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Nature & Humanity are lovers united in death.
Nature & Humanity are lovers united in death.
39 backers pledged $2,500 to help bring this project to life.

the FILM, now titled "the HIDING PLACE" is FINALLY done, and ready to watch

Dear Friends, Family and Kickstarter Supporters,

I just wanted to let you know that after months of on and off pruning and finalizing, The Hiding Place, is finally finished and released on to the internet. I apologize for the delay and I am glad that the whole process is finally over.

You can watch it at this link:

If you signed up for kickstarter rewards, I sent out a survey for mailing addresses. I will begin mailing posters, DVDS, and poetry books later this week. Attached is the poster.

Thank you so much for all of your support and your belief in me! I will try my best to stay in touch with everyone of you about the film projects I make in the future, and my graduation thesis film which will be done this May. Feel free to contact me and tell me comments or criticisms of the film. 

Have a fantastic 2012 Autumn!

- Jess

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Dearest friends, family and backers,

I am so happy to say that the film you helped me create, now titled THE HIDING PLACE, is premiering this upcoming Thursday, May 24, 7pm at the RISD Auditorium (17 Canal St) in Providence, RI. If you are in the area, you are more than invited to come! It will be presented along with half of the other live action films and animations created by the RISD junior class of the Film/Animation/Video department. You may find your name in the credits! I am also doing a live spoken word performance as well as part of that show. If you are not in the Providence area, I can get you a DVD of the film, and it will also have a limited release on the internet, and maybe some screenings in some festivals.

Creating the film was an immensely collaborative, challenging and ultimately humbing process, among all the RISD/brown students involved. Seeing support come from so many friends, from RISD students, and old friends all across the country, some who I haven't even spoken to in years has been amazing. I have grown immensely as a filmaker, and it was an honor to watch the lead, Angella Lynsey Ford, give a fantastic performance. Thanks to your support, and two months of hard work, this vision is now a reality, and now I know I can make more films in the future that will build on the experience of making this one. 

Attached are a handful of production stills of the film. If you are signed up for rewards ; DVDs, books and such -- they will make their way to you sometime during the month of June. I will be in touch about an internet release if you are unable to attend the premiere. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! 



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Thank you so much! FUNDING = SUCCESS!

Dearest backers, friends, and family,

Thank you so much for your belief in me, and your contribution to my project; it is now successfully funded 125%, that is 500$ more than the initial goal. This past month has been an incredible journey of reconnecting with many of you, and finding support in places that I would have never expected. I am beyond honored that each and everyone of you have faith in my vision to make my first short film become a reality. When the film is released at the end of May, I will be sure to inform everyone in the Providence area of screenings, and also of internet releases. If you signed up for a reward, you should receive an email in a month asking for your address, and you will receive the reward in July. 

This past month has been a incredibly humbling journey where I have found so much support in the community of student filmakers/poets around me, as well as people like you who have contributed to this project. This film is ultimately a story about the transcendence of one woman's love; something that is so powerful it defies all odds, even transcends death -- it is about how we never really lose the people we love; they are in the air we breathe, and in us all along. I really believe cinema has become a world in itself, and it is up the the current and next generation of filmakers to transform it into a world that honors all of our human needs, and ultimately empowers us. This is my beginning to become part of that transformation. 

I am now finalizing the screenplay, organizing the crew, costumes, props, beginning rehearsals with Lynsey Ford, an amazing actress that graduated from Brown, and working with a group of very talented RISD students to launch this film into production. We are having our big shoot April 28-29. I will send two or three more updates before the release of the film to let you guys all know how everything is going.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your belief in me and your support.