with the company - I was just informed I missed the last delivery and might get the machine in 5-6 months. I asked for a full refund. Le's see how it goes... Definitely not a professional or respectful way to deal with a costumer.

    39. Chris Tippin on December 29

      Based upon the update back in September I should have at least received an email stating when I'd get my machine. No email and obviously no machine??? I've updated all my information over a year ago.

    40. Missing avatar

      Oliver Schmidt on December 29

      Hi. My machine is working again. I figured out that the been shells jammed the air ventilation. So I guess we have to remove the shells from the air filter after every roasting. So what about the market place? The delivered beans will not last forever. The coffee available in store is WAY to expensive!

    41. Vernice Santos on December 24

      Yeah, I don’t have the RFID card.

    42. Missing avatar

      Corey on December 24

      Is anyone else out there still waiting for a refund? I am still waiting on mine and I filled out the refund request form months ago. I also sent their Zendesk several emails and haven't gotten a response back. I want this nightmare of a project to be over for me!!

    43. Jenny Chiu on December 24

      At this rate I am interested in a refund

    44. Jenny Chiu on December 24

      I messaged on December 19 as I have not receive the machine or any contact. Please give me an update!!!

    45. Missing avatar

      Corey on December 22

      I've been waiting for almost 2 days now for a response from customer service, asking about my refund. I've gotten neither a response or a refund.

    46. Missing avatar

      Alex Zoghlin
      on December 22


      I have a machine, but it's sitting on my counter like a boat anchor, and has been for a couple of weeks. I received a version that didn't have RFID coffee with it, just a few packs of green beans, and a set of instructions that were of no use because I didn't have RFID packs. Went online and found the facebook messenger concierge. I'm not on facebook so I had to make a fake account, then download the app, only to find that the machine won't connect via 3g. Reading the online updates, they said they would be sending out RFID cards to everyone before christmas. Christmas is almost here, and no card. No coffee, No RFID, No 3G. Total bust. At this point I'll pack it all up and ask for a refund. 4 years of waiting.

    47. Missing avatar

      Keith Kostelecky on December 22

      I received my refund the other day. Pleasantly surprised. Good luck to all backers and everything working out, whether with refund or accepting the machine.

      What an odd journey this has been to get back to even. While I've not been impressed with Bonaverde for quite some time, I am about their coming through with my refund.

      All the best and happy holidays to all backers.

    48. Missing avatar

      Betzaida Alsindawi on December 22

      I don't understand how they're even taking orders when they haven't sent anyone here orders. I have been patient enough do we need to call news stations and talk shows to get somewhere. I can start a Facebook page or something and we all start making noise and calling tv shows like Help Me Howard and It's your Money.

    49. Missing avatar

      Betzaida Alsindawi on December 22

      Can someone please tell me how to get my refund since it's going to be 2018 and I still haven't gotten my machine.

    50. Missing avatar

      Jens (deleted) on December 22

      Got my refund, too. Bonaverde, thanks for finally putting an end to this embarassing story.

      First things to do now: delete my Kickstarter and Indiegogo accounts, buy some kg of superb fair trade coffee, order another Kickstarter product (which I should have been backing 4 years ago instead of this nightmare), donate what's left.

      Good luck to those still waiting for a refund and to those who decided to take the machine. Farewell, fellow unhappy backers.

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