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Women have been leaders in computing from the start, but not enough of our contributions are remembered. Keep our history.
Women have been leaders in computing from the start, but not enough of our contributions are remembered. Keep our history.
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Announcing the First 5 Recipients of Your Donated Decks

Posted by Jessica Dickinson Goodman (Creator)
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Our mission for the Notable Women in Computing card deck was to inspire women and girls with the history of women's achievements in computer science. 

We knew starting out that some of the people who might benefit most from this connection--girls in schools without adequate funding, teens in volunteer-run after-school programs, women in developing countries--might be least likely to get a deck through a straight sale. So when we launched this Kickstarter, we gave our Backers (you!) the option of Give 1/Get 1, where you would get a deck and also be able to send one to an educator who could not afford it.

An amazing 25% of you decided to chip in. (If you weren't one of them and are interested in sending decks to projects like these, you can up your pledge using these instructions.) Because of our generous Backers, we've been able to tentatively commit to sending free decks to the following projects (more on the open application and selection process below):

Tech Girls Movement (Brisbane, Australia)

Jenine Beekhuyzen heard about this deck on Twitter and when we saw she was excited, we reached out. In her application, she said: "I teach IT at Griffith University with few girls. I created & run the Tech Girls Movement and I have a campaign called Tech Girls Are Superheroes. [...] I would love to give these to the school girl entrants of the competition I'm running 'search for the next tech girl superhero.'" (As with all of our international recipients, we'll be covering shipping as well as production costs.)

Northern Nevada Tool Library (Reno, NV, USA)

Ashley Hennefer runs an innovative, nonprofit maker-space in Northern Nevada and when we asked her why she wanted 1 - 2 decks of the Notable Women in Computing cards, she said: "I teach community classes on technology and engineering to teenagers and adults and they would love to play games with these awesome cards!" An nonprofit TechShop sounds like a great home for a few decks.

Amateur Club Training Center (Gaza City, Palestine)

Mai Abualkas Temraz founded the Amateur Club Training Center to share her professional passion with girls in her community. She said: "My main goal is to be a part of improving the quality of learning in my country. I would like to see basic electronics and technology become a bigger part of a middle school curriculum." And she thinks the 7 decks of cards she asked for can be a part of that. (For the ham radio hobbyists, she is also the first Palestinian female Amateur Radio Operator (E41MT)).

SCS4ALL (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)

Carol Frieze is the director of Women@SCS and SCS4ALL at Carnegie Mellon University. One of her many initiatives connecting women and girls to careers in computing are weekly TechNights for middle schoolers: "We get between 20-40 girls each week. The sessions are taught by our student volunteers from Women@SCS. Sometimes we have little competitions and the decks would make perfect prizes!" We agreed and would be happy to send along the 10 decks she asked for.

Mutah Knowledge Station (Karak, Jordan)

Seham Jaafreh's work increasing the number of women in technical careers in rural Jordan is impressive. She let us know in her application that "Over the course of 8 years, I have trained 950 people – including 400 women – in various topics in information technology and internet security." We know she'll make great use of the 7 cards she asked for.

A Note on Process

If you have any questions about our picks, please let us know. We selected projects with:

  • A history of moving women and girls towards technical careers
  • An articulated project with a well-defined use-case
  • A financial need, so our Backers' generosity was going where it was needed most

We're still enthusiastically accepting applications--if you or someone you know fits the above criteria for these free decks, please apply before November 8.

Thank you for all of your excitement, support and encouragement. We'll continue to keep you updated.

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