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An exciting new fantasy, stunning cover art, all that's left is to print! Let's create a beautiful collectible out of my debut novel.
An exciting new fantasy, stunning cover art, all that's left is to print! Let's create a beautiful collectible out of my debut novel.
226 backers pledged $9,016 to help bring this project to life.

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A Shard of Sun Stretch Goals

Hello my Pride!

If you're getting this message, you may have already backed the campaign for Book III.

You might be like me, fingers crossed, hoping we can leap forward to the first Audiobook Stretch Goal.

Or you might just be tired of hearing from me, and I will only post one more time about A Shard of Sun because we are so close to Audiobook stretch goals!

Whatever else you might be, I come to you because you are the original Gryfon Pride. You guys made it happen the first time, when nobody knew who I was, or Shard, or if I'd come through or if the book would be any good.

You took a leap of faith with me. And we soared.

Some of you came back for the second book, and a few are back for the third book already. 

If you have not backed yet, or you haven't yet told absolutely everyone you can think of who might like these books or the snazzy swag for themselves or their kids, or nieces and nephews, or grandkids, know this: we have eleven days left to get the word out.

If you haven't had a chance to peek at the campaign, here is the link! If every person from every Summer King campaign got just one more person to pledge, we'd get audiobooks in no time. So in this season of giving, I ask you to spread the gospel of gryfons and pester--I mean--inform your neighbors and friends about these books.

I've also made some little tear sheets you can print and post at your local coffee shop, community board or possibly even library!

Here's a Word Document. (click to download)

And here's a PDF. (click to download)

It should look something like this:

From the deepest part of my heart, thank you, and I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and coming New Year!

Fair winds always,


A Shard of Sun has Launched!


Hello friends and Original Pride Members!

Some of you have already seen that I've launched the campaign to fund the hardback of Book III in the Chronicles, A Shard of Sun. Just in case you haven't, I hope you'll be able to join me again on this adventure. I have some fun new goodies this year (get 'em before they're gone!) and I think the book itself will be most most epic. We're already a Staff Pick!

There's that link again ;)

I've already posted a book trailer over on the new campaign page, with lots of fun to come.

Remember to follow on Facebook and on Twitter for the most recent updates!

I hope to see you there.

As always, Fair Winds!

"If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be." ~Maya Angelou

Fun Important Awesome updates!

Helloooo friends!

Some of you who are also supporting Skyfire will unfortunately get double news, but that just means you *have* to pay attention, right? Or something...anyway.

First up: Hardbacks of Skyfire will arrive in MARCH. March, that's right. I'm open for pre-orders on my website, if you did not have a chance to back the campaign. Preorders and backers of the 2013 campaign are my first priority. Also, I will draw random names from the pool of people who have pre-ordered to include a little something extra with your book. A print, a bookmark, a little sketch. You just never know. So it's a good time to get in on the next book!

Also, this is for dedicated pride members only: Some amazing person has landed both books on the 'Recommended Reading' page of the Ursa Major Awards. These awards are centered around "anthropomorphic fiction" and have the potential to help me get the attention of a whole new group of readers.

Nominations for the Ursa Major are open until the end of February.  Skyfire is eligible because it was published in 2013. If you've read it, I would very much appreciate your vote!  Link here again:

Thank you, thank you!

As for book 3, as everyone is asking... I'm writing, I'm writing!

Fair winds all,


"We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving. And we all have some power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing." ~~Louisa May Alcott

The Missing Link

Hello friends!

I realize that as I keep telling you all about SKYFIRE, I keep forgetting to include the link.

...that is the current campaign! I think I confused a couple of people with updates on this campaign :D But I'm just contacting you because you were such great support last year and most (if not all!) have expressed interest in book two!

So once again, the NEW campaign for Book II is right here.


Fair winds all!

Announcements for Skyfire Campaign!

Hello!  I know this will be a repeat for those of you who have hopped on the Skyfire wagon already, but I wanted to re-post here in case any of you are still on the fence! There are lots of exciting things to behold. Here's the latest:


Sorry to repeat this to some of you, but I want to make sure anyone who's on the fence about pledging gets all the news!

So, from over at SKYFIRE, here's the latest:


Ta da!

Scroll down that reward bar but check it twice! There are a couple of additions. I have broken things down into a numbered list for your convenience and my sanity (because we're all about numbers when we're on Kickstarter!) So here are the things you may notice:

1. More mini-Shards. That's right--More Mini Shards because Rosie is in the UK sewing. Like. A. BOSS.

2. And...a mini-Catori plush that's going to knock your wolfie-toe socks off.

3. There is a mini Shard+Catori pledge (get it while it's HOT--oooonnly two!)

3.a: If any of you are interested in either cover art prints, or Artwork by me that is not included in the mini-plush Levels, I will ADD an original, digital fantasy piece of artwork to ANY pledge for an additional $150. I will add cover art prints at their cost. I'm totally flexible on all of that. Unfortunately, I cannot add any more mini plushies to the campaign. Rosie and I went back and forth on time, material, and her sanity to come up with these numbers.

4. Also: A handful of my loyal friends from last year are already receiving this year's book, but I know you want swag and you want to support Shard's next adventure! Hugin's Token, Munin's Token, and the Loyal Pride Member Pledge have all been included for you.

Actually you know what: those rewards all include the e-book so if you're a Kindle-Nook-Computer fiend only, feel free to nab up those Tokens and Loyal pledges if you don't necessarily want the hardback but you want to get in on ALL THE THINGS. Who's thinkin'? We are.

5. FOR WRITERS: A lovely and amazing woman who's been a close friend for about a decade has scooped up the last 'Wolfsong Pledge' which includes a critique of any manuscript up to 50,000 words (nano length!) by Yours Truly. However, she's done so to support me and the campaign, and would like to offer that writing critique to someone else.

If you are a writer and a Backer at any level $1+ please send me a note that you would like to be included in a drawing to get this critique, and I'll select a winner from those names at the end of the campaign!

6. I saved the best for last: My friend of mythic proportions, Chris Carter from over at Camp Myth, and I have been trying to figure out how to collaborate on something since last year, because when you're doing something fun and awesome, it's more fun and awesome to do it together.

In short: Camp Myth is a place where young mythic creatures go to learn how to refine their personal powers and skills--and get along with each other. They earn merit badges as they complete tasks. Chris's campaign includes real pins of the merit badges in the story, and he has had his artist create a very special, gorgeous, Kickstarter-exclusive GRYFON TAMER merit pin! (And they even spell it right ;) These pins will be 1.5 inch, cloisonne-style pins, top quality.

These Gryfon Tamer prizes will be included with ANY Pledge $50 and also trot over to Camp myth and support his campaign at any pledge $50+. I chose the $50 level so that my overseas backers would already be included!

By the way--Chris is already funded (like a BOSS), so that just means you're going to get in on some really amazing art, prizes, and awesomeness. Like the Gryfon Tamer merit pin. It's sooooo shiny.

I will now take questions. ;)

Fly high and fair winds my friends!

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