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A gripping APU student film about a man whose dreams are out of this world and an escaped princess who IS from out of this world!

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His humdrum life meets her intergalactic emergency! 

A beautiful alien princess has been kidnapped! In her attempt to escape, she lands on earth and collides into the life of an unassuming geek (Dan) who, though unknowingly handsome, is quite nerdy and not a good fit for this world. 

Project Notes: 

This is an Azusa Pacific University Advanced Cinema (400 Level) production with a highly dedicated and skilled team of undergraduate students. We will be shooting on the RED camera under a student contract with the Screen Actors Guild. The film is intended for the festival circuit. 

About your money!

Our funding goal is the bare minimum required to support production design (props, costumes, alien makeup), lighting equipment rentals, and visual effects! The entire film takes place at night and in the forest, which will require a tremendous amount of specialized equipment in order to achieve the cinematic vision our Director seeks.

A little about Whitnee!

As an avid fan of ET growing up, Whitnee Sherman is not new to the realm of alien films. Thus, she is beyond excited to be directing "Ethereal Attraction" as it is her first alien film to actually work on herself. In addition to working various positions on previous student films, Whitnee interned on her first feature film in 2011 entitled, Trade of Innocents, set to be released September 28th. Besides filmmaking, Whitnee enjoys snowboarding, chocolate milk, speaking in accents, and searching for Narnia. She is immensely thankful for her heartily working crew and for each and every supporter of the film. To God be the glory

Whitnee Sherman - Director
Whitnee Sherman - Director

About the Producers!

Lindsay Smith and Jeff Holmes approach the producing role with a "How can I serve you?" mentality. Supporting Whitnee and the entire production team through diligent planning, collection of resources, and fundraising, they keep track of all the moving pieces in the film so the creative minds can do what they do best, stay creative. 

This is Lindsay Smith's producing debut! Jeff Holmes was the producer of Saint Alex, which featured Doug Jones (Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy, Hellboy II). Both are Seniors at Azusa Pacific University and have held a variety of crew positions from grip to director, production design to producing! 

Meet the Team:

Ashley Sutherland (Assistant Director):

Ashley keeps all the alien-monkeys (crew) in order. She is a master of scheduling and people-wrangling! Without her exquisite skills, nobody would know where or when to show up for the meetings! The set runs because she says it is so.

Taylor Gates (Director of Photography):

Taylor doesn't sleep. We're pretty sure he's a vegan zombie, because if he were a vampire, he'd sparkle. Taylor's work ethic is unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. Hollywood WATCH OUT! The only reason he is not first on set and last to leave is because Ashley won't let him be.

Andrew Baker and Rudy Velasco (Sound and Audio FX):

Ever tried to watch a silent Sci-Fi film? Not quite the same is it? Thanks to the brilliance of Andrew Baker and Rudy Velasco, audiences will be on the edge of their seats, feeling the alien presence all around them through audio-sensory and audio FX. It is only through the dedication of these two young minds that the film will fuse together with tingling suspense. 

Cara Bomar (Editor):

Our film truly won't become a movie until it has been nurtured by the multi-talented Cara! She gives the film a new, fresh look with her unique perspective, love for sci-fi and her fantastic work ethic. She is the only team member who will have seen every single frame of footage by the time this project is complete! Now that's dedication! 


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