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Modern super magnets replace the ancient torsion engine in a desktop catapult to get an awesome cubicle warfare machine!
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Magnetapults are on thinkgeek!

Posted by John Fehr (Creator)

I don't know why I didn't post this a long time ago, but the Thinkgeek is selling the mini-magnetapult's...  Here's the URL:

Also, my wife just started a new kickstarter project (using my account) that you may be interested in if you're a fan of any of Steve Job's products. (iPod, iPhone, iPad, iMac, etc.)  It allows you to literally become part of Steve! :)  Its at:

Finally, I've been at work on a new project for the last couple of months that I think will be very exciting for many kickstarters, especially those that are into 3d printing. (Its not a 3d printer. :P )  Keep an eye on my projects list!




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    1. David Gaipa


      I hope you are working on a filament extruder, 3-d scanner or something else awesome. I can dream, can't I? No other hints?

    2. Jeremy Snowdon on

      Congrats for getting another product on Thinkgeek, I hope business is going well for you.
      I've been building my Printrbot+ in my spare time this week (nearly finished it), so I too look forward to seeing what you have to offer :D

    3. David Snell on

      Good news all around. I look forward to the 3d printer-related project.

    4. Missing avatar

      Dennis Humphrey on

      Have you posted the file yet for the laser cutter? Just checked your design at Instructables and didn't see one. One of my arms broke. I had left it in the launch locked position and I guess it put too much strain on it. Want to cut out a new one. Thanks!