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Raw green coffee beans to fresh black coffee - at a single push of a button. Let's change coffee. Together.


Our idea

Our roast-grind-brew coffee machine enables you to roast green beans on their own and therefore enables farmers to directly sell their green, raw coffee beans to you. Farmers become faces and you become a coffee changer.

Help us show the world that it is time to change the way coffee is perceived, traded and enjoyed. With the world's first roast-grind-brew coffee machine we can disrupt the value chain, empower farmers and bring you the fairest and freshest coffee experience right into your own home. 

Who believes in us

Stretch Goals

Our story

We have worked over 2 years to make our vision become reality by developing, enhancing and testing our roast-grind-brew coffee machine.

Finally we're all set for the final step: We want to take our machine from 135 working prototypes to serial production. We need your pre-orders to finance and start tooling.

Let's start with a little video showing you how our prototype works:

And for all the tech and coffee geeks amongst you, let's have a closer look at the technical details of the machine. To spice the following list up a little bit, we're also revealing why we decided to delay the launch by a couple of days:

Technical data sheet &
facts for the serial production

The next steps

That's how we are going to proceed from now on:

The design

We have crowd-sourced brilliant designs with dedicated designers from all over the world and were overwhelmed by their submissions. As it is prohibited to show photorealistic renderings that could be mistaken for finished products, we hope that our attached sketches and the videos give you a good idea how the machine is going to look. 

The following views will give you an overview of how the technical components will be arranged within your machine.


Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

There will always be risks and challenges when starting to get a serial production ready. It is a challenge we feel comfortable accepting for many reasons. The most comforting reason for us is that we have created 135 prototypes before including tooling. We also believe that our core technology is full proof and we have great confidence in it.

Things you might be concerned about:
Design & Engineering:
➢ Design: Our crowd design challenge has already delivered a magnificent design. So we are safe on that part.
➢ Usability: We strongly focus on simplicity, that means an easily understandable user interface and high user friendliness. Having used the prototype for over 18 months now, we've collected the experience to build a machine that's easy to use for everyone.
➢ Functionality: We are down to our 5th generation of prototypes. We've been through an intensive trial and error phase and, thanks to that, have identified all remotely possible flaws to this machine. Now we are ready to enter the market with a stable and well-functioning machine.
➢ Serial production: 135 working prototypes have been built already and our solid core technology has passed the reality check. We have done the whole tooling, production line set-up and engineering process before. We are excited to take our baby to the next level.
➢ Coffee quality: By now, way more than 15,000 of you have tried our coffee. We were overwhelmed by your positive feedback and have done everything to ensure recurring quality for our machine.

Supply Chain & Logistics:
➢ Machine parts: We have done more than 18 months of closed beta testing on all crucial parts. We identified the critical parts of our machine and either replaced or made sure to fix them.
➢ Suppliers: We are talking to exclusive and innovative supplier partners for coffee, smoke and water filters to ensure best service quality and a high durability of all machine parts.
➢ Manufacturing partner: Signed. Timeline set. Ready to roll.


  • We have heard that too. Degassing is a big topic.
    We have talked to a lot of coffee experts, roasters, coffee lovers and baristas throughout the last two years. Opinions differ. Of course, taste changes over time, but does it necessarily get better? We always compare our coffee to other preparation methods like standard filter coffee. We would not take all the effort without being confident to be capable of competing. In 20 months of field-testing various different home-roasting machines and coffees, both from all over the world we had over 15,000 people who (blind-)tasted our coffee on trade-fairs etc during our closed-beta phase. Their overwhelming feedback gave us the confidence to go viral.

    We'll do our best to have you try our coffee. Many of the backers have already and they seem to be convinced.

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  • It’s the most traditional and technically easiest way to prepare coffee. We want you to enjoy your coffee in a classic way and not having to worry about your machine being fully functional any time. Filter coffee especially gives you the possibility to actually distinguish different flavors.

    But don't worry you Espresso lovers out there:
    Our vision is to enable everyone to use green beans in all kinds of devices and we hope to establish an open manufacturing system to maximize quality and variety as well as minimize prices for you!

