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Your hand has character, unlock it's creative potential to tell a story. Socks, Inc. is a dynamic storytelling game for kids and adults alike.
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Welcome to Socks, Inc.

Posted by Jim Babb (Creator)

Hi Kickstarters!

It’s live, we did it! You can go to and sign up and start playing.

It has almost been a year since I started working on this project, and in that time I’ve had some awesome highs and terrible lows. But I can say this for a fact - sock puppets truly did inspire me to new levels and even helped me make it through my bout with cancer. This project would not have been possible without you and your support… my promise to you kept me accountable and drove us to make a silly little idea into to something amazing. This is yours…

So where to now? This site is a public beta. We have additional functionality that is already in development; things like ways to react to other player’s submissions, earn badges, and even create your own departments. We hope to have these features out soon.

We still need your help! We want to take this thing that you helped us build and share it with the world. Here are some things that you can do to help us grow and make Socks, Inc. an amazing experience for everyone.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, lend me your Tweets! Please share on your social networks… let people know that you helped make this. 

  • Play it! And give us feedback on bugs, things that rock, and things that could rock more. We can continue to better this together.

  • Share it personally with someone that you know will enjoy it.I guess that is it. Once again, thank you so much…

I couldn’t be more excited and happy to share this with you. I am straight up jazzed :DI hope it didn’t take too long for you, and I hope that you had a good experience supporting this indie project. If you did, please make sure to keep supporting the little guy/gal.

<3 Jim

p.s. Like us on Facebook for a chance to win a camera and sock puppet kit!

How To Make Your Puppet!

Posted by Jim Babb (Creator)

Hello everyone! 

As we begin revving up to launch the Beta (yippee!), we want to be sure all of our Socks Incorporated VIPs are prepared to play! We have posted a video that illustrates just how easy it is to make your puppet with some basic craft supplies. 

Don't like our sock puppet making technique? That's ok! Use whatever sock puppet making practices you like best. We just can't wait to see what kind of characters are revealed!

You'll hear from us again very soon. And remember, no stinky socks. :D


Video URL ::

Year Of The Sock!

Posted by Jim Babb (Creator)

Happy 2011 to all of you Wonderful Sock Supporters!

It has been awhile since we last talked and I want to thank you for your patience. 2010 was an epic year filled with much AWESOMENESS and a few unfortunate road bumps.

After all of the excitement and hard work put into launching Socks Inc., production on the project stopped in November when my health deteriorated. I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer, had the tumors removed, and am happy to report that I feel much better! W00t!

And now for the good news….

In 2010, we were able to take our live Socks, Inc. all around the world. We presented the project at Power to the Pixel in London and the experience inspired us to develop Socks into a more dynamic game. We also got to attend Indiecade in LA and it was totally socks!

I am super duper excited to get back to working on this game with all of our amazing collaborators. And now that I’m on synthetic thyroid juice, I actually have the energy to move forward!

Plus, we have your gifts! I was hoping to send them out when we launched the game, but you have waited too long. Just fill out the survey, which will be sent along shortly, and we will send you your gifts.

Thanks again for your support and patience.
2011… will be the year of the Sock!

Jim :D

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Posted by Jim Babb (Creator)

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Socks, Inc. at Indiecade 2010

Posted by Jim Babb (Creator)

Hey Rock’n Socks!

Well it has been an absolutely incredible and hectic month for us here at Socks Inc.

On Aug. 6th the money from the Kickstarter was secured by Mr. Barnsworth into the huge underground vaults beneath the toy factory. (Thanks once again for your help!) Since that time we here at Socks Inc. have been creating and devising new and fun ways to open up and explore the Socks, Inc. universe.

Just as we were getting geared up we received an invitation to participate in the 2010 01SJ Biennel Festival in San Jose, Ca. from Sept. 17th - 19th. 2010. If your in the area feel free to come on down and take part in our Sock Party! on Friday night the 17th! It’s gonna be a blast!

We also got invited to create a museum installation as part of the Learn To Play exhibit at the Euphrat Museam of Art in Cupertino, CA. From the beginning of October until December there is going to be a specially designed interactive Socks Inc. game exhibit that patrons of the museum can play!

We are so excited about these opportunities but none of that could compare to the feeling we had a few days ago when we heard that Socks, Inc. was selected as a finalist at IndieCade: The International Festival of Independent Games in Los Angeles, CA. Holy Cow!!! We are truly honored! So if you’re in LA from Oct. 7th-10th come on down and say hey to us at IndieCade... you might even find a game waiting for you... hmmmm :)

And yes we hear you asking as well, “But when is the game going to be ready for us to play out here in the interwebs??” Well kiddies all I can say for now is that there are some incredible things coming your way! With your Kickstarter help we have brought in some more designers to create some absolutely CRAZY levels for you to play and a storyline that will have you laughing and crying into your socks. The Beta should be coming sometime soon, hopefully. Keep checkin’ your emails!

Until then you can check out the new temporary Socks, Inc. site with some pics from our past event at ARGfest 2010 a new video TOO!!

Thank you all again so much!