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Choose your OWN destiny in this storytelling rules-light tabletop role-playing game where adventure is a bike ride away!
Choose your OWN destiny in this storytelling rules-light tabletop role-playing game where adventure is a bike ride away!
3,069 backers pledged $93,471 to help bring this project to life.

Gather round for a story about Icarus, the once great city...

Posted by Hunters Books (Collaborator)

Hey Kids!

As we continue to address the international folks who are reaching out to us RE: their pledges. We thought we'd take this time to tell you about another project on the horizon.

Icarus, a GM-less collaborative storytelling game about how and why things went from bad to worse in your unique city-nation, just funded on Kickstarter.

Icarus - A Storytelling game about how Great Civilizations Fall.
Icarus - A Storytelling game about how Great Civilizations Fall.

Make your own grand city of Icarus. Play as key characters in it’s collapse. Discover together how and why the city falls. 

Great as a session 0 for groups about to put up the kickstand in a Kids on Bikes campaign or make your own city/setting set after the glory days. Either way, in the spirit of Kids on Bikes: Icarus gets all players involved in shaping the world. We hope to hear about your Icarus one day.

As you contribute towards the civilization, eventually it will all collapse. But it's not about *IF* it will fall (because it will), just *HOW* and *WHY* that is the fun.

Come and learn more while it lasts!

Winding Down... Also Hi-jinks and Handlebars!

Posted by Hunters Books (Collaborator)

Hey Kids!

As this campaign starts to wind down, we want to again thank everyone for their participation in this wild and wonderful game. 

For those of you who haven't received their product. Our email and comment list are still open - we're addressing everyone as quickly, and thoroughly as we can while doing our best to make sure that all the corners of the globe are covered (even if it's taking sometimes as much as A MONTH from when we send it, to when you get it... Sorry Philippians). If you have an email out to us, your product has likely shipped and is en route.

That being said, this will be the last update you'll hear from us regarding shipping, all other issues we'll be handling directly over email.

Thank you to all of those who have posted they've received their items, and have been nice to Andreas. He's been through a lot, but he sends us screenshots when we get nice messages. None of this is his fault, he WANTS to help.

Hijinks and Handlebars!

We're excited to share that a bunch of folks streaming their Kids On Bikes games and featuring them on Youtube/Twitch. This update, we'd like to feature the amazing cast/crew of HIJINKS AND HANDLEBARS. You can check out their Session 0, and all of the future episodes on their Youtube Channel.

More from Kids On Bikes coming in the future!

We aren't done at all with Kids On Bikes at this stage, you'll be seeing more!

To our last 3 dozen backers in the EU/CA/AU

Posted by Hunters Books (Collaborator)

We're listening.

For those who are outside of the US and haven't received their items, here is what is going on.
After our 3rd wave of shipments, the warehouses in the EU/CA/AU were out of product. So anyone who replied back to us saying 'we don't have our items', required us first to reship more product from the US to those warehouses.

For the most part, we've been told the product is all there. We've sent in a final list of backers for them to fulfill.

For the EU, 
we're waiting on one last hold - which should be handled today. Then the final 30ish or so backers in the EU should ship. Again, we're doing our best to handle these on a case by case basis.

We've brought on someone specifically to watch to continue helping you, so that email is your best option to get ahold of us. 

Please be nice to Andreas. He's been through a lot with this project. 

Also check out his Baby Bestiary Books

Kids on Bikes DISCORD Channel!

Posted by Hunters Books (Collaborator)

Hey Kids!

We've gotten a lot of feedback that people would like somewhere 'non-facebook' to talk to other fans of Kids on Bikes, share their campaigns, and discuss rules!

As a result, we've made a DISCORD Channel for Kids on Bikes, and we'd like to invite you to join us!

See you all on the Internet!

The Light at the End of the Tunnel - Shipping

Posted by Hunters Books (Collaborator)

Hey Kids,

So for our remaining EU/CA/INTL backers who have been reaching out via email. We've received your orders and are processing them. There have been some insufficient stock issues at the EU warehouse that we are quickly getting the product to in order to fulfill. But at this stage, 97% of the project has been completed.

If you have an email out with support, try not to create new ones, just follow up on the same thread as it can be difficult to track if people send multiple emails. We are receiving them and responding as quickly as we can.

Thank you again, to everyone for your positive words, and patient personalities. 

The Helpful Hunters Support Team.