    Last updated:
  • So far we did not plan to do that as we decided to focus on an all-in-one process and one button operation to stick to our freshness and easy to operate USPs, but we take every feedback into serious consideration with our tech-team as we want to make your experience as perfect as possible.

    If we can implement such a feature without reducing user friendliness or hitting technical issues, we will go for it.

    And now: THERE IT IS. Have a look at our stretch goal!

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  • Yes.

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  • Shipping to all over the world is already included in all packages!

    Last updated:
  • The machine has 6 different roasting degrees and you can of course vary the water and coffee amounts! So you can go from a lighter coffee to a nearly Espresso like - But keep in mind, we are talking filter coffee here.

    Last updated:
  • So far we’re getting coffees from farmers from Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, India and Brazil, but our vision is: Everywhere. Farmers will sell their coffee on our platform directly to you. You’ll be able to choose your beans from all those farmers who will be listed on our platform until machine delivery. That’s why we are also offering a farmer package: Thanks to their and your help we are everyday moving closer to realizing our vision.

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  • Happy to calm you: It is like running a standard toaster and a filter coffee machine after. So no worries about high electricity bills. And we’re already doing everything to avoid any waste of energy by for example getting rid of the heating plate and using a thermal jug instead.

    Last updated:
  • To give you an idea besides the drawings: Like a fully automatic machine. We are even trying to make it smaller than that.

    Max. Height: 347mm (13,6 inch), Width: 299mm (11,8 inch), Depth: 255mm (10,0 inch)

    Last updated:
  • It’s the same effort as in a normal filter coffee machine. Dirty coffee filter out, new coffee filter in. It’s that easy.

    For the professionals: We are planning to make all other crucial parts accessible as well to give you the opportunity to check on the grinder and roaster once in a while. Roast-Grind-Brew screams for a modular design anyway :)

    Last updated:
  • We got rid of the smoke completely by having intensely tested different smoke filters. You'll still get the scent of freshly roasted coffee though!

    We have the silver chaffs fall through a gutter during and after the roasting process. They will end up in the coffee powder AFTER the whole preparation process for you to have just one easy cleaning step to do (You can see the little black box on the side of the machine in my explanation video where the silver chaffs are collected so far for the prototype).

    We did not encounter any problems regarding oil in our prototypes roasters at all, but we take all the cleaning questions very seriously and will provide a cleaning option (either a cleaning process or making the roaster easily accessible).

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  • No, we will make sure that all machine parts that get in direct contact with the coffee are not made out of plastic.

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    BETA FIELD TESTER: You'll be THE FIRST to enjoy fresh coffee: You get one of our 100 first serial TEST machines 3 months before we ship out the machine – and WE will listen to YOU for final improvements. You'll be part of our team! We think that's great. And of course we will swap your machine for a serial - if desired.

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    1-year, NO WORRIES: 6.6 lbs. (3kg) green coffee beans (origin of your choice) every 3 months for 1 year plus our EARLY BIRD machine package! That's 33 lbs. (15kg) of coffee in total. Sleep no more!

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    I want PERSONAL treatment: We will hold a cupping party in Berlin, San Francisco or New York for you and up to 20 friends at your home or office THIS year! You’ll meet us, experience the machine and taste the coffee. Includes the NO WORRIES package and a lot of fun! Oh and a LOT of cake.

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    I am a FARMER: You and your coffee will immediately be listed on our community platform and you'll receive a MACHINE to hold tastings with your friends or just to enjoy your own coffee. You'll get an individual profile to offer your coffee directly to the crowd. Just like Henry!

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    You & a friend TRAVEL with us: We will visit one of our partner farmers together (e.g. Brazil, Nicaragua, Ethiopia or Peru). You’ll learn a lot about coffee and taste even more. Includes the PERSONAL treatment package. Excludes travel to destination country. Rest of the trip is on us. Delivery dates depend on your availability and coffee harvest times in the country of travel.

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