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The Scranton Zine Fest is a radical breakthrough on the streets of the Electric City. Get a pen, a photocopier and show us some 'tude!

The Scranton Zine Fest is a celebration of zinesters, zine distros, artistic press publications, community partners, crafters, artists, workshops and live entertainment under one roof for the public to enjoy — free of charge.

Zine, short for magazine or fanzine, is an independently run literary publication. Zines are usually of minority interest and are reproduced at a low volume using a photocopier, printing press or just paper and pen. Zine cover an endless amount of topics and can have some awesome, one-of-a-kind, collectable art inside.

Zine festivals are a great place to learn something new, get inspired, discuss, interact, meet friends, connect with local writers and get involved with various forms of accessible media.

This year, we wanted to make the zine fest an all-inclusive, over-the-top experience. We were looking forward to bringing in some zine scholars and other longtime leaders in the zine community for a worthwhile, enlightening experience. We also need extra funds for things like logistics, advertising, vendor charges, catering and so on. Any contribution will be extremely appreciated and rewarded.

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Some risks with creating a festival are insurance-related. Not that the zine festival is a rambunctious atmosphere, having proper coverage and making sure everyone stays civil is one of our top priorities to decrease potential injury.

Challenge-wise, reaching our audience adds another task to complete. Advertising and word-of-mouth is where it all comes down to. The funds will help us construct the background story of the festival: the care packages we love to send to participants, travel costs, printing costs and so on. Giving the sense of collective branding to our audience gives us the incentive to create an awesome atmosphere and experience.

After our project is funded, our challenges would lie with placing the funds where they would be the most effective. We coordinate the festival because we want to supply our community with a library of talented artists and writers. It is a community motivator and builder and with the help of your donation, we can make it bigger and better than ever.


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