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Modern super magnets replace the ancient torsion engine in a desktop catapult to get an awesome cubicle warfare machine!
183 backers pledged $8,513 to help bring this project to life.

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I've launched a new project on kickstarter!


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Original large Magnetapult pdf (for anyone with a laser/water/plasma cutter)


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There's a new kid in town...

Actually, its a new Magnetapult. Its launching distance is over 30 feet, and its just a bit bigger than the original Mini Magnetapult. It's available at and there's still enough time to get it before Christmas!

I've also launched a new kickstarter project, which unfortunately won't be ready by Christmas, but if you're a science, magnet or even speed nut, you'll love it:

Magnetapults are on thinkgeek!

I don't know why I didn't post this a long time ago, but the Thinkgeek is selling the mini-magnetapult's...  Here's the URL:

Also, my wife just started a new kickstarter project (using my account) that you may be interested in if you're a fan of any of Steve Job's products. (iPod, iPhone, iPad, iMac, etc.)  It allows you to literally become part of Steve! :)  Its at:

Finally, I've been at work on a new project for the last couple of months that I think will be very exciting for many kickstarters, especially those that are into 3d printing. (Its not a 3d printer. :P )  Keep an eye on my projects list!



Project complete!

All the Magnetapults have shipped, with the exception of a few people that won't reply to their emails.  You should all have either received your Magnetapults, or have at least received an email with some kind of tracking number for your shipment.  If you haven't, please contact me ( so I can track down the reason. You can also leave me a message on Kickstarter, but I can't reply from my iPhone in that case, so it may take longer to reply.

Samples are in the hands of some online retailers, and I expect to be shipping out wholesale orders in a week or two. (Waiting for the bigger shipment of ammo.)

After this update is posted, I'm temporarily changing my name back to 'John Fehr', since I just launched my latest project...

Its a short project (15 days) and a low target ($500) because I want to get the iOS version to market as soon as possible, and get started on the Android version as well.

Thanks again for all of you being such great backers!