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Choose your OWN destiny in this storytelling rules-light tabletop role-playing game where adventure is a bike ride away!
Choose your OWN destiny in this storytelling rules-light tabletop role-playing game where adventure is a bike ride away!
3,069 backers pledged $93,471 to help bring this project to life.

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Winding Down... Also Hi-jinks and Handlebars!

Posted by Infectious Play (Jon Gilmour) (Creator)

Hey Kids!

As this campaign starts to wind down, we want to again thank everyone for their participation in this wild and wonderful game. 

For those of you who haven't received their product. Our email and comment list are still open - we're addressing everyone as quickly, and thoroughly as we can while doing our best to make sure that all the corners of the globe are covered (even if it's taking sometimes as much as A MONTH from when we send it, to when you get it... Sorry Philippians). If you have an email out to us, your product has likely shipped and is en route.

That being said, this will be the last update you'll hear from us regarding shipping, all other issues we'll be handling directly over email.

Thank you to all of those who have posted they've received their items, and have been nice to Andreas. He's been through a lot, but he sends us screenshots when we get nice messages. None of this is his fault, he WANTS to help.

Hijinks and Handlebars!

We're excited to share that a bunch of folks streaming their Kids On Bikes games and featuring them on Youtube/Twitch. This update, we'd like to feature the amazing cast/crew of HIJINKS AND HANDLEBARS. You can check out their Session 0, and all of the future episodes on their Youtube Channel.

More from Kids On Bikes coming in the future!

We aren't done at all with Kids On Bikes at this stage, you'll be seeing more!

To our last 3 dozen backers in the EU/CA/AU

Posted by Infectious Play (Jon Gilmour) (Creator)

We're listening.

For those who are outside of the US and haven't received their items, here is what is going on.
After our 3rd wave of shipments, the warehouses in the EU/CA/AU were out of product. So anyone who replied back to us saying 'we don't have our items', required us first to reship more product from the US to those warehouses.

For the most part, we've been told the product is all there. We've sent in a final list of backers for them to fulfill.

For the EU, 
we're waiting on one last hold - which should be handled today. Then the final 30ish or so backers in the EU should ship. Again, we're doing our best to handle these on a case by case basis.

We've brought on someone specifically to watch to continue helping you, so that email is your best option to get ahold of us. 

Please be nice to Andreas. He's been through a lot with this project. 

Also check out his Baby Bestiary Books

Kids on Bikes DISCORD Channel!

Posted by Infectious Play (Jon Gilmour) (Creator)

Hey Kids!

We've gotten a lot of feedback that people would like somewhere 'non-facebook' to talk to other fans of Kids on Bikes, share their campaigns, and discuss rules!

As a result, we've made a DISCORD Channel for Kids on Bikes, and we'd like to invite you to join us!

See you all on the Internet!

The Light at the End of the Tunnel - Shipping

Posted by Infectious Play (Jon Gilmour) (Creator)

Hey Kids,

So for our remaining EU/CA/INTL backers who have been reaching out via email. We've received your orders and are processing them. There have been some insufficient stock issues at the EU warehouse that we are quickly getting the product to in order to fulfill. But at this stage, 97% of the project has been completed.

If you have an email out with support, try not to create new ones, just follow up on the same thread as it can be difficult to track if people send multiple emails. We are receiving them and responding as quickly as we can.

Thank you again, to everyone for your positive words, and patient personalities. 

The Helpful Hunters Support Team.

The State of Fulfillment!

Posted by Infectious Play (Jon Gilmour) (Creator)

Hey Kids!

We've been doing our best to reply to individual comments and requests for tracking/status in a timely manner. Here is an update on the status of the orders. 

US - All orders (including backpacks) Have been shipped.

It seems many (but not all) backers with backpack orders did not receive a Deluxe Book in their shipments. We've done our best to reship books to those folks. But let us know if you're missing a book!

EU/CA - All orders have been shipped, mostly...

We've been hearing several issues from EU/CA backers about items not arriving. Here is a breakdown of what happened:

- We sent in the shipping list on 9.23.18.
- After hearing several issues - investigated the files that were sent to the warehouse vs a fresh export from backerkit.
- We discovered a large discrepancy of backers that were not on the original list sent on 9.23.
- Why can't we just email the backers who weren't on the original list you may ask? Well, we tried to find those specific folks in the data, and it's just not clear who's orders were sent, and who's weren't. Long story short. The data exports for both files are organized in a way that we cannot pick apart the SPECIFIC backers between the two files in the list of 3000 orders. If you haven't received your book by now, please contact us at and we'll look into your order specifically (if we aren't already).

As a result, we've been doing our best to address issues as they've been coming up, either via email or comments on the page. We don't really have a 'one shot fix' solution to make up the discrepancies, so we're just trying to handle people who are saying they didn't get their book. On top of that, we haven't been getting a timely enough response from the EU/CA warehouse for reships to accommodate the (with good reason) upset backers - some orders we've even resent from the US, occurring VATS - which is the thing we were trying to avoid by doing all of this in the first place!

It also doesn't help that CA is dealing with a postal strike at the moment.

AU/JP/East Asia - Orders were sent out today.

The boat has arrived, but because of the issues above with CA/EU - we've been checking/double checking to make sure everything is correct. We sent the order file in last night and confirmed at 6:30am PT that it was received and being processed. (to the 2 people who ordered backpacks, we'll ship them separately from the US).

Needless to say, shipping on this project hasn't been kind to us.

TLDR (I don't care about your problems! Where is my book!?):  

If you haven't received your order by now AND are in CA/EU, AND we don't have an email out with you individually, please email and we'll do our best to get you your product ASAP.

Final Thoughts

I am sure this update is going to come with a wave of comments about how terribly we are at our jobs/why didn't we see this coming/how irresponsible we are. We get it, it sucks when you put your money to something and all you get is a bunch of 'why it isn't in yet' when all you want is your stuff. 

One of the reasons we are on Kickstarter is because we are a small (but growing!) company. At the end of the day, we are still a pretty small team, and most of the fulfillment has been handled by 2 people. However, we hate that for many of you this has been a difficult Kickstarter - some going so far as to say they'll never back anything from us ever again. That sucks. But we get it.

This project has made us realize we need to make some big changes if we want to grow and continue to do projects that don't result in issues like what we experienced on this project.

Some of those changes are:

- Ship ALL products directly from the plant to any overseas warehouses. Not to the US first.
- Deliver all print files so that product ships out at the same time, in the same container.
- Ask pricing for Tracking from warehouses, and bake that into the S&H costs.
- Hire a part-time Customer Service staff to handle ALL issues/requests as Kickstarters are going into delivery.
- Double/triple/quadruple check backer export files before they go out, even if it means doing the work over again.

No matter what, at the end of the day - we really appreciate ALL OF YOU, that took the time to support this project and bring Kids on Bikes into the world. 

Seeing things like photos of peoples games and hearing stories on the forums and community groups out there (did we mention there is an official Kids on Bikes PODCAST? or that Patrick Rothfuss is playing Kids on Bikes with ONE SHOT RPG?) has really warmed our hearts and makes our team smile.

We have lots of plans for Kids On Bikes in the future, and we hope you'll stay with us for the adventures to come.