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Thought nursing mothers created a spectacle? Meet The Milk Truck. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 27, 2011.

Thought nursing mothers created a spectacle? Meet The Milk Truck.

About this project

The Milk Truck 
@ The 2011 Pittsburgh Biennial at the Andy Warhol Museum
September 17 - December 10, 2011

Part performance art, part public service. 

Yes, we will buy an ice cream truck and attach a giant boob to the top! Yes, we will become superhero-like in our vigilant support of nursing mothers! And yes, we take our mission very seriously. But we know (from being mothers, perhaps) that words are most effective when accompanied by a friendly smile and a wink. Mary Poppins had it right: a spoonful of sugar does help the medicine go down. So we are using The Milk Truck to start a conversation in our community about a basic human right: feeding a baby. (With sugar on top, of course.)

We're tired of hearing stories about women being asked to leave restaurants or "cover up" with a blanket while doing something as simple as feeding a baby. But we're not the type to complain; we're the type to take action. Which leads us to...The Milk Truck.

When a woman finds herself in a situation where she is discouraged, harassed, or unwelcome to breastfeed her baby in public, she summons The Milk Truck. The truck arrives to the location of the woman in need and provides her with a shelter for feeding her baby. The woman feeds her child, the shopkeeper who harassed her feels like a dweeb, and the truck does what it does best - creates a spectacle. (Which is, incidently, the very thing that the shopkeeper thought he was trying to avoid. Alas, some people have to learn the hard way.)

How the truck works

Not only will The Milk Truck provide "urgent" services to moms in need, but we will also visit public events throughout the city and provide a much-needed nursing space: art openings, concerts, fairs, sporting events and more. Invite us – we’ll do our best to be there. 

You don't have to be a "yinzer" to support The Milk Truck
We've got some great incentives for everyone regardless of your location: stickers, T-Shirts, limited edition works of art. 

International Backers - Pretty please add $10 to your pledge if you're getting a T-shirt or a print. It really helps with shipping costs and packaging.

When will the truck be operational?

The truck is a part of the Pittsburgh Biennial at the Andy Warhol Museum. The truck will run throughout the exhibition, from September 17 - December 10, 2011. We hope to take the truck to other cities after our maiden voyage in the 'Burgh.

Will the truck be on call 24/7?

No. We need to sleep every now and then. But we will be on call for a portion of each day, and you'll be able to follow the truck's route online, so you'll know where to find us at all times.

What will you use the money for?

Purchase truck
Boob job (for the truck, of course)
Renovate interior and exterior of truck
Hire moms to staff truck (they do a lot for free - let's pay them a little for this!)
Put gas in the truck

Are you a bunch of angry moms looking for vengeance?

Yes. And you know the saying: vengeance is best served in public with a giant boob on top. Come on!

This is awesome! How can I learn more?

Check out The Milk Truck website


  • There's certainly a chance that this will happen, especially if we have multiple calls at one time.

    In this event, we still host a nurse-in. It's important for the establishment, other patrons, and general public to see a proud display of breastfeeding in public.

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  • Exactly the opposite. We will nurse our babes proudly and publicly.

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  • Our plan is to create a nursing space where needed. We would like to occupy sidewalks in front of establishments that have discriminated against a nursing mother, which would help create a public dialogue. If a mother or other participants in the event would like to continue nursing within the establishment - that's fine! We support that - since after all, they have a right to be there. However, we think it's important to have a dialogue about this in the public sphere to raise awareness. Hence, we are bringing a giant boob to the boob who mistreated the mother and child.

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    You rock. The truck rolls. Thank you!

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    A Milk Truck original "Feed Your Baby Everywhere" bumper sticker.

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    The above, plus: A limited edition Milk Truck sticker signed by the artist. This sticker contains the iconic drawing of The Milk Truck and is signed and numbered by the artist.

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    An official Milk Truck T-shirt or baby onesie (your choice) and a "Feed Your Baby Everywhere" bumper sticker. Please specify your shirt size. All pledges $50 and up get their name on our website in the Credits section.

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    A limited edition Milk Truck print featuring the iconic Milk Truck illustration, numbered and signed by the artist. (Note: The first ten prints in this edition have a unique embossment.) Plus a "Feed Your Baby Everywhere" bumper sticker.

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    Your name or business name on the side of The Milk Truck listed as a donor, which will be seen by thousands of people. We will post your business flyers or cards inside the truck on our Breastfeeding Friendly Businesses bulletin board.(Great marketing!) Also: A Milk Truck T-shirt or baby onesie (your choice) and a "Feed Your Baby Everywhere" bumper sticker.

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE! Plus: you get your URL or business logo on the truck AND you are invited to spend an afternoon doing rounds with the artist in The Milk Truck. Naturally, you will receive a personalized Milk Truck staff uniform! (Note: The Milk Truck print you get from this pledge level will have unique colors and a special embossment. More collectible. Rock on!)

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