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A short stopmotion animated film of Neil Gaiman's poem 'In Relig Odhrain'.
A short stopmotion animated film of Neil Gaiman's poem 'In Relig Odhrain'.
A short stopmotion animated film of Neil Gaiman's poem 'In Relig Odhrain'.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Just Me 1 day ago

      no news, no fun...

    2. Missing avatar

      Just Me on May 1, 2018

      Please keep communication alive!

    3. Missing avatar

      Just Me on March 21, 2018

      Thanks for the update! carry on!

    4. Missing avatar

      Just Me on January 31, 2018

      Nice to have news again! I can understand that doing a film it's very time consuming, however having 0 comments, updates, news, life signal for months is very frustating. Again, a comment every month shouldn't be such an effort. Enjoy and keep it alive! :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Kristina Carroll on January 25, 2018

      Love getting the email updates- I am continually blown away by how much work and innovation you guys are putting into this project. I"m not sure why people think the project has died... you are clearly working super hard. Putting together an animated film takes a lot of time, especially when folks are making so much of their own equipment.

    6. Brett Harrison on January 25, 2018

      The project has not died, it's very alive and it's awesome. I had the pleasure of visiting my friend Jim recently at his studio. I got a nice little preview of the film and I was quietly blown away with the quality of the project. Jim is being very disciplined and saving the best for the show - there's absolute gold in there!

    7. Missing avatar

      Damian on January 17, 2018

      Well there's a photo from Jan 8 ontheir Twitter, so maybe the project hasn't died

    8. Missing avatar

      Damian on January 17, 2018

      Er, is there anoybody out there? Has this project died?

    9. Ciro Arnese on January 13, 2018

      I also think the project has died

    10. Jacob Eichenbaum on January 7, 2018

      Anyone else think this project has died?

    11. Missing avatar

      Just Me on December 8, 2017

      a comment every month shouldn't be such an effort

    12. Ciro Arnese on November 23, 2017

      When the film will be completed?

    13. Jacob Eichenbaum on October 22, 2017

      So...has this project hit a brick wall and splattered or is it still ongoing? The September 4 update said we would have some more pictures after about a week, and that hasn't happened. There also hasn't been an update for almost 2 months. Are y'all still alive and kicking?

    14. The Monkey Butt on October 11, 2017

      Hi Jim et al, things seem to have gone a little quiet of late, any word on expected dates?

    15. Jim Batt 2-time creator on July 15, 2017

      Hello everyone! For those who are keen for more updates, you'll be happy to see we are trying out a regular weekly studio report while in production. There's a bunch of fresh info up now, so click on through via the 'updates' tab above!

    16. Missing avatar

      Lewis McCaskill on July 13, 2017

      Hi. Is there going to be any kind of update soon? The lack of communication on this is pretty poor.

    17. Missing avatar

      Andrés Hermes on July 2, 2017

      Hey it's July and the last update was months ago? What is going on? Don't keep us in the dark please.

    18. Nacho Díaz on June 8, 2017

      Any news? Is this still going on?

    19. Nicholas Brown on April 19, 2017

      Thanks for the update guys! Glad to hear your plugging along. Also very happy about your new Aussie addition. Woo!

    20. Nicholas Brown on March 23, 2017

      Any news guys? It's been months and nothing. This level of communication is pretty poor...

    21. Jacob Eichenbaum on December 20, 2016

      Looking a lot like we got fleeced. The last update included a lot of travel and non-project details but we haven't had anything concrete about this project for a long time. Jim Batt must be glad we aren't investors according to Kickstarter, because this complete lack of information would have led to the plug getting pulled by now.

    22. Lisa May
      on December 20, 2016

      I agree with about an update so we know you didn't just steal our money? It's been months that we've heard nothing at all from you. We'd appreciate any form of update!

    23. Missing avatar

      merv storey on December 15, 2016

      Hey guys, the best campaigns are the ones that do not leave the supporters in the dark!

      Every couple weeks just a quick note to tell us all is well or more important if there is a snag.

      Keeping us in the loop gives you a place to let frustration go when suppliers do not meet schedule.Or to share great news that a cover has come in and looks great!!

      BUT, when it has been two months or more and we hear nothing, like some of my fellow supporters have done, we rightfully start to wonder if you are there diligently working away, OR, you determined early it is a fail, and have absconded with our money??

      The cursor is in your screen!!

    24. Jacob Eichenbaum on November 9, 2016

      Nothing since the project dead in the water?

    25. Missing avatar

      Bryony Carter on September 15, 2016

      Hey is the animation still under progress or should i have recieved it yet?

    26. Missing avatar

      Adi Chappo on August 2, 2016

      I just got your update. I'm very excited about this project, especially since I am an aspiring animator. I don't have much experience under my belt yet (I don't have a show reel) , but would love to help on this project in anyway I can. Please let me know if I could be of assistance in the production.

    27. Missing avatar

      Tony Fisk on August 1, 2016

      Just received the update, and downloaded Ellen's research comic. Beautiful!

    28. Missing avatar

      Claire on July 26, 2016

      Radio silence for months after walking away with a sweet $70k? Unfortunately seems like this may have been a scam.

    29. Meaghan Roya on July 13, 2016

      Is there somewhere other then kickstarted that you guys are posting the production updates? fb? instagram?

    30. Missing avatar

      Jen Trembath on May 6, 2016

      Congratulations! So looking forward to following your journey with this. I had just read the story when I saw the tweet from Neil about your Kickstarter - the artwork looks perfect for the story and the finished film should be fabulous :-)

    31. marcelle la cour on May 6, 2016

      I'm thrilled you're funded! Can't wait to see some more of the amazing artwork!

    32. Achille Crosignani on May 6, 2016

      Happy things happen here.
      you convinced me instantly with the animation of the hair stormed by the wind.

      Movies are like the wind that blow among the leaves... sometime literally.

    33. Shae Rossi on May 5, 2016

      Congrats! Not that there was any doubt :) So happy for you all and very excited about this project!!

    34. Kerry Leehan on May 5, 2016

      I am so excited for this project! Congratulations and wheee! art!

    35. Missing avatar

      Andrew on May 5, 2016

      Congrats! I can't wait to see the final product. The teaser looked amazing and what an incredible amount of work and dedication! I look forward to following your progress.

    36. Tina Federspiel on May 5, 2016

      Congratulations on being fully funded!!! Hope to see in the future that you all get an award for best Animated short film!! Good luck!!

    37. Zane
      on May 4, 2016

      Awesome, stretch goal reached!!

    38. Jim Batt 2-time creator on May 3, 2016

      @Dominic - you can combine rewards, just add on the extra amount (including shipping) and shoot us a message to let us know. We'll make a note in the database that you've combined rewards!

    39. Dominic Tiberio on May 3, 2016

      Is there any way to receive the DVD/Bluray and the art book aside from the$100 pledge?

    40. Cat Mihos on May 1, 2016

      you are making fantastic art! watching you from the sidelines--- xoxo Kitty Cat

    41. Katie Grace on April 30, 2016

      I've loved this project since the moment I laid eyes on it. It's so inspiring and beautiful! I can't wait to see it! It's so much fun getting updates too. I think I speak for a lot of us when I say I am highly anticipating watching this! So much love and care is going into this...I'm just glad I could help and be a part of it in a small way! :)

    42. Lentus-H on April 27, 2016

      This animation will be great :-) we can't wait to see it...

    43. Missing avatar

      Randy on April 25, 2016

      This is going to be amazing!!! Will there be an opportunity for a big screen viewing in some way??

    44. Jim Batt 2-time creator on April 21, 2016

      Thanks for all the positive comments, it's heartwarming to see so many people fired up about this animation!

    45. Missing avatar

      Christian Figorito on April 20, 2016

      My only problem is waiting! Can't wait to see how it turns out, as it looks to be utterly awesome.

    46. Steven Taylor on April 17, 2016

      Is there any chance this could be up for an Oscar when it's finished?

    47. Daniel Raboldt on April 17, 2016

      Looks awesome! I can't wait to see the final result :)

    48. Sarah Jungen and Karsten Hoop on April 14, 2016

      Congrats on reaching your goal so fast! Your process looks super inspiring ! :-)

